Peppa Pig

OK, parents. Here's another Android app that'll make you look that much cooler in the eyes of your child. (I know, it gets harder every day.) P2 Games Limited has brought Peppa Ping - Happy Mrs. Chicken to Android. The app has four interactive games and a bonus sticker book. Plus there's familiar music and sound effects that should make little Timmy think the TV show's in in hands.

The game runs about $3.23, which is a small price to pay for a few minutes of relative peace and quiet.

Download: Peppa Pig - Happy Mrs. Chicken; Also: More Android kids apps


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Kid-favorite Peppa Pig hits Android


According to the reviews on the play store, it is having lots of problems opening on multiple devices. It is listed as being incompatible with my Droid X, Droid 3, and Transformer Prime. I'll wait for the kinks to be ironed out on this one.

Buy a new phone then.

Anyways, I got it no problem. This game is totally boss.
App pick of the week right here.

Excellent App!
Also try this app for kids that I recently tried. My daughter loves it.
Its called QuickPaint

It features Animal, fruits, vegetable, object drawings with voice
over to learn the names of objects and colors. It is also highly user
friendly. I recommend it.