Traditional three button set up is back again

HTC has today pulled the wraps off its latest entry-level offering, the Desire 310. And, immediately noticeable over its predecessor, the Desire 300, is that the traditional three button arrangement is back in business. No giant gaps between two buttons here. Otherwise it sounds pretty much like we'd expect of a budget offering from HTC with Blinkfeed and Video Highlights included.

Hardware wise the Desire 310 houses a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, a 4.5-inch display and a 5MP rear camera. We're not given much more than that at this point, though it all sounds very much entry-level. The press render up top also shows – rather oddly for a HTC device – stock app icons and the blue status bar. It could well be a mistake in the photoshopping process, but it would also indicate Jelly Bean and not KitKat. Either way HTC hasn't said right now. Head on past the break for the full press release.

Taipei, Taiwan, March 6, 2014– HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, has unveiled the new HTC Desire 310, bringing seamless multi-tasking, smooth browsing and effortless video creation to the entry-level market. Fusing a sophisticated navy blue design with a powerful quad-core processor, HTC BlinkFeed, and Video Highlights, the latest addition to the HTC Desire family, makes some of the celebrated HTC One series’ most popular features available to those who want a more affordable handset without compromising on performance.

“Everybody today wants a smartphone that can keep up with them, regardless of whether it is a flagship or entry-level model” says Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “The latest addition to our renowned HTC Desire range combines super-fast processing and premium features at a lower price, offering users the best possible experience in this category.”

Advanced performance guaranteed Boasting a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, the HTC Desire 310 can comfortably meet any challenge, no matter how you want to use your phone. Whether you want fast, responsive web browsing, silky-smooth graphics when watching videos or playing games, or simply the ability to switch between multiple apps, exceptional performance comes as standard with this device.

HTC BlinkFeed: Bringing your favourite content direct to your home screen HTC’s renowned HTC BlinkFeed home screen, first introduced with the HTC One, now gives you the opportunity to join the millions of HTC users who have customised their streams to deliver more relevant, up-to-the-minute news and social updates direct to their home screens. Displayed on the Desire 310’s 4.5 inch screen, updates from your favourite news and social sites including Twitter, Facebook and China’s Sina Weibo are displayed in crisp detail and rich colour, making the information easy to digest whenever you glance at your phone.

With the Offline Reading mode, it’s now possible to view articles from your personal feed, drawn from more than 20,000 articles a day from the world’s leading media companies, making it an ideal option for those on a limited data plan. Simply add up to 120 articles to your reading list when connected to WiFi and access them later to enjoy data-free reading on the move.

Video Highlights: Your life in motion With the HTC Desire 310, your pictures and video clips can be automatically turned into a professional-looking show reel of your best moments. Select photos taken with the HTC Desire 310’s 5MP camera, place them into your preferred sequence and choose your favourite tracks and effects to create impressive videos to share with friends and family through social networks.

Availability The new HTC Desire 310 will be available with mobile operators in Taiwan starting from April.


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HTC unveils new entry-level Desire 310


Could this be HTC moving closer to stock and adding use full features rather than redoing every app and the interface?! Could this be HTC going the "Motorola" way of Android!?
Also: On screen buttons in the right configuration. Samsung take note. Well not THAT Note... Not the Note 3..

No. Budget phone not a shift in policy. Glad Samsung isn't listening

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

This definitely has stock android 4.2.2 with BlinkFeed added, this is what I heard through HTC this morning, if the price is right this could be a nice secondary device.

HTC has confirmed that it is running stock 4.2.2, but includes BlinkFeed and Video Highlights as well.

Why it isn't running 4.4.2 is a mystery, but a (tiny) step in the right direction.

I don't know how much the LED flash will cost the manufacturer ? Only 1 USD for mass production, plus a hole on the back cover. And the LED flash will be useful in so many many many ways not just for taking photos !

Damn this 'entry level' phone is better looking than most other 'flagship' phones.

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You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

With smaller top and bottom bezels it would look better than the new HTC One, especially the back. You can tell HTC is new to onscreen buttons or really doesn't understand them because they don't do a good job of it. It is like they are using phones designed for capacitive buttons but then shoehorning onscreen buttons onto them instead. They were making bad design errors like that all the way back on the EVO LTE with that horrendous menu button that took up the entire bottom of the phone while at the same time using capacitive buttons... They are continuing that trend here and on the HTC One. Both phones have a perfect place for capacitive buttons but instead of using it they use onscreen buttons because "that's what people want". Unfortunately they don't design around that choice so you end up with huge wasted space.

Looks like a good phone, though knowing HTC they probably didn't give it any RAM or storage, which would mean that people who might have otherwise gotten a One won't consider it.

Well, we think that the Desire 310 looks like its going backwards from the Desire 300 in terms of design. But well, the whole interface on the press rendering looks more stock-ish now. Maybe that would help to push the phone to a new range of consumers. had too written an article on this. Read it at and give us feedbacks!