A200 ICS update

If you've got an Acer Iconia A200, and have a bit of thirst for Ice Cream Sandwich, you're in luck.  The latest and greatest Android OS update is rolling out now via an OTA update and it brings the device to version 4.0.3. We've seen ICS for the Iconia A200 leaked before, but this update is a bit different (version number wise) than the previous ones we have seen. 

The Acer Iconia A200, (read the review),  is a 10.1 inch Android tablet featuring a 1280X800 resolution. The A200 is powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and carries either 8 or 16GB of memory on board, depending on your preference. The device launched back at the end of January and at that time we were promised that the ICS update would follow, and here we are not even a full month later and the update is here. With a price point of only $329 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB version you can have a rather inexpensive Ice Cream Sandwich tablet.

The update is slowly rolling out, so you may or may not have already noticed the notification that it is available for download, but if you haven't don't worry you can manually check for the update. If you are unaware of how to check for an update just hop into the settings, scroll down to about tablet, select system update, and check for new updates. Be on the lookout for the manual download location and be sure to sing out in the comments or in the forums if you happen to find it.

Source: Acer Tablet Forum; via: Android Police

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d.moss says:

i don't tend to leave comments like this (or even comment at all), but this is some b.s.! what's up with that ns4g update google and sprint.. huh?

Yet another device before the Nexus S and 4g. This is getting really old.

campanth says:

I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi and am feeling a little left out. Between that and my EVO 3D it may be a while until I get my hands on some yummy ICS.

markabele says:

This has to bode well for the A500 considering there is little difference between the two.

l00natic71 says:

I came to read the comments to see if anyone has found the package and tried it on an A500

mrjackson#CB says:

The A500 update should be coming pretty soon now :)


So I have an A100 Iconia Tab, and a NS4G. Just a tad bit dissapointed. But they both work well, so I'll wait patiently.

jacmeister says:

Sorry but have to say as well. Where's my ics update formula gsm nexus s. What's the point in having a Nexus if we don't get updates before other oems and Devices.

dwboston says:

And Motorola still can't get the ICS update out for the LTE Xoom. Pathetic.

ryder9 says:

If the Xoom 1 gets it, hopefully the photon/electrify will as well, need an update to my evo 4g, the sgsII doesn't do it for me, plus the photon has better radios. Don't want to burn my upgrade.. hope fully note, ICS and lte for sprint. A brother can wish, can't he?

McPlot says:


McPlot says:

It should bold well for A100 and A500. The hardware in these three are same SoC. I the only difference is the built in storage memory, lack of a rear camera on the A200, and screen size.. It wouldn't be too off to say after the a200, and then the A100 or A500.
CPU, GPU, RAM, current OS, all the same.

McPlot says:

I have a a100

McPlot says:

My first post, or posted 4 times for some reason..

McPlot says:

Last one, just ignore it.

I have a Xyboard, Kindle Fire and an A200... who knew the A200 would have ICS first? I received notification while I was at the airport and my wife ignored it saying it was interfering with her restaurant running game. The lesson? Wives hate ICS or don't get married.