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HTC seems very excited (and rightfully so) about the new HTC One, and they want to make it a little easier for you to put their latest in your pocket. They’ve announced a new HTC One cash-back program, where they’ll give you $100 when you trade in your old phone for the new HTC One. It's pretty simple:

There's a lot to like about the HTC One. It has incredible specs, offers a brand new take on HTC's flavor of Android with the new HTC Sense, BlinkFeed and Zoe, and it's premium design and materials can't be ignored. Giving us $100 on top of it all is a great way to get our attention.

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HTC offers $100 trade-in for HTC One purchases


Read the fine print: Have to buy and activate by March 31. I'm eligible for new phone pricing on Sprint on April 2.

I bet you anything Sprint would allow you an upgrade 3 days early if you know how to work with their customer service.

Also, it is an initial offer/date for the One. They could always extend it...but I'm sure that depends on how successful the deal is.

It may get another deal after this one expires.

I'm using Straight Talk right now, so I could get the deal, but I really don't want to deal with contracts anymore.

I'm with you on the contract statement. I have just about a year left with Sprint, and I'm not renewing. Thus, my HTC One purchase will be "straight cash homie."

I left Sprint last year and paid the termination fee for two smartphones. It will take me a miracle to get me to sign a contract again. I have StraightTalk, and I'm very happy. I would be happier with LTE, but I can live without it.

GSM all the way!!

I wonder if this would work with buying one off contract. Got an old HTC Desire for US Cellular I would love to unload and this would get me the most value for it.

--- Posted this on another article, but thought it fits here as well ----

I've owned four HTC phones (originally My Touch, My Touch Slide, Sensation, & Amaze)... Loved them all... Finally switched over as of yesterday, when I received my Nexus 4... The Nexus is nice, (has more than it's fair share of PRO's)but believe it or not, I was heavily disappointed to find out how much convenience is missing from stock Android... I spent all day researching, purchasing, and attempting to pull functionality out of widgets on the market, that HTC provided right out of the box. I was kind of dumbfounded really..

If your on the fence about HTC, know this....

PRO's: USER EXPERIENCE/CONVENIENCE is an all time high with these devices (specifically in reference to organization & widgets for every day use) . Yes, this is preference based, but I find it hard to legitimize any other argument when it comes to every day use. Out of the box, you have HTC made widgets that will organize calendars & agendas that sync & combine all Google & Facebook calendars. Contacts are synced between GMAIL, Facebook, Phone, & SIM automatically as well (giving Facebook photos to all contacts automatically). It will pull all the data together on it's own, and ask you to approve the sync. They also have a nice widget for contacts, so you can pull your most frequent contacts together for easy access (to txt, email, call, etc). --- These are just to list a few... there are an arsenal of other stock widgets you just do not have with stock Android .. At work, I like to switch instantly from sound profiles (silent, vibrate, loud)... HTC has a widget already ready for that... Stock Android? No... HTC allows you to pinch zoom out of your home screen to view & access all home screens instantly... Stock Android? No.. ---- Now to say the obvious... YOU CAN FIND "SIMILAR" WIDGETS on the market place, but none have been nearly as nice in my opinion. I SPENT ALL DAY YESTERDAY researching, downloading free apps, paying for others later, and organizing widgets... and was pretty disappointed... -- Another PRO is the build quality... HTC phones generally have tougher exteriors... I've dropped mine a million times, no problems... In fact, we've dropped three in water and they still kept working (after about three days of non-use)... no guarantee on that though.

CONS: All my phones had crappy speaker phones... none had "beats" though, so maybe this is corrected. For that matter, all had crappy sound quality for phone calls as well. I would get frequent complaints from people, indicating they couldn't hear me (I'm not soft spoken). But again, this might be fixed with "Beats". My camera's (through phone) have been good in light, but fairly poor in low lighting. Slower to update software (compared to Nexus), however, most HTC phones receive the updates within months after release.

All in all, I'm glad with my Nexus purchase, but think I would be just as happy with this new HTC phone... In some ways happier; I really think the Sense software is more convenient... But at this level, they're all preforming relatively awesome in their own ways.

so i bought the (2) htc evo 4g lte's last june from for $150 a piece. It was a contract extension...i thought. I checked for months by either texting sprint and checking upgrade eligibility at best buy and it always said i was ready for an upgrade. Last night my gf went to best buy, they said she could upgrade her phone, she caved and upgraded an iphone 5, no problems. My question is has anyone else had this type of experience from amazon wireless? I would totally trade my old evo 4g to htc for the gift card and sell my 4g lte to gazelle and basically pay for the ONE (only if the battery was at least as good as the evo 4g lte, and the lte antenna worked better than the 4g lte). Hopefully buying the ONE from amazon again would not have me under contract again.