HTC vigor

Pictures of what appears to be the HTC Vigor have been leaked out, giving another good look at the phone.  While the specs are all still a rumor, we can see a dual LED flash and a front facing camera on the big screen, as well as a rubberized version of the Droid Incredible's stepped back plate.  Of course the phone will run HTC Sense, and we assume it will be version 3.  The two biggest questions -- will it have an LTE radio, and when will we see it, are still officially unanswered.  With the rumored specs of a 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex A8 and a full gig of RAM, knowing that this one should be headed to Verizon soon will help relieve a little of the sting of not getting the Galaxy S II.  We can't wait to see it.  Hit the jump for another pic.

Source: Droid Life

HTC Vigor

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oh my that is awesome looking, i think i found my next phone. looks similar to the tbolt too.

take that evo3d! ;)

Very nice I must say ESPICALLY FOR VERIZON I can only hope people lineup and get the chance to enjoy this device. It's no doubt HTC IS KING but if you look real close this is a cross between the orginal Incredible, Evo 4g, Evo 3d, and the Thunderbolt definately nice no doubt. But you can only imagine that the current EVO BRAND for 2012 WILL BLOW PAST THIS WITH EASE. The EVO BRAND on sprint is what started this arena and NO DEVICE ON NO CARRIER WILL EVER BE BETTER THAN THE EVO BRAND. The current EVO 3D will take this device to the wood SHED we will see how proven this device is in the real world when it is released. Spec wise the EVO 3D RULES ANDROID NOTHING IS BETTER TODAY there is no difference from 1.2 dualcore Ghz processor or 1.5 Ghz processor it's not like gingerbread is optimized for dualcore anyway. When Ice Cream arrives and the EVO 3D gets that update after the Nexus S4g and the New Nexus Prime then we will see optimized operating system where 2cores can be properly used.

squiddy20 says:


Ummm hate to burst your bubble moron, but if the 1.5 GHz dualcore processor rumor holds true, then it's already beaten even your precious Evo 3D. Try processing what you're reading once in awhile. You might not make such ridiculously stupid mistakes. And just fyi, if you root your phone, you CAN use both cores. But you wouldn't know anything about that since you still (mistakenly) believe that rooting is for "2 plus year old devices". F**k off.

moosc says:

Cough cough cookie cutter design.

aNYthing24 says:

Do you mean dual-core Scorpion? There's no such thing as a dual-core Cortex A8.

mjforte says:

Actually it is a dual core Scorpion based on Cortex A8 architecture.

aNYthing24 says:

Yes, the Scorpion is based off of the A8 (also has A9 elements which allow it to be used in a dual-core chip) but the article is wrong in stating it's a dual-core Cortex A8 because it's not.

dazweeja says:

Despite what 'Admin' on that website says, the Scorpion core has similarities to the A8 but it's HTC's own design featuring aspects of A8, A9 and Scorpion-only tweaks. It is not a 'dual-core Cortex A8', it's a dual-core Scorpion.

El Cantante says:

Sexual chocolate. VZW is going to have a diesel lineup come these next few months. At least I'm hoping

great specs, bleh design.

dman977#AC says:

What is with HTC and their huge, non-scratch resistant camera lenses?

tada1096 says:

so is it plastic or metel? thats the one thing i hate about my dinc is the cheep plastic back

richardpandy says:

As much as I hate HTC, if these specs are right it sounds pretty legit. Lets hope they don't put a 1000mAH battery in it though.

Duvi says:

Hello Moto!

Photon > HTC anything

hello troll!

318sugarhill says:

usorry troll but moto make junk quality and always locks bootloaders. not happy with htc bootloader policy now but its still better than moto.

JTEastwood says:

Oh, oh, oh.... I'm exited! Release it baby. My dinc is ready to be upgraded! And finally a possible worthy successor.

J T M says:

If for some dimwitted reason VZW passes on the Nexus Prime, this will be my next phone.

aNYthing24 says:

I also like how you left out that it's rumored to have a 720p screen. No bias at all.

meccariello says:

I wish designs were more standard so 3rd parties can make mass accessories like for the iPhone

AndroidOne says:


hoosiercub says:

I do, and I don't. I like having a device that everyone else doesn't have *iPhone*.. I like unique design, while I do hate having the lack of unique, specific accessories for my device, the more wireless the better IMO.

They said it would have sense 3.5 that is the newest version out

sndplace says:

I'm happy to be on Sprint... HTC is a Solid piece of machine and Sprint has 2 Very good examples. But this phone just doesn't make me scream I WANT TO SWITCH... I'll be happy with my GSII ... Thoughs who get this enjoy Its sounds awesome...


squiddy20 says:

Next year it won't. Dumbass.

XXXdc5 says:

I MIGHT CRY IM SO D**N HAPPY :):):) This phone can not come soon enough!! :)

chuckz28 says:

What's up the the old cortex a8 architecture? Is qualcomm the only ones that haven't moved up to a9 yet? Speed doesn't mean much on old architecture.

dd0yl3 says:

It looks really good, hope the specs are true.

Jude526 says:

I love HTC phones and have no complaints with my Incredible. I like knowing there will be another HTC device to choose from.

tada1096 says:

i must be one of the fee. but i hate stock android, it looks like crap, i cant stand the android keyboard. so excited to have a htc phone coming out that is worth it

Dtone says:

I agree, stock android looks bland and ugly to me. HTC is what convinced me to come to Android. If I'm gonna pay all this money for a phone, i want it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The functional part isn't a problem, but stock Android just isn't a pleasant user experience to me from UI perspective. I know a lot of ppl hate HTC Sense and to each his own, but HTC is doing great as of late so I know I'm not the only one.

Shawheim says:

Looks just like the incredible 2 with a different battery door.

People are hating on Verizon for no SGS2. I wish Sprint was getting this!

Oh and if they make this in white!!

jonezilla says:

Anyone else notice that when you compare it to the T-Bolt or the like, that this phone "appears" to be taller and narrower? Or is it just crappy pics?

it is in a way. it's still 4.3" though. the evo3d is shaped different than the evo4g too.

DougD84 says:

The T-bolt is a 800x400, 4.3" screen and not qHD (960x540). The Vigor is purportedly supposed to have a 4.3" 1280x720 screen. Hence the difference (16x9 aspect ratio).

jonezilla says:

Well there you have it. Didn't think about that.

DougD84 says:

Uhh...drool. I was so hoping that pics would finally leak out. Despite the fact that HTC has a cookie-cutter design, there's something to be said about simplicity. It's just a very clean looking phone and to me that's what makes it awesome! I can't wait for this to release! Please be right about 10/6 (it's the day before my upgrade kicks in)

I love the rear... I'm an ass man

Vagrant_1 says:

Probably pick this up when it drops

skyboxer says:

I'm not so sure about the move to 4"+ screens. My daughter has the inspire and it's just outside of comfortable for me. The rest sounds great but it will be old news by the timeumy upgrade rolls around. Still giddy over what my dinc2 can do.

shmigga says:

Just when you thought Verizon couldnt get any worse for not picking up the sgs2, notice it doesn't say "with google" anywhere....probably gonna have bing on it. Nice job Verizon on sucking.

jimmyk0789 says:

The first pica of the thunderbolt did not say with Google on the kickstand it said with HTC sense but when it was released it said with Google. Just relax man I'm positive it wont have Bing. I will tell you this had Verizon gotten the GSII it would've had Bing :-)

RaiderWill says:

The Super Amoled+ 4G HDMI Out Droid Charge will remain Verizon's Flagship Phone Until the End of 2011... Believe That..

KillerG says:

Except for the screen (which I don't see a huge problem), the Bionic will be better. But for those who want a cheaper phone, Droid Charge is technically still a great phone. This looks good too, but we still aren't sure if we'll see LTE yet.

AnGeLFaCe77 says:

The bionic will be the best thing in verizon till the year ends. This phone and droid hd will not have lte but 3g :)

KillerG says:

I may be getting a Bionic, but this is always a good backup...I don't have a manufacturer opinion (yet), but a lot of my friends love their Incredibles. Hope they put a bigger battery in it, or I would have to do it myself. Only bad thing I've heard about HTC is that the battery life isn't as good as Motorola, but most of them you can squeeze out an average battery life with moderate to high use.

joshua.worth says:

I think I'm in love

I completely agree with the simplicity is best philosophy for the form factor, but as to the whole I don't know about the whole 4 inch plus phones not being good for me statement i think the bigger the phone the better, because I have big hands so the bigger the phone is the less cramped my hands get.

So I see physical buttons. No ICS?

mdoyal1 says:

Nexus Prime is supposed to be the first phone with ICS. Anyone correct me if I am wrong

What is ICS?

I'm ok with the a8 as long as there is little to no lag and the battery better be up to par. Those are my only two concerns.

What happened to this being the first Beats By Dre HTC?

I do agree that many of HTC's recent smartphones do look very similar, but luckily the build quality is usually good, which is why people buy them still. Besides, the Vigor is supposed to have Dr. Dre's Beats technology integrated, which should be pretty sweet. More on the Vigor on my blog:

Synycalwon says:

Meh, while the front looks similar to the Thunderbolt, the back is quite ugly, although it's probably designed that way to house a larger battery. The deal breaker though is it doesn't have a kickstand!

Mike_is_Mike says:

It appears from the photo that the back MAY be a bit thicker than the TB....could it be that HTC has FINALLY put a decent size battery?!!!

No kickstand tells me they have decided to get serious about battery life on these's about time!!

The other question is going to be, are they going to start with Froyo, Gingerbread....or (gasp) Ice Cream Sandwich?

What sized screen does this have?

Joker35 says:

I have found my next upgrade. The Vigor is the perfect phone to replace my Dinc.

tcapote says:

I love my Thunderbolt, but will be happy to upgrade to this, as long as it's 4G!

angel35 says:

What leaked pic. are right?? on you tube the Vigor has a kick stand on here it does not. are they fakes out there.Any one know

angel35 says:

When it comes out ill look in to it

IAmAPhoenix says:

I hope this isn't the Vigor. Wow, that thing is ugly.. I want a phone with good specs, but I'm not buying an ugly phone.

murderballs says:

I dunno why everything has to be soooo friggin big. I prefer android over iphone thats why i have the dinc. I wanna upgrade but i cant fit any of these new phone/tablets in my pocket!

it's like you need a man purse to own one of these things. I hope VZW gets the nexus cuz that seems like the prefect phone as far as size/features