HTC First

$99.99 on-contract or $449.99 up-front, available in black, white, red or pale blue

A little over a week after its announcement at Facebook HQ, the HTC First is available to buy from AT&T. The Facebook Home-equipped handset puts the social network front and center, with Facebook's new launcher bringing your news feed (and neat little features like chat heads) directly onto your home screen.

The HTC First will set you back $99.99 on a standard two-year contract, or $449.99 if you're buying it outright. All four color options -- black, white, red and pale blue -- are available over on AT&T's site.

Incidentally, we're not yet seeing Facebook Home on the Google Play Store, but that's also due to launch today alongside the Facephone. We'll continue watching throughout the day and keep you posted.

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Source: AT&T

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tada1096 says:

When will the download be available.

Zylograth says:

Yeah, forget that underpowered POS, where is the download?!?

return_0 says:

Yeah, people want the POS app instead of the POS phone!

mhpspeed says:

Is it going to be available for all phones? If its only in the store for these below phones, hopefully someone can rip the working .apk with chatheads for everyone else.

From there news blog: (cant link the source)

What Android phones does Home work on?
Home is available on:
HTC First
HTC One (Future)
HTC One X+
Samsung GALAXY S4 (Future)
Samsung GALAXY Note II

Rolandh says:

Will facebook home be available in the UK at launch or are facebook going to pull a Google and make it only available in the US for what will seem like an eternaty?

XavierMatt says:

What is taking them so long to put it in the store.

vinny jr says:

Never seen such a piece of crap of a phone take up so much space on a web page. That phone is a freaken joke. Keep it, you couldn't give it to me.

Gator352 says:

I want to win one in a contest just to film blowing it up on youtube. I'm sorry, this and facebook in general is a joke.