After a series of false starts, it appears the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for Galaxy S II (GT-i9100) owners may be about to land. Korean mobile network SK Telecom tweeted this morning that it'll begin rolling out the software update starting 10am KST tomorrow, March 13. (That's 1am GMT, or 9pm EST today, because time zones are crazy like that.) However, the tweet in question was quickly pulled down, and now SK Telecom is telling customers to check with the manufacturer for update information.

Samsung remains coy, however, saying on its official "SamsungTomorrow" Twitter account that Galaxy S II owners should make sure they're up to date through Kies, and promising an announcement "soon."

So, possibly great news for Korean Galaxy S II owners, and we're sure it won't be long before the update goes out to owners of the same hardware in Europe and other parts of Asia, too. But Galaxy S II devices in the United States will probably have a little longer to wait, due to the differences in phone hardware from carrier to carrier.

Source: @SKTelecom via The Verge, @SamsungTomorrow


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Korean carrier says Galaxy S II ICS update coming 'tomorrow'; Samsung promises announcement 'soon'


I got my Nexus S 4G because it was supposed to get ICS first. I should have gone with the Galaxy S 2? ARGH!

Well, at least I cam use ICS on my Archos G9 tablet. Interesting that a 250 employee company can better support their products the Google.

How many of these rumors and false starts do we need to go thru before someone - ANYONE - says something about the Nexus S (4G in my case)? I know everyone will thumbs down me for daring to complain about the almighty Google, but so we have a half roll out of a buggy ICS for some GSM owners and squat for Sprint users... and no official guidance from Sprint/Google/Samsung/whoever. All I'm asking for is an official update: where do they stand on rolling out ICS to Nexus S owners... not speculation, not a bunch of tweets from a Google employee, and certainly not the standard "just root/ROM it" response.

Android is Googles product. Yes there are numerous OEMs and carriers, but Google has really done nothing to address the flaws inherent in their udpate model. IMO they have tarnished the Nexus brand with their complete lack of control over the "pure google experience". As far as I'm concerned, Nexus = Android without an OEM skin and not much else.

it's nothing short of disheartening that Google has done NOTHING to address the ics update on the Nexus. Granted, I'm perfectly happy right now with Gingerbread on my SGS2 but I'm eagerly awaiting ics too.

I'd be hell bent and pissed if I was a Nexus owner, nothing irks me more than shoddy customer service and that's exactly what Nexus owners are currently getting.

i sold my nexus s 4g,sick of waiting for something that wont come untill sprint releases a phone with ICS!! i think they are afraid people wont buy a new phone if there current phone has the update.
just my thoughts...peace

Based on the leaks that have been popping up I see the E4GT getting fully working ICS no latter than April.