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Everyone's favorite "walk around town and look awkward" game, Ingress, was just updated to version 1.18.1 today. It's a pretty mundane update overall, but with several improvements that should make users eager to update and get back out there. On the user-facing front, we're seeing UI improvements in various places, as well as enhancements in animations (Google specifically notes "XMP explosion animations.) On the back end there are many bug fixes included, along with improved memory usage and faster app resume times for any device with an Adreno GPU. Anyone who has played a lot of Ingress knows it can be a bit sluggish when resuming.

The changelog notes that there's still one big known bug, that portal shields are nearly invisible when viewing them from the map view. Hopefully that one gets squashed in the next update as well.

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sledge007 says:

Personally, I think the shields should be invisible. You can figure out if there's shields, by the amount of damage it does(n't do).

still wish i could see the entire map instead of being able to scroll out to only a 5 block radius...

yeah i know but you can't open it on mobile... it goes straight to the ingress beta page... even with 'desktop mode' on...

If you're referring to the /intel page then you can zoom in until you see "all portals". Then do a CTRL - which will zoom your browser out. On my 32" screen zoomed out to 50% I can see several miles in each direction.

nmccart says:

I didn't notice anything new. Graphics seemed the same. I am still not getting any portal keys when I hack.

I've been trying to get a dang invite for over two months now. :s

rawpower87 says:

Yeah an invite would be nice to this thing I have been waiting for months now

rawpower87 says:

Yeah an invite would be nice to this thing I have been waiting for months now

i actually have an extra invite now... um... first person to comment with the name of their current phone gets the code.. its legit.. i promise

Ruggar says:

Galaxy Nexus

sent :)

GreyCelt says:

Anybody else with an invite to share?

I wish I could participate. The Ingress Field Trip app notifies me of portals opening all over my area, but can I interact with them? Noooo...

dovlek says:

Got my invite today

youngjediboy says:

I've been playing it a little bit but starting out has been so slow... and especially starting at a low level 1 and finding all these high leveled portals it just feels like I joined the party late and there's really not anything for me to do.

I eventually found some unclaimed portals only to have them quickly be attacked and taken over by much more powerful players.

I wish they would give us invites to give out! I have several friends who would also like to play and it feels like teaming up on portals is the only way to do this!

Also we need way more Enlightened players! I see too much blue everywhere!

j_grouchy says: this point I'm just bored to tears by this "game". I really don't get what people find so exciting about it. Even if I COULD hack a portal (which I've tried, and can't, apparently), I don't really know what the hell is supposed to happen then. Hack more portals? Then what? Really...someone tell me. What's the point?

I'd give away my own gameplay if I could to someone who actually finds this thing interesting.

intrepid359 says:

I agree, I don't get the point. There was a portal near me that I was one resonator away from activating. Someone else put the last resonator on it and now I can't get the portal key. I don't get what the point is, all of the high-level players control everything.

slinkeril says:

that is not how the game works, everyone that "hacks" a portal has a change at a portal key, if you hack it 10 times, you can possibly get 10 keys. It meant to be a team game so many portals will have resonators by many people.

Deeco says:

Please share an invite me with :(

Jaisham says:

Please someone send me an invite. I use a galaxy nexus. thanks :)

aaronwe says:

Sigh. Still waiting on an invite.

Pilotsleep1 says:

I haz an invite. First to reply gets it.

DethBlooms says:


I kind of wish I lived closer to a big city. Ingress is just not as much fun out in the sticks.

Tarzanman says:

I wanted to get excited about this game, but I have found it impossible to get an invite. I quickly grew frustrated with being teased, so I stopped paying any attention to it.

I imagine that by time the game comes out of beta, it will probably not be fun or interesting anymore.