Galaxy Note 3 OTA

Minor 30-megabyte update for 'improved stability'

It's just over a week since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 first launched in Europe, but already the unlocked European version of the device has received its first over-the-air update. The 30-megabyte OTA brings "improved stability" according to the official Samsung update advisory, and since we're not seeing any major changes we're inclined to believe that.

The update brings the unlocked, LTE-capable Note 3 (SM-N9005) up to firmware version N9005XXUBMJ1, and with it there's a new baseband and kernel, too. The firmware is still based on Android 4.3, build JLS15J. As far as we can tell there's been no change to the limited region-locking affecting the European Note 3 in this update.

If you've got a European Galaxy Note 3, let us know how you're getting on with today's update down in the comments.


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International Galaxy Note 3 gets first OTA update


Hope it comes to Australia soon, streaming video playback is very choppy in the internet browser for some reason.. Also wishing they allow Australian users to modify Dock icons!!

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No changes under Accessory, so you're not able to change the suggested apps :(
But you can enable a "desk home screen" when it's docked

Sorry I meant to say the standard set of icons on home screen at the bottom, Australian variants cannot modify it's locked.

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It updated the ability to put youtube video + URL in scrapbook (was broken on latest update and was just showing an image)

I just installed it.

Before installing this update, when I put my foreign (outside Europe) SIM card, it gave me an error to do with the fact that the phone is locked, and asked me for an unlock code. (My phone is unlocked, but European version, which is meant to be locked to SIM cards issued outside Europe).

After installation, it's much more promising. It doesn't give me any lock error. It just doesn't register the SIM card, which may well be because the roaming is not open or UK does not recognize the SIM. I'm hoping it will now work in the issuing country.

Updated... feels difficult to boot up the phone... need some tries before successful power on :(

I tried an AT&T SIM in my UK phone today BEFORE the update and it worked fine. I have been using my phone for 2 weeks on the 3 Network in the UK and obviously travelling around with it but I was expecting it not to work after all the hype but it did!

- Tested GFXbench and that made no difference, 26fps before and after.

- The slow address book load when typing in names to the dialer still exists which is a shame as on my S2 with Gingerbread it's immediate.

- Canmera and gallery appear snappier but this is subjective.

- Idle RAM usage has dropped from around 1.9GB to 1.2GB which is a major improvement.

I'd like to see some more performance improvements and apps shrunk down as they use excessive RAM, I'd like the ability to record calls re-enabled (such a brilliant feature!) and that's about it.

No other obvious changes spotted and can't find a changelog anywhere which is just bad practice.

I did not notice any major changes. But I have an issue with the gps lock and Google account location access. If Google location access is on, I can't get any gps lock with other software like wake or yandex navigator. If google location is turned off then no problem. Does anyone have the same issue? I couldn't check if the latest update solved this problem. I have the non Europe N9000Q version with exynos cpu...