Who wouldn't want to save $510 on a HTC EVO View 4G Android tablet? That's what I thought, just about everyone loves to save money and 1SaleADay has it priced out at $229 for today only. You got a few hours more to save nearly 70 percent on this tablet, which runs Android 2.3 which isn't ideal but hey you can always root it! The 7-inch form factor is a great on the go size, the 1.5GHz processor brings some nice speed to it, and it has 32GB of on board storage. Lots of positives to be seen here, so hit the link below to grab one for yourself.

Source: 1SaleADay

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ralphwiggum1 says:

Wasn't this updated to Android 3.2? More worthwhile than 2.3. But it is single-core versus most other Honeycomb tablets that are dual-core or now quad-core.

moelsen says:

Yeah. Honeycomb is great on it too! I love that it vibrates too.. i have a xoom and apparently tablets dont vibrate. Was really refreshing to have it back again on a tablet.

sirillium says:

If you don't want to put your trust in, Amazon has it for $300.

czm2000 says:

I've purchased dozens of items from 1SaleADay with no problems. Just got a couple of things delivered today. New Samsung Blue Tooth headset and 4GB Class 4 SD cards. All in perfect working condition. Save yourself the $70 and go with them. And yes, EVO View 4G was updated to 3.2.

R1_Rydah says:

co-sign, all my purchases from 1saleaday have been ok..

jdm4u says:

Bought this same tablet on their last 229 sale. Pretty good tablet, would've kept it if ICS was a sure thing for it. But if you don't care about the updates, 3.2 is awesome on this tablet.

Auzo says:

Even at $229 this tablet isn't worth it. For $20 more I will be able to get a tablet that is 2 generations better... ya I think I'd wait.

Frankly I am glad the Kindle Fire and now the ASUS MEMO 370T came out. Some of these OEMs need to get there heads out of their rears if they think that a 7" tablet should sell for 500 dollars.

Robbzilla says:

Except That the Memo isn't out... It's just been promised.

Does this require a 2-Year contract with Sprint?
I just left Sprint because of the slower speeds they have.

If this doesn't require the 2-year contract, then I would be happy to buy it.

But, I refuse to be strapped into another 2-year contract with them!

S_C_B says:

It doesn't require a contract.

R1_Rydah says:

IMO, its a good deal, compared to all the other brandname $200 category tabs.. better than the fire, and nook, because it has dual cams, gps, and the full android market.. If I was a fan of android tablets I'd jump on it..

HeavyTizzle says:

Anyone know if this comes with the stylus? The description mentions it, but in the specs and "Package includes" it's left out.

moelsen says:

No stylus. But its an awesome little tablet. I bought one last month at this price on 1saleaday. Good stuff.

scabsk8s says:

I would never buy from 1saleaday very bad customer service.

moelsen says:

Ive heard that as well. As long as you dont return anything, theyre good for a deal.

i1der says:

150 on

moelsen says:

Probably on contract. This is no strings attached.

disposed#AC says:

I would much rather spend the little bit and get a nook or fire. Plus 1 sale a day is crap. 6 weeks to deliver an sdcard when I contracted them I was told "it will get there when it gets there, why complain you got a good deal"

moelsen says:

I can vouch that this tablet is awesome. Very full featured compared to the nook or kindle. Its a great deal.. mine arrived in 7 days last month, in all the brand new packaging. I love it. The processor is single core but its speedy enough for what it is. This gets ragged on a lot now that its going fire sale, but id buy it over nook or kindle any day.

slayerpsp says:

The fire only has 5.8 gb of user space no market no buttons no sd card no gps its crap and the nook tablet only 1gb of user space for your apps the rest is locked up to there market that piece of crap doesnt even have a calculator they sell it to you for .99 no Android market no sale yes i know you can hack those to do more but why. the Acer a100 i got for 189.99 is better.Htc Samsung Sony all need to reprice there Tablets a good 150-200 cheaper

I'm posting this on my view 4G now. I let my wife have my xoom. This thing is less buggy than the xoom was on 3.2. I have NOT upgraded the view to 3.2 for that very reason. Gingerbread on it works great and it is perfect form factor to carry and use in a meeting without everyone watching what u are doing.
Deal is gone now...hope some of u got in!

crxssi says:

>"Who wouldn't want to save $510 on a HTC EVO View 4G Android tablet?[...] 1SaleADay has it priced out at $229 for today only"

???? The original price for that *7"* tablet was $739? I could buy TWO 10" Xoom tablets for that...

Samsung galaxy tab is looking so gorgeous and it's function mind blowing !!