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Imagine a small projector attached to your Android device, and you can use your hand and touch the projected image to navigate the UI through a Kinect attached to a PC.  There's no need to just imagine it any longer, as the Android Kinect Projector Interface project is doing it now.  The developers have built a system where a projector is attached to a Galaxy Nexus, and a Kinect attached to a PC running Simple-Kinect-Touch 2.0 communicates motion to control the running system.  Using a custom AOSP ROM and TUIO for Android "touches" on the projected screen work just like touches on the physical screen would.  Badass tech indeed.  

Of course this is all unofficial and really beta alpha for now, but the idea is solid and the video shows us that it's feasible.  Maybe it's something we will see on the shelves one day.

Source: Recursive Penguin via Phandroid.

More: TUIO for Android; TUIO 2.0 Protocol Specifications


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Kinect meets Android, a new input method is born


My thoughts exactly. Until this is turned into some kind of game interface its really just a proof of concept.

And when it is a game interface, you still need the Kinect, so why not just play with that instead?

Well perhaps in the future some android games could be developed for this technology or something based on this concept? Its not useless, I think it's a fantastic idea

This is great but not new, Nokia showed this during last year CES with the then new N8. Give credit where it's due or you'll start to sound like the fruity fandom.

Or this is all bogus and some one is sitting there with his finger on the phone as the pretender motions in front of the camera !! I mean I could recreate this in about 1 minute.

I agree I call shenanigans

@ around 17s the home button is pressed(to get out of the twitter) and his hand is clearly no where near it or in view of the camera.

@ around 29s the phone goes portrait mode and he hits the home button but nothing happens then 2s later it is pressed without his hand near it again.

I would imagine this would need direct line of sight from the kinect.... Notice how he only stands off to the side. Its like the Wii Whiteboard idea... I tried the Wii idea out as a replacement of expensive interactive boards but needing direct line of sight from the Wii remote, it was totally useless.