Archos 97 Platinum and 80 Platinum hands on

Android Central @ CES

One of the things I was most excited to see at this year's CES was Archos' 97 Titanium, the 9.7-inch Android tablet introduced by Archos late last year. Its stunning Retina-quality 2048 x 1536 display is one of the best on any Android tablet, and its nearly-identical-to-the-iPad design will almost certainly grab the eyes of consumers and lawyers alike. Much to my surprise, what I found was a new line of Archos tablets, the Platinum series, one step above the still-fresh Titanium. ​On hand here in Las Vegas were both the 97 Platinum and its smaller sibling the 80 Platinum. 

These devices are nearly identical to the 97 Titanium HD and the 80 Carbon respectively aside from a minor boost in specs-- both processors have been bumped to a quad-core 1.2 GHz chip, up from their previous dual-core brains ( a trend we saw on most of what Archos brought to CES this year). Aside from that, other specs remain the same, including the front and rear 2 MP cameras, the nearly-vanilla Jelly Bean experience and the ultra-premium design.

The true stars here, though, are the displays, especially the 97's (above)-- it's easily the best display I've ever seen on an Android tablet, and can rival the iPad in terms of both pixel density and saturation. The 80's 8-inch 1024 x 768 panel (left) falls short of Retina territory but looks fantastic nonetheless, and feels splendid in the hand.

Buzzing through the UI was fast and breezy, and seeing a company opt for a pure Android experience never gets old. We weren't able to run any benchmarks on the devices in our short time with them, but we expect to see quality results and performance-- after a string of disappointments, Archos is finally in it to win it. 

As you'll see in the shots below, the comparisons to the iPad are not exaggerated-- these devices look and feel strikingly similar to Apple's tablet, so stay tuned for the inevitable uproar and legal action when Archos brings the line to the states in March. Expect a $329 pricetag on the 97 Platinum, and a $199 pricetag on the 80. Photos of the 97 as well as the 80 (easily differentiated by the screen's orientation-- the 97 is horizontal, the 80 vertical), along with comparisons and a video, follow the break.

Anndrew Vacca
  • I love the ipads aspect ratio. I could honestly see myself getting this.
  • Yeah I also love the aspect ratio of TV's from the 70's and 80's. Its so cool watching video with black bars. Nothing better than a square I say. We need more retro SQUARE displays with riducuously unusable aspect ratios.
  • Meh, unless you watch a ton of videos on your tablet 4:3 is just fine. No need to rag on people for using their devices differently.
  • These things have already been out since end of last year in China called "CHUWI V99" you can get them cheaper now on ebay. Basically they are retina displays with Android Jelly Bean running on them. I have one already and quiet nice and the SD card (known as TF SLOT in china) is an added bonus Cyanogen is already being developed as well:
  • Hey Apple...NOW you can take someone to court.
  • Yea, I hate Apple as much as the next guy, but at this point, I have no sympathy for Android device manufacturers who get sued over obvious copying. It's been well established that Apple would sue it's own mother, there's simply no justification for making an iPad lookalike today.
  • Guys, the thing is archos was doing tablet before apple made and propose the ipad on the market so they can show toanyone rectangle table with round corner to anyone so apple lawyers. No worries about that !
  • Samsung got nothing on Archos when it comes to coping the ipad, talk about being bold.
  • And I thought it looked like an iPad from the front... I used to think people were crazy when they'd ask when I got an iPad when I was holding my Transformer Prime but it would be justifiable with this. Good lord.
  • Hmmm. That price is tempting. Maybe this and time will make the N10 16gb drop to 350.
  • Forget the tablets... I want the wallpaper!
  • can we please stop calling it "retina" quality
  • These things have already been out since end of last year in China called "CHUWI V99" you can get them cheaper now on ebay. Basically they are retina displays with Android Jelly Bean running on them. I have one already and quiet nice and the SD card (known as TF SLOT in china) is an added bonus Cyanogen is already being developed as well:
  • The Nexus 10 has a higher resolution than this, and higher PPI, too. How is this "easily the best display you've ever seen on an Android tablet"? (Maybe it looks better to the naked eye to you, but to say "easily the best" and not back it up with anything..?)
  • The nexus 10 form factor sucks, its basically a VERY large phone and is awkward to hold for a long time. As much as I hate apple the Ipad form factor is brilliant and better suited for games and reading and browsing. This ARCHOS, chuwi and ipad's form factor feel more natural then add in an expandable SD card which nexus doesn't have and I'm SOLD.
  • Which is fine, if he had said anything about the form factor. I'm referring specifically to his statement about the display. (Also, your opinion on the Nexus 10 is just that -- an opinion. Plenty of people disagree, including myself.) When the iPad came out, lots of people (again, myself included) scoffed and said it looked like... yep, a "VERY large phone". I remember an animated gif going around that had had an iPhone turning into an iPad by having a rolling pin roll over it.
  • Its because the author is talking out of his ass. The displays on this don't come close to the N10's display.
  • LOL ummm no
  • If I were Samsung, I'd sue Apple if they *DON'T* sue Archos. Nothing against Archos, but if Apple doesn't feel wronged here, then it's proof that they were going after their major competition, not someone who was infringing.
  • Doesn't work like that. Archos won't do Apple any economic harm, which is a key element of the lawsuits. Because Apple couldn't get anything from Archos because Archos is a bit player, there's no incentive for the lawsuit.
  • I'm not sure you can sue over a white tablet with a metal back, even if it has the same aspect ratio. I think the issue that is at play is when you include the single front button. Honestly, I don't know how the HP Touchpad wasn't in every lawsuit ever with Apple. Since HP didn't get sued, I don't see Archos getting sued either.
  • It took the iPad 4 a A6X with a lot of power to drive all these pixels and now Archos puts a bullshit Mediatek or Allwinner SoC in there? This will be a big time fail. BTW these things look like exact Chinese copies of the iPad (mini)! I wonder if they will even make it to stores in the us and Europe. *Archos - it's nicer than what really sucks!* New Archos company jingle from the +Android Police podcast! :-D :-D
  • Simple question, how big is the battery on this present day android beast?