Long time Windows Mobile hacker and HTC insider Football has trickled out some details of the HTC DLX on Twitter today, bringing us a new rumor for a new week.

According to Football, the HTC DLX will be a 5-inch "full HD" device, with a Snapdragon S4 Pro at 1.5GHz and 2500mAh battery under the hood, come with a 12MP rear camera and 2MP front camera, and run Android 4.1.2. This may or may not be the rumored 5-inch HTC device headed to Verizon for the holidays, hopefully with a world version released at the same time.

We can't confirm or deny this one, but considering the source it's worth some discussion.

Source: @Football4PDA


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HTC DLX details emerge


Actually, that doesn't say much. 1080p is important because that means it's a 16:9 aspect ratio rather than a more square aspect ratio of a Galaxy Note, which I'm not interested in at all. This will be much better as a phone because it will not be so wide.

I almost wish it was 720p instead of 1080p since the extra pixels, at that size will probably not add value but they will most likely hurt battery life. Don't get me wrong though, I'm interested. I'm glad to see HTC using a reasonably sized battery! If it was a 720p display I'd call it a large battery. I'm not sure it will act like a very large battery with that 1080p display. Hopefully it will be LCD rather than OLED so it can display mostly white (like most web pages and other docs) without killing the battery. Hopefully it has the same audio technology that's in the 8X. It sounds like it has the same camera which should be excellent. If only HTC would give the thing a MicroHDMI port and MicroSDXC card slot.

Samsung didn't create this segment at all you ignorant fanboy. Dell created it with the Streak, it wasn't all that good but that's another issue altogether.

"Industry Leading"? Maybe for something that will use a stylus. I wouldn't call the "Galaxy Note 2" industry leading as far as phones go. The Droid Incredible X is looking like a great high-end smartphone.

Full HD on a 5' phone, that would be very sweet!
And the fact that the info came from Football, it must be true.
He's bringing "first" ROM stuffs at XDA like nobody else.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes to the US with specs as anticipated, this HTC is behind the power curve already.

Well the camera is better than the note 2 and won't the snap dragon s4 pro be a faster processor than that used in the Samsung Note 2?

I've been very anxiously awaiting this phone... just like I did my Thunderbolt :( The only issues that concern me are a non-removable battery and only 16GB internal storage. And I've had a LOT of trouble with my T-Bolt rebooting itself or needing the battery pulled for a restart... what happens if the phone freezes w/o a removable battery?

I am loving this phone except for the lack of expandable memory and embedded battery. I have the original evo 4g and need three batteries. I am very leery of embedded batteries which is driving me to Samsung with the bigger batteries and expandable memory.

2500mAH battery is small for such a large display, the Note 2 has a 3100mAH. I hope the phone has more int storage than just 16 mb. It doesn't look like there is any sd card so 16mb of storage just sucks for such a large phone. Another issue with the HTC on Verizon, the damn thing will probably be locked down tite as a duck's ass. That is why I would take the Note 2 over this phone, Samsung phones are so developer friendly and very easily hacked. I hope I'm wrong about this phone, it has tons of potential, knowing Verizon they will screw this up.