HTC One M8

And execs (publicly, anyway) seem pleased with 500,000 or so phones sold thus far

On Friday's podcast we talked a little bit about the HTC One M8 and just how many — or how few, if your cup tends to be more empty than full — HTC has sold in the month or so that its newest flagship has been available.

While HTC has declined to release specific sales numbers (no surprise there, as that sort of thing is a rare occurrence for any smartphone manufacturer — and HTC turned down our request today), we actually can get a pretty good ballpark estimation for just how many HTC One M8s are out there right now.

And we have Google Play to thank for it.

We've been talking about the HTC One M8 for what feels like forever, but it's only been on sale for about a month.

First, a little bit of context. The HTC One M8 was announced and was officially available on March 25, though in limited form. In the U.S., you could pick one up at Verizon, or order from the other carriers online. British retailer Carphone Warehouse began selling in stores at the same time as well. The other major U.S. carriers had to wait a couple weeks before getting the M8 in stores.

So there are a couple dates you could look at if you're counting how many phones have been sold since "launch." You could use March 25. Or you could use April 11. Or whatever other date you want, we suppose. Either way, figure a month and a half (give or take), and you're headed in the right direction.

HTC apps

The M8-exclusive apps just crossed the half-million download mark.

On to Google Play. You'll recall that starting with the M8, HTC has moved a number of applications out of the system of the device and into Google Play. Those are apps like the HTC Gallery, or for the new Dot View Case. Or the stub app for Zoe. And in those instances, we're looking at apps that are only available for the HTC One M8.

Google Play gives some rough numbers when it comes to downloads. Developers get specifics, but the public gets broad categories. You can see 5,000 to 10,000. And 10,000 to 50,000. And 50,000 to 100,000. And 100,000 to 500,000. And 500,000 to 1 million. And so on and so forth.

Last Friday, HTC's M8-specific apps were still in the 100,000-to-500,000 downloads range. Today, Monday, they've bumped up to the 500,000-to-1 million range. Let's split the difference between launches and call it April 5 to May 5, for simplicity. Using that half-million number as the baseline, that gives a sell-rate of around 16,000 phones a day, or around 113,000 phones a week.

Is that good? Is it bad? Depends on your expectations.

Jason Mackenzie and Peter Chou at the M8 event

The question remains: Is HTC finally on the right track to make money?

HTC's Jason Mackenzie (above left, with HTC CEO Peter Chou at the M8 launch event in New York City) told TechnoBuffalo in late April that "Out of the last five weeks of sales data that have crossed my desk, the two most recent weeks are beating the best weeks of One (M7) activations last year." In other words, early sales of the M8 were higher than the best sales for all but two weeks of the M7.

So it sounds like HTC so far is fairly happy with how things are going.

If you want to put things in a larger context, by one account the Samsung Galaxy S5 had a million phones in the field in 11 days. Now nobody expects the HTC One M8 to sell like the Galaxy S5, or the iPhone. But that's the sort of competition it's dealing with.

HTC's first quarter earnings call is early morning Tuesday U.S. time. Don't expect happy, shiny numbers. The M8 wasn't around long enough to impact that. But HTC also is expected to give unaudited numbers for April, which could give us a better idea if HTC is finally seeing the beginning of a sea change.


Reader comments

The HTC One M8 appears to have passed the half-million mark


Whilst not many, some downloads will be custom ROM users of both M7 and M8 who use a Sense 6.0 ROM. My M7 with Sense 6.0 downloaded the HTC Blinkfeed update by itself, so that's a +1 count to the number on Google Play. Plus with many reflashes, it has definitely downloaded and possibly counted as a separate download too?

Mr. Bartek, unless you are signing in using a different Gmail account it doesn't matter how many different custom roms you're using. App Downloads are counted by the user accounts, not the user's devices.

Oh, definitely right. I also still have my M7 and have 6th sense, as do hundreds or thousands others on Viper, InsertCoin, ARHD, or others....
I count on each of those numbers on play.
Sucks for HTC.

Posted via Android Central App

I know, totally missed the point of the article but... MAN! Are those a lot of scratches on the bezel of that phone! (original post picture, left-hand side, right by the thumb)

Yeah, I read in your review that this devil is quite slippery when it wants to be... I'm assuming that's why it's scratched, but as long as you don't notice it when you're actually using the device, who cares if it shows up in edited pictures, right? (OK, you might get comments pointing it out from guys like me, but other than that, it's fine :P)

Is the Play download number how many currently have it installed? Unique to phone? Could I download it and delete it over and over to pad the stats? Is there any way in heck everyone who has the phone would go out to download these apps?

No it doesn't work that way. Its likened to the number of Google accounts that have downloaded it

Posted via Android Central App

Almost went with the M8 this weekend, but decided against it. I really love the way the back looks, but the M8's front, not so much. I really wanted a great camera too and the M8 just doesn't seem to deliver. I don't understand why HTC chose the same route as before when the M7's biggest complaint was the camera. Any who..

What sold me on my S5?

Water/ Dust resistant
Removable battery
Best screen I've seen.
Wireless charging capability
Resell value

I got rid of my s5 because my camera died and the phone had issues with people being able to hear my voice, so I went with the HTC one.

Hopefully the s5 has no issues for you!

Posted via Android Central App

have you ever heard the term defective device? it does not mean all of them are defective, it happens to any technology! i think that htc made a mistake by making the phone taller than the original htc m7, i am talking for my self, the reason i dint by the htc one is because of the large bezel and longer body, it doesn't look as good as the m7 even tho i hated the bezel on that one too.

Dude thats EXACTLY it for me. WAY too big, and didnt change the camera sensor, just added the gimmick BS 2nd lense. In the end I got an s5, returned it 13 days later (severely unimpressed in general) and got the G2 ( i know g3 is coming otu soon) and couldnt be happier!! LOVE htc though really. been a fan for a long time, the M8 just wasnt enough right for me.

You should have waited for the G3 to come out. Even if you don't get the G3, the G2 prices will drop and you would save some cash.

The s5 bezels are huge also. Especially the side bezels make it even bigger then the s4 making it made the phone too wide.

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung STILL hasn't figured out how to make a decent modem, eh? That is the main reason why I will never buy another Samsung phone. What good is a phone with the best specs when you can't even talk on the damn thing?

They have actually. Design is subjective so even though you don't think it's decent that doesn't make it true.

Posted via Android Central App

No one cares for water and dust resistance. Yet even the m8 is resistant
Removable battery... why
You must not have looked at the m8 then.
I've been using wireless charging with my m7 and m8 for months, no problems.
You can't expect more then 100 bucks for a used samsung anything..

Not getting any of your points, other then this lil story didnt really happen.

check this xda thread out: [stupid comments, i can't include links. do a google search for xda thread 2697677 and it'll come up as the first result].

basically, it's a qi wireless receiver that plugs into the microusb port and fits between your phone and a case. it's not as elegant as a replaceable rear cover (or a receiver that can be placed inside the rear cover), but i don't care because i love my m8 and keep a case on it all the time (no, i didn't buy it because of the aluminum body, i bought it because of the speakers and the camera!). i just ordered one from amazon and expect it to arrive this week.

ummm, I care about water and dust resistance.. I want the removable battery because of the ability to pop another fully charged one in.. And if the battery dies I replace a battery and not a phone. Wasn't aware of wireless charging ability on M8. Swappa would disagree with you on that. Why would I make this up?

wow, someone sounds sore with Sammy... and btw, I DO care for water and dust resistance (and probably a lot of people must, since it's a pretty big deal with newer devices, just look at Sony's ads). Removable battery I agree because I don't use it all that much, BUT for people that really squeeze out every last drop of battery juice and are constantly on the road, spare batteries are a pretty huge deal (even AC's editors have stated this in quite a few occasions). Wireless charging, yeah, I don't see the point. No more than 100 bucks for a used Samsung? Really? I just sold my S4 a few months ago for 350, a friend's Note 3 on 500, and even an S3 managed to sell for 150.

As someone who has had a phone water damaged (basically making my phone unsalable) when getting unexpectedly caught in rain, I think that every single manufacturer should be pushing water protection in their phone designs. I can't begin to tell you how many of my friends have killed (multiple) phones by dropping them in the toilet...

Actually lots of people do care about it. I love when ignorant douchebags pretend that everyone shares their opinions on everything.

Posted via Android Central App

i use the M7... walked into a store the other day just to see the new phones in offer.. grabbed the S5 and LOLed; put it immediately back on the counter. im not trading my M7 for that fisher price phone.

Quadforce.. All 5 of your reasons make GREAT sense.. IMO, if the styling made a change for the better.. and that big ugly physical Home Button were at least capacitive like the other two.. The S5 would be a Kick Ass phone that would be under my roof.. I agree on the M8's front as well.. best speaker placement for a phone, then they Blow It with that stupid fat black bar for their logo
Here's hoping the S5 Prime next month changes the looks over the standard S5 for me.. Enjoy your new phone!

I really quite enjoy the physical Home Button... I don't know, there's something to being able to feel it and use it as a reference point that makes it useful for ME (sort of like those little bumps in the F and J letters of a QWERTY keyboard). Capacitive I could live with, but On-Screen really kills it for me. That's just a waste of screen real estate! ¬¬'

Copied or not, I like it and want it to stay. In any case everything is ripped off from the guy that ever produced the very first button ¬¬'

DPI with Onscreen is 48.. If you knew how to root and use custom ROM's you can adjust that down in 2 degree increments.. as a rule, I use 28 on my G-Pad 8.3 most of the time.. it only takes up .01 of an inch of screen you barely see them, but they are still easy to use.. and the Main Thing.. They ROTATE with the screen. so you are not hitting them when the screen is in landscape.. like on all Samsung products..
Even though I'm waiting to see the LG-G3 ( And it's 1440P New Flagship High-End Screen ).. I'm leaning towards either the OnePlus One ( and it's Incredible price ) which gives you the option to have it EITHER WAY with Perfectly sized Capacitive Buttons, or you can switch to Onscreen Buttons.. Or the OPPO 7.. since 1080P ( Just like 720P ) is no longer as good as the New Standard ( And more future proof ) 1440P.. The S5 Prime with it's 1440P should be pretty cool as well... if one can stand the fat home button. There are build prop hacks to turn the cap buttons off, but nothing can be done with that hideous home button.. if it were a cap button, build prop edit and done.

One thing they copied from Apple against the dozens of things Apple has copied from Samsung and other OEM's. I think Samsung's karma is pretty good right now. :P

Posted via Android Central App

I honestly think both the front and back are stunning and I love the black bar. Does that make me weird? Lol

Posted via Android Central App

"Quadforce says

Almost went with the M8 this weekend, but decided against it. I really love the way the back looks, but the M8's front, not so much. I really wanted a great camera too and the M8 just doesn't seem to deliver. I don't understand why HTC chose the same route as before when the M7's biggest complaint was the camera. Any who..

What sold me on my S5?

Water/ Dust resistant
Removable battery
Best screen I've seen.
Wireless charging capability
Resell value "

Well nobody cares about that... But hey hop over to the S5 forums where somebody might....

Have you actually USED the camera on the M8. Not too many M8 OWNERS are complaining. Unless you're a professional photographer in which case you should probably have a professional camera. My M8 takes great pics. The M7 was also regarded by many as the best Android device of 2013. Just seems like the M8 gets a lot of flack about its camera by people who don't even own the phone.

That's cause the people who get it aren't looking for a phone with a great camera.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't think in store app downloads is the best metric for figuring out how many devices were sold...

Posted via Android Central App

It absolutely is not. But it's also not often you get this sort of situation. One phone, with apps that only work on that phone in Google Play. So it's not perfect, but it's a pretty good ballpark number. That's what I found interesting.

people are slowly but surely realising which manufacturer produces the quality phones.. and which are just pure gimmick marketing.

Both htc and Samsung have their marketing Bs, but it's not really who actually does it better, but who has the potential to do better. For Samsung it is as simple as 'I have a fingerprint scanner! You don't! I have a heartbeat sensor, you don't! I am waterproof, you aren't!' sure these features may be complete trash to some people this is what most people see and Samsung has the undisputed advantage, as htc has no comparable solution in these areas.

But for htc... Good luck convincing people that metal>plastic or the 4 megapixel camera is better than a 16 or 21 or 41 megapixel camera. Not that they are entirely wrong, but I can easily troll a sales trying to sell me the 4 megapixel camera on the m8.

Posted via Android Central App

The only thing that metal has over plastic is that premium feeling bs. Which is probably an even bigger gimmick than the Ultrapixel thing or the heart rate monitor.
Posted via Android Central App

Whatever the actual numbers sold are, I'm sure they're nowhere near S5 territory and in terms of quality hardware and user experience HTC absolutely deserve to be selling in the kind of numbers Samsung are used to quite frankly.

Forget the difference in materials, the day to day experience is just the best on the M8 as well as previous HTC handsets as far as I'm concerned.

Hope HTC does well. Even if you are a Galaxy fan the more competition the better. I am enjoying my M8 despite it not being perfect. No device is.

Posted via Android Central App

I totally agree. I hope HTC does do well because the market needs all the competition it can get, however, I won't be buying another HTC because of past experiences with them. I know the M7 is a great phone and probably the M8 as well but but my dollars won't reward a company for the way my previous "flagship" HTC devices were treated like the proverbial "red headed stepchildren" by HTC . HTC really blew it on customer loyalty with the crap they produces prior to the M7.

Drop the chip on your shoulder and get over it. NO ONE back in the day was a model of how to actually treat a flagship. It happen, move on. HTC makes great stuff, they are committed to updating old devices (now) and are VERY transparent about the whole process of when you will be getting the update. I have been burned by them as well, but that doesnt mean they cant change and they HAVE.

Unfortunately, this is how plenty of consumers feel at the moment. HTC has burned a lot of bridges the past few years.

They are relevant. At least in the US, they are almost certainly the second biggest in terms of android phones sold. LG might be close or even have them beat, but if so it's only because of the dozens of low end/prepaid phones they sell where as HTC hasn't really done that the last few years.

Man, articles like this really bring people out of the woodwork.

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Let me put this into perspective. The Note3 sold 10 million units in 60 days from release date......I wonder why?However, I do wish HTC and their customers well.

Not saying that the Galaxy note isn't on another level when comparing sales numbers, but you do not have proof of those numbers, just rumors of shipments.
Besides, people like HTC because despite the lack of marketing power, they build a phone that is better than everything that Samsung has ever made on the following areas:

- Design;
- Software coherence and useful features;
- not only coherence, but the quality and refinement;
- performance. It's a faster device on everything, especially on day to day use because of the materials used. The S5 down clocks and lives performance very fast, as Anand proved;

It's a better package. Samsung isn't even close. Of course, those ads really have an effect on lesser minds.

There are valid reasons for choosing the S5 and note, but not in the majority of cases.

Posted via Android Central App

All of you with water and dust resistance phones. So do the manufacturers replace without a fight when you have a problem.

Posted via Android Central App

WOW, i guess as long as the company is happy thats a good thing but that seems WAY WAY WAY low for a flagship phone doesnt it? wasnt there more s5's sold on launch day than that?

The s5 had reportedly sold like 2million by now but the funny thing is I don't know a single person who has one or even seen one on the streets yet I know 3 people with the m8 at work and my wife has one also. I find it funny that Samsung fans need to praise the high sales figures of their phones as a sign of greatness or it makes their phone better then others lol just because it sells more doesn't make it all of a sudden run smoothly or look good or become more useful. I would take my G2 over the s5 anyday and it won't sell one tenth of the amount but guess what I don't care.

Posted via Android Central App

A company fault it sales... Like no shit. On top of that, you must not be in a popular city. I have yet to see an m8 in Philly

Posted via Android Central App

Quick question, is the play store segmented by market? Meaning, is the store I visit on my american phone the same as someone in Europe or someone in Asia? If not, are those download numbers total across all markets or just the market your viewing them from?

That's quite low. Moto X numbers in fact.

And this is supposed to be the great Android phone that can stand up to the iPhone in build?

This is arguably the best Android phone ever made when looking at hardware and software. People will complain about the camera, but I consistently shoot faster photos on my M8 than my friends who have the S4 and S5. The iPhone still shoots darn near as fast, but really, the iPhone is probably the best in photo consistency, so I can't say the camera on this phone beats an 5S. I can say that I take amazing photos with my M8 that are vibrant and gorgeous overall.

Low sales are not necessarily indicative of the phone being bad. As some other AC reader said, just because something is popular doesn't mean it is really good. An example would be Katy Perry and McDonald's. Certainly they are popular, but few would argue they were the best in their respective fields.

Being a former iPhone 4 user, I can say with zero doubt that the M8 is the highest build quality phone I have owned and Sense 6, in my personal opinion, is more fun than iOS. I love iOS because it always works well, but I love to customize my UI, so Sense 6 wins.

Go out and buy an M8 people!

Posted via Android Central App

My wife and I are enjoying our HTC One M8s, hands down the best phone. I loved the M7 and this is a better phone.

I hope this phone does even better in the upcoming weeks. Yes, I love the galaxy S line. And yeah whenever someone goes off about HTC vs. Samsung I like to jump in the fray.
But I admit that whenever I see someone in public with an M7 or M8...theres something inside me that says "good for them!" lol.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

I love my M8. This is the coolest phone I have ever used. I love the gorgeous aluminum exterior. I also like when other attorneys spot my phone and want to look at it.

I have gotten one Note 2 user to convert and one iPhone 5 user to convert. They both love their M8's.

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Well, Samsung sold more 20 million phones this quarter than the same quarter last year, and way more tablets, but Samsung Mobile (phones, PC and tablet) , saw their profits go down.

This means that less people bought less high end offerings from them. That's good for HTC.

However Apple sold way more iPhones, and as they stated: for each costumer that goes to other platform, 7 came to iOS.

That's bad for HTC and judging by this article things are not pretty.

Posted via Android Central App

I think market share indicates that there are more people moving away from apple than are joining apple

Posted via Android Central App

Clearly you are not good at basic math (or anything related with it).

Posted via Android Central App

Hey.....come to think of has the Nexus 5 been selling??

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

If I was buying a new fone at present the M8 is the one I'd buy because it is the only fone released in my part of the world that will work on the Asia Pacific 700Meg LTE band. All the others do AP1800 which we use and US 700 which we don't use.

6 months later and the Note 3 is still the best Android device lol. Watch when the Note 4 comes out it will make the M8 look like a children's toy. Don't care about the aluminum body because I use cases on my phones to keep them in mint condition. So I can sell it at a premium price. I haven't had to pay for a phone in 7 years.

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

The cartoonish design of Touchwiz makes your comment regarding a children's toy quite ironic.

If the exec is happy with these numbers he should be fired. Hopefully these numbers continue to climb for HTC though. Keep on truckin!

I don't get this sentence:

"In other words, early sales of the M8 were higher than the best sales for all but two weeks of the M7."

Jason's quote is that the recent two weeks of M8 sales are higher than the best of M7 figures. How does this mean that M8 sales have beaten all but two weeks of the M7's sales?

Or is there something I'm not getting?

I will say my girlfriend bought one coming from an iPhone 5 and she hasn't really downloaded anything from the play store. Loves the phone tho. While these numbers are probably more accurate than I would imagine there's still plenty of people that aren't accounted for.