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The most evil game we've played this week

Combine Flappy Bird and Threes (the iOS game that's been cloned a thousand times on iOS and Android but came to us as 2048), and this is what you get. Pure, unadulterated evil. And we love it. Download: Flappy48
Apple and Google settle with employees over antitrust no-hire case

Apple and Google settle with employees over antitrust no-hire case

The giants of Silicon Valley have bowed to their employees and settled an antitrust case brought against them over back-room deals to not hire from each other. The settlement, first reported by Reuters, brings to an end a legal battle that could have cost Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe billions...
Hulu's app for Android now controls Hulu on your Xbox One and PlayStation

Hulu's app for Android now controls Hulu on your Xbox One and PlayStation

Building on its Chromecast remote control support, Hulu Plus will now let you control video playback on your Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 from your Android device. Once your Hulu Plus app is updated on your console of choice, you'll notice that it will show up under the "cast" button menu just like a...
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The game controller for the Amazon Fire TV is now on backorder. New orders are now expected to ship on April 24. Amazon is noting the delay as being "due to popular demand." It's also limited the number of controllers you can buy at one time to nine, which isn't really a limit for more normal folks.

For more on the Fire TV, be sure to read Andrew Martonik's first impressions of the device, including the game controller.

Are you planning on getting a game controller with your Fire TV?

To get on the controller waiting list, hit up Amazon.

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The Masters golf tournament starts this week in Augusta, Georgia, and the official Android app has been revamped so you can keep an eye on the action. The player section now has visual player stats and media, the tee times section now includes player photography, a liveblog feed has been added to their U.S.-only live video section, and a full tournament schedule has been added to the app.

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Too many remote controls

Wherein our editor resigns himself to needing too many HDMI inputs to cover his streaming bases

I don't want that much, really. Just to be able to stream All The Things to my living room receiver. Google content. Amazon content. Netflix. YouTube. Satellite radio, perhaps.

I'm not cutting the cable cord. Life without quick and proper DVR access is not something I want to consider, given the current capacity for patience (or lack thereof) displayed by my 3-year-old daughter. (Don't have kids? You don't get to judge.)

And, unfortunately, I still need something to play DVDs. Again, mostly those (ridiculously cute, lovable, wouldn't trade them for anything) darn kids.

There's still no one platform to stream them all. Each comes close but ultimately is missing one key ingredient.

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Apple TV, Fire TV and Chromecast. Three solid solutions for adding more functionality to the television. But what about the times when you're sat in front of the big screen and wish to mirror what's displayed on the phone to the TV itself? While all three products can achieve this, Koushik Dutta took a quick look at testing each offering to figure out which came out on top.

The new winner? According to Koush, it's Fire TV.

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We all love a good rumor from time to time, and Twitter leaker @evleaks has revealed a tantalizing piece of possible branding today. As shown in the leaked image after the break, we're looking at the 'Motorola Moto X+1'. Nothing else has been published besides from the codename, which (as always) could change prior to a product announcement, but there's a chance we could be looking at a Moto X successor. Then again, we have no idea what this device could be.

Motorola itself has hinted at a successor to the Moto X coming this summer. And while @evleaks has a solid track record, we do recommend some degree of caution, as there's not much context here — it could refer to a smartphone, tablet or something else entirely. We'll have to wait and see what Motorola has in store for consumers with "Moto X+1." In the meantime, check out our our six-month look-back feature for some Moto X nostalgia.

Source: Twitter (@evleaks)

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Asus, which is already investing in Chromeboxes, is now looking to release a Chromebook. According to photos leaked on Google+, the PC manufacturer is working on a Chromebook -- the C200. While not much is known about the product itself, it has "Intel Inside" and a rather large touchpad.

With new Intel processor chips available on the market, we'd find it difficult to believe Asus would not consider new CPUs for use in this Chromebook. Depending on when we eventually see this C200 hit store shelves, of course. Here are some features (marketing jargon) stated on one of the product stickers:

  • All-day battery life
  • Larger touchpad
  • Ultra thin and light
  • High-quality audio
  • 100GB free storage with Google Drive (2 years)
  • Free Chrome apps

There's also likely to be a HDMI out port somewhere on the chassis. Ausdroid notes the Asus Chromebook website (, which currently redirects to the OEM's homepage. We imagine the company will make use of this URL closer to product announcement and release.

Are you interested in seeing the above Asus Chromebook unveiled?

Source: Ausdroid

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Apps of the Week

Kicking off another month of great app picks

It's the first Saturday of the month, and that means it's time to kick off another great set of Apps of the Week columns. Just as you know, we bring together an app pick from each of the Android Central writers and put them on display together as a recommendation of what we're currently using. They may not be new, flashy or top-of-the-line apps, but we think it says something when we consistently use them, so we want to show them off.

Read along with us through this week's picks and see how they stack up — you may just find an app or two that fit your own uses as well.

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Mostly stable builds, but not quite ready for release

M5 builds of CM 11 are getting trickling out to servers over at CyanogenMod, Inc according to a blog post from the folks over at CyanogenMod. They give a little insight on why some Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 devices were left out (spoiler: one release won't work well on every phone) but we're told not to worry. Here's the short list of changes:

  • Trebuchet – Fix last icon from hotseat disappearing
  • Trebuchet – Fix custom home transition effect
  • Volume Panel – Increase opacity of transparency (previous level led to visibility concerns)
  • WhisperPush – Relocate to Privacy menu
  • WhisperPush – fix NPE on viewing identity if unregistered
  • Translations – Initial imports from CrowdIn (followup blog post next week)
  • MultiSim – Additional support patches (25+)
  • Privacy Guard – Additional AppOps permissions
  • Additional Right-to-left (RTL) layout mirroring support
  • Settings – Add ‘screen color’ support
  • Quickboot support (device specific)
  • Stylus – Fix eraser being disabled by palm rejection
  • NavBar – Allow toggle in runtime (needs kernel support)
  • Add ethernet icon support to status bar
  • Dialer – Open Source forward/backward/incoming look-up

Look for the build for your device on the download page as they make their way through the system.

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Android TV

Google is not done in your living room

A bunch of screenshots of a new set-top box by Google have been revealed by The Verge, detailing a new hardware and software system called Android TV. The idea here is to provide a framework for developers to create big-screen experiences in a sensible way. With a properly fleshed-out UI, Android TV looks like it will be aimed to compete squarely against Roku, Apple TV, and the recently-announced Fire TV. Android TV is probably better to look at this as a spiritual successor to Chromecast than the ill-fated Google TV, though Android TV and Chromecast will still require developers to create two distinct interfaces. Unlike Google TV, Android TV will be steering away from trying to be a big-screen computing platform, and be more of a simplified entertainment console.

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Android Central YouTube

If you've not swung by our YouTube channel lately, now would be a good time to do so. We've got a new look, new videos — and, most important, even more on the way.

We'd recommend starting with a few playlists — especially the Android Central Podcast, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

And while you're there, be sure to subscribe! We've got more coming in every week. Thanks!

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The movie-tracking app Flixster had an update recently which added support to stream full shows and trailers to your big screen at home via Chromecast. The update also included the ability to load up movies onto the SD memory card, so long as it's a Samsung device.

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Best Android Apps for March 2014

We’ve got the best social, utility, and customization apps for Android launched in the last 30 days right here

In our ongoing quest to bring y’all the bestest the Google Play Store has to offer, we’re going to start rounding up our favorite Android releases every month.

Often these round-ups will include big releases that you might have missed throughout Android Central news stories or our picks of the week, but we’ll try to dig up some hidden gems for you too. We’ve already rounded up the month’s games, if you’re looking for more.

For March 2014, we've got a nice spread of apps. A bit of learning, a bit personalization, and a bit of social to check out. Go ahead and dive in!

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"At least" five high-ranking executives from Samsung Telecommunications America have left or handed in their notice in the past two months, according to a report from CNET. The list of departing execs covers some individuals who were public faces for Samsung in addition to their strategic roles within the company, as well as those involved with some key mobile products and sales efforts.

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Reports of a YouTube subscription music service being in the works have been circulating since late 2013, with Billboard reporting last October that a two-tier system would build on Google's existing deals with record labels for its Play Music service.

Now Billboard reports that the service may have hit a few snags on its way to launch. The outlet says a recent interview with a Google exec briefed on the plans revealed that the service had been pushed to "the second quarter or beyond," having originally been planned for launch earlier this year.

The feeling, according to people familiar with the thinking at YouTube, is that the service should be a more polished product with a clear, differentiated focus that can stand out against its rivals. "They feel that there's just too much scrutiny of this product, and that they need to get it right out of the gate," said a senior label executive who declined to be named because the discussions are confidential.

Billboard suggests that a major challenge faced by the service is finding a way to integrate it seamlessly into YouTube's existing free services. And it also remains unclear a paid YouTube music service might tie into Google's existing subscription music offering, Google Play Music.

Source: Billboard; via: The Verge

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Good news for C Spire customers looking to upgrade their phone this spring. The company has put up a device page for the Galaxy S5, complete with a form you can complete to get more information. The tell us it's coming in May, but don't offer much more detail. We know there are a good number of folks out there who enjoy the great service they get from C Spire, and the Galaxy S5 seems like a great phone to complete that experience with. Click the link, and check it out! [C Spire] Thanks, Jeff!

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While most of the world is still waiting for a chance to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S5 of their very own, that doesn't mean Samsung isn't ready to sell some accessories. Case in point — the wireless charging covers, which made an appearance today.

You'll have four different models to choose from, but the only colors shown so far are white and black. You have a "standard" back plate with a Qi charging module in black and white for $30, or an S-View Flip Cover model also in black or white.

All four covers include the gasket that is part of the S5's water-resistance feature, and are done up in the same dimpled finish as the stock cover. The chargers should work with any Qi-compatible charger, including Samsung's own model.

Source: Samsung (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Rhapsody has added Chromecast support to both the Rhapsody and Napster streaming applications today, and now users can push their tunes right to their televisions.

Rhapsody tells us that things will work exactly as you would expect. You queue up you music from the library of over 32 million songs, then cast them to your television. Since Rhapsody purchased Napster in 2011, support for Chromecast is also added to the Android app.

If you're a user of either service, you'll want to check for your update at Google Play. If you want to give them a look, the download links are below.

Source: Rhapsody

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Amazon Dash is a new way to shop from home — if you're an AmazonFresh customer

Amazon is introducing a small barcode scanner that works in conjunction with your Amazon account, and when you scan a code or use your voice to describe a product it is added to your AmazonFresh shopping list.

Right now things are invitation only, but if you're interested you can head to the source link and have a closer look. You'll also find the sign up there if you were invited.

Source: Amazon

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Wearables are a new product category and that means early-to-market companies like Samsung not only have to introduce and evangelize the very idea of devices like the Gear 2 and Gear Fit, but also convince us that we need them and that they deserve a place in our gadget collections and our lives. That takes a lot of marketing and a lot of money. Luckily, Samsung has a lot of both. Witness the brand new Another Me commercial above.

No, this isn't the script of a movie. This is a true story of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. When they finally met, they realized that they shared the same tastes, thoughts and habits. Their discovery proved that as humans, we are in sync by nature.

Their amazing story inspired us, and we embraced it to express the idea how Samsung Gear allow consumers to always remain in sync. The connection is not only about the devices. It is about the bigger picture: building better communication between people and the world.

Our hope is that the Samsung Gear will be a part in the journey in finding "Another Me".

This is a far better, far more human commercial than the original Galaxy Gear skiing video, and exactly what Samsung needs to keep doing until wearables are as mainstream as phones and tablets. That's what I think at least, how does Another Me resonate with you?

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Verizon's HTC One Max has a treat soon, says HTC executive director of product management Mo Versi. Android 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 have received approval, and will be making their way to users as early as Monday afternoon.

We don't yet have any sort of offcial change log, but a look at the 4.4.2 and Sense update on the HTC One gives us an idea of what to expect.

Come Monday, you can check for your update through your device settings.

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