HTC Vivid

The HTC Vivid is HTC's latest phone, built for AT&T's fledgling LTE network.  There's a lot here that makes us feel right at home -- the Vivid is a combination of the best HTC had to offer for 2011 with HSPA+ and LTE radios thrown in for good measure.  This makes it pretty easy for everyone involved, because there's not a lot to surprise any of us.  It's a solid smartphone, with HTC's popular Sense software, and worth a close look.  Let's do so, after the break.

The Good

The Vivid is a well-built device with a snappy dual-core processor.  AT&T's hybrid 4G network works well, and the Vivid has the horsepower to do something with those network speeds. 

The Bad

HTC Sense means the phone will take longer to get any software updates.  The angular design makes it a bit uncomfortable to use one-handed. 


It's not the phone for everyone, but the HTC Vivid is a solid offering with the speed to make many users very happy.  AT&T's use of LTE and HSPA is an excellent way to manage the handoff from high-speeds to not so high speeds, and HTC Sense offers more than the standard build of Android would.

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Two things to take away from this -- it's fast, and it felt a bit uncomfortable to hold and use.  Sense is still Sense, and while it may not be for everyone, it works very well on the Vivid.


  HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

You've got your black slabs, and you've got your black slabs.  HTC makes a bunch of them, and they're usually done very well.  The HTC Vivid is no exception.  It's solid, has the right amount of heft, and looks unique.  It's fairly big (128.8mm tall, 67.1mm wide), fairly thin (11.2mm), and does just about anything you would want it to do.  The 4.5-inch qHD (540x960) S-LCD is bright, responsive, and has great viewing angles.  We can;t say one display technology is better than others, but if you were to pick the Vivid based on how nice the screen looks nobody could argue with you. 

HTC Vivid   HTC vivid

The front of the phone has the four standard capacitive buttons that will probably soon go the way of the Dodo (some of us will miss them), an earpiece to use when you're on a call, and a 1.3MP front-facing video camera for video chatting and the all-important Google+ hangout.  Like the rest of the phone, it's well built with no gaps or cracks to catch lint and dirt.  It looks great, and it works great.

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

You have the standard array of ports, holes, and various ways to interact with the phone -- up top you have a 3.5mm headphone jack and the power switch, on the right side you have the volume rocker, and on the left you have the micro USB port.  The connections all feel solid, and the controls are easy to operate, although the power switch could be raised just a tad higher for my tastes.

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

Around back, you have the 8MP camera with dual LED flashes, and a metal battery cover that fits in well with the rest of the phone.  Imagine the metal battery cover that the MyTouch 4G had, then imagine it if it didn't feel so out of place.  It looks and works just fine.  Pop it open, and you have (surprise, surprise) a 1620 mAh battery, a SIM card slot (full size, thank you very much), and a microSD card slot.  Again -- everything is as it should be.

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

The only issue I have with the hardware is the shape of the casing itself.  As I mentioned in the hands-on video, I appreciate the angular design -- it looks very nice.  But I don't appreciate the way it feels in my hand.  It just feels like there is a sharp (and in harsh, not the cutting kind of sharp) edge that fits right where my hand curves around the phone itself.  This is pretty subjective, and you may or may not notice it.  I did, so i wanted to pass it along.  Grab one and hold it a few minutes in the store before you lay out the plastic.


Calls and data usage went just fine.  I know it's trendy to knock AT&T, but where I live, work, and play the network works pretty doggone well.  More on speeds in a bit, but both the quality of calls and speed of data transfers gave no complaint.  GPS locked on as it should, and navigation worked well enough to get me through rush-hour traffic inside the capitol beltway on Christmas eve after I forgot my super-secret shortcuts.  Bluetooth worked with my headset and my wife's in car unit (Chevrolet).  Everything worked, just like we would want it to work, every time. 

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

Around my house, I'm not blessed with LTE from anyone, but AT&T's HSPA+ network was more than acceptable.  In places where LTE was available (that'd be around Washington, D.C. and the picture on the right) things were fast, even on a busy night in a busy city.  The fallback to HSPA+ is really damn nice when you move out of LTE coverage.  I know I keep saying that, but it really does make for a seamless (almost) experience, and AT&T deserves praise for how well it works.  If I ever meet Ralph on my travels, I'm buying him a beer.


  • Android 2.3.4
  • 128.8mm x 67.1mm x 11.2mm
  • 4.5-inch qHD (540x960) S-LCD
  • 1620 mAh battery
  • 1.2Ghz dual-core Qualcomm APQ8060 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • microSD card slot
  • 8MP rear camera with 1080p full HD video capture
  • 1.3MP front facing camera
  • GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • UMTS 850, 1900, 2100 MHz
  • LTE 700 MHz Class 17, 1700/2100 MHz

The software

HTC Vivid

The Vivid sports HTC Sense 3.0.  It's HTC Sense, with all the good and bad that goes along with it.  Experienced Android users may prefer something a bit lighter, but many people love Sense just the way it is.  It offers just about anything the average user would want, and of course the full Android Market is available to fill in the rest.  If you're not a fan of Sense, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. 

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

It's a full version of "new" HTC Sense, including things like the wonderful lock screen and it's widgets, the full customizations, and HTC Hub -- HTC's online cloud service.  AT&T also has placed their footprint on the Vivid, bringing (for better or worse) a slew of pre-installed applications.

  • Adobe Reader
  • Amazon Kindle
  • AT&T Code Scanner
  • AT&T Family Map
  • AT&T Navigator
  • Featured Apps
  • HTC Hub
  • HTC Likes
  • Live TV
  • MOG Music
  • myAT&T
  • NFS Shift
  • Polaris Office
  • Qik Lite
  • Visual Voicemail
  • YP Mobile

If you were to say that's a bit excessive, we wouldn't argue.  If you were to say that's a lot of apps that you would use and love it, we wouldn't argue that either.  It's all in the eye of the beholder.

HTC Vivid

One really cool feature of HTC Sense's app drawer gets a second look, because I love it.  You can change the view from all apps to most used apps or downloaded apps by tapping an icon.  When (not if) you have a hundred or so downloaded apps on your phone, you'll appreciate it.

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid


The camera

HTC Vivid

The camera isn't anything to write home about, once again pretty much what we're used to from HTC.  With the right light and enough fiddling around you can take decent enough pictures, but there's nothing there that makes you say "wow." 

And that's just fine.

It's a camera, on a cell phone.  Something you always carry with you, and can take quick pictures of what may happen, and they look more than good enough.  For pictures to share on Facebook or Google+, they work just great.  If you want to take a family portrait, use a real camera. 

The video camera is both beautiful and horrible at the same time.  At 1080p, the video is shaky but very crisp with great color.  The sound is another story, it's horrid.  Have a peek:

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Here's a handful of stills, from Christmas at my daughter's and from assorted junk in the office.  Warning, they get big if you click them.

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid   HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

HTC Vivid

The wrap-up

You now have a choice of LTE Android phones on AT&T, and all of them are a good choice.  Specs are similar, performance is similar, hell they even look similar.  If you're a fan of HTC Sense, it's a no brainer -- get the Vivid.  If you're not, look at one of the others.  OEM's have really learned how to build Android, and like the rest of 2011's dual-core Sense phones, the Vivid shows it.  If you're buying for someone else, the Vivid would be a great choice for someone new to Android or even new to smartphones. 


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HTC Vivid review



The Market is really getting Thick with Dual-Core Phones..

Welcome Aboard !

But for me.. It's Quad-Core or Bust.. Unless Verizon unveils a Galaxy Note that somehow can make the 1,400 mhz Exynos Processor and 4G LTE work in Harmony...

What a Great Time to consider an Upgrade!

Blazing~! @ 1,300 mhz on my GummyCharged Droid Charge.. Ready to Window Shop the Quad-Core Superphones of 2012 at CES

That's it, I'm SICK of seeing you hear Raider. Jerry, can we get a ban or something? This guy is alway's here.Why do you effin' need a quadcore. Any dual core will do just fine if that's it. ANd since you talk like that. Why go quick and buy a tegra 3, when Snapdragon S4's might be better, or OMAP5, or Samsung's new processor's, or heck wait till 2013, and get an octocore. BTW there's phones that beat that DROID Charge you're always saying "can't be beat", Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and Samsung skyrocket, all with AMOLED displays, and LTE. Things you say, put your Charge "ahead".

Hey Boy,
Calm Down... Don't worry about what I want or need or can afford to buy.. Its none of your business.. Leave your comments and I will leave mine..

If you don't like it, When you see my name DON'T READ IT!

Do you know how stupid you sound? " I don't need a Quad-Core.." Who the Hell are you to tell me what I need... Nobody.. and you think like an IDIOT.

Blazing~! @ 1,300 mhz on my GummyCharged Droid Charge.. Window shopping the Quad-Core Superphones at CES 2012 in a few days!!

When i see your comments as much as icebike, or turbofan, and i see the same thing every time, on every review, basically calling the phone crap, and most of the time you just reply to the first comment so you can have your comment seen, I flip out because Android trolls like you, make us all look bad. BTW, i bet everyone agrees that you need to TONE IT THE F*** down. Can I get a +1?

Own it and love it. Best phone I've ever had. Went from HTC Eris to Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, to HTC Inspire, and now this beauty.

Phone feels great in my hand. Although I realize reviews can be subjective (my hand is more than likely different than the author's hand), it feels great and is easy to use.

I see myself using this for my entire contract. It's that good. Just wish AT&T would have at least hspa+ where I live... but I'm still stuck with good old 3G.

Yikes, the back is horrid! Can't get past that alone! HTC does some funky backs at times, aka; Incredible, Rezound, Vivid...

As @corona10 mentions, it seems like too small of a battery for dual-core AND LTE. I had to go through the review again because I didn't notice a single mention of battery life (It almost seems intentional). And lets be honest, battery life is a big deal. I've read other reviews with battery "rundown tests" (which weren't good) but I would like to know how that translates to real-world usage.

I don't know why anyone would choose this phone over the Skyrocket... the SLCD screen cannot compare when it comes to colors and black. It's heavy and thick (some people like that but most customers I sell to like lighterweight phones) and isn't even as quick as the SR. Try pulling down from the notification doesn't actually catch up with your finger until it's an inch or two down the screen. Compare that with the SR that follows your finger almost 1:1.

Have you looked at the Vivid and Skyrocket side by side? The vivid blows away the skyrockets screen in brightness and colors. I couldn't believe this when I saw it, so I asked the rep if there was something wrong with the floor model of the skyrocket. There wasn't, it's just not bright. I even turned up the brightness manually on both phones and loaded identical content before comparing them. The blacks looked good on the samsung, but WOW, the vivid's screen is so much better. I mean, like, ridiculously brighter, not just a little bit. When you put the skyrocket next to the vivid, it looks like it can't even produce white, and uses light gray instead.
Don't take my word for it though, go check it out yourself.

1) Some people prefer Sense to Touchwiz
2) Some people prefer thinner phones to fatter phones
3) Some people prefer SLCD to Super AMOLED Plus.
4) Some people prefer HTCs software support over Samsung with regards to updates.

Does that about cover why someone might prefer this phone to the Skyrocket?

Jerry, how do you write a review without a single mention of battery life? Thats reviewing 101 man. Poor job.

This phone is one of the reasons HTC saw thier revenue drop. Its big, heavy, ugly and has poor battery life. Htc didnt release alot of phones this year. Especially in the second half. In the us I think it was the Rezound and the Vivid. The Rezound looks to be a decent handset, but this thing is just so ugly. HTC had one phone on ATT for the last year, the Inspire. When you do yearly updates, it should be one heck of a phone. This was an utter disappointment.

It's not any bigger than the Skyrocket and it's actually easier to hold and one-hand operate because it's thinner. I have had the phone for two weeks and the battery life has been amazing. After a 10-hour day, I typically go home with around 60% battery and that's with moderate use, 7 e-mail accounts syncing, and LTE on all day.

Don't believe everything you hear.

This is the best Android phone I have had so far besides the Nexus One. I have had 2 Samsungs and hated them both. I have had no issue with battery life in my usage but I also live in a non-LTE market.

Just picked one up yesterday. Moved on from my good ol' Nexus One to this and don't regret it. Basically Jerry is spot on in the review. This isn't 2nd coming out anything like that, but it's a solid phone from a great OEM. Support will be there for years to come, unlike some others. It won't let you down.

I picked up the white one, and the only tiny issue is light bleed-through on the tiny led. That's it. Battery life is typical but not horrid, ESP for a dual-core.

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the battery life. I was expecting it to be terrible but for the most part it lasts through the day. NOTE: No AT&T LTE where I live.

I have to agree with the question of why it took two months to get the review out. Otherwise, I can say that I am on my Second Vivid. The first one dropped from four feet to the pavement, on its lower left corner, and cracked the glass rather badly. Note: that one was Not cased. I STRONGLY recommend a good case for this phone. The phone was still functional after the impact,but I was not about to continue with a broken glass. Be warned, the deductible for a physically damaged Vivid is the same as the on contract price of the phone. My new one now lives in a Seidio Active (since they don't have a Convert for the Vivid, yet). Anything that tough or tougher should protect the phone adequately. Performance - wise, I have absolutely no complaints. I don't have LTE yet, but my HSPA speeds are adequate until they can light up LTE here. I don't worry about battery life because I take advantage of any charging resource I may have: car charger, computer at home or work, or a spare plug in charger I keep available wherever I go. ALL these phones eat juice like crazy. Until they can cram 5K mAh into a battery smaller than a brick, it's no use complaining about having to plug in. Just keep your charging options available. I recommend the Vivid highly to anyone on, or going to, AT&T.

I'm not sure how you can say the camera is bad. Most of the other reviewers give it a good score and my experience is that it takes some very nice pictures. It's definitely better than most of the HTC phones from the past. HTC is using a new f/2.2 backside illuminated lens in their phones and it shows.

I got the HTC Vivid right after it was released and at first I loved it. It was the coolest thing ever, then I started using it everyday for school, work, and texting. Well the more I used it the more I noticed it needing to be charged. I've had it for about 5 months now and cannot STAND this phone, it loses battery quicker than any phone ever should. I work from 1pm-9pm and by about 4 or 5pm Its almost completely dead. BATTERY SUCKS, I hate this phone now and its battery, it ruins the fun of texting and calling people because its always charging. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE AT ALL!!!