Shift 4G retail packaging

With some re-sellers preparing to offer the Evo Shift 4G tomorrow (Jan 6), it figures that they had to be sitting in stockrooms just waiting for someone to grab a picture or two.  It looks like everything is in order, and at least one location has a few in stock, waiting for new homes. 

No surprises in the box, and we didn't really expect any.  Just everything you need to get your Evo Shift 4G slid open and ready to go for gaming, messaging, and browsing.  See a couple more pics after the break. Thanks R!

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package contents


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let's see how that damn D-pad works!!!

hmmm says:

I called a local radio shack here in Minnesota and he said they have both a non working demo unit to show and a working unit unboxed he can show me. I'm going to stop by and check it out after work tonight.

tailsthecat3 says:

ugh, sliding mechanisms?? is it 2004?? wear parts are a thing of the past...

Alopez_45 says:

No were in 2011, where they have second generation snapdragon processors. Get to the present!

Yeaaaa the Evo Box is way sexier, cooler and its green for the environment ")

reverepats says:

HAHA...i just called radio shack here in Peabody,MA and the guy was a wicked ****.....he said "NO NO NO NO NO" and hung up the phone....LOL....guess i wont be going there to check it out...

kingston, MA here.

intheb0x says:

Who gives a crap if the box is. "green"??
Its just another bogus way companies can market things, you know, a GIMMICK.

The original evo had a small box that was compact and cheap looking.
So go figure.

Jo_795 says:

Just called here in Chicago and all they have is a dummy unit and I asked if its going to be $149 he said no I believe its $150.. okay $1 difference no live units damn :(

hmmm says:

Lol, no $150. Like, duh right :)

Zardos says:

Just went to a radioshack today. They have two coming in and got one reserved.

I'm pretty excited, finally a phone on Sprint with a keyboard for gaming. The Epic sucks to bad to count.

Jim01 says:

I actually want a big box. I mean if I am spending $150+ then I want something with bulk and weight to it, not a flipsy minimalist one. I mean I only get a phone every 1-2 years then I don't think I'm bringing down the planet with a little extra cardboard.