LG G3 quiet mode

The LG G3 has its own do not disturb feature, here's what you need to know

Android L might be bringing – finally – a fully fledged do not disturb mode baked in to the operating system, but with the LG G3 you're already getting something along those lines with quiet mode. Activated either manually or at set times of the day, quiet mode has various configurable features to help give you the best experience.

Read on to see what it can do for you.

How to activate quiet mode

LG G3 quiet mode

Quiet mode can turn itself on and off daily at certain times or it can be done manually. Whichever you prefer, it needs activating first in the G3s settings menu or in the notification tray. You'll find it in Settings > Sound > Quiet mode where you're given a toggle to turn it on and the items you can configure.

If you want to be able to turn quiet mode on and off from the notification tray you'll need to ensure the toggle has been added. If it's not, scroll all the way to the right where you'll find the "Edit" toggle. Tapping this brings up a list of all the available toggles you can have in your notification tray. Make sure quiet mode is checked and you'll be able to turn it on with a single tap.

You can also schedule the times you want quiet mode to activate, say, when you go to bed at night. When you're inside the quiet mode menu in Settings, hit "set time," then "schedule." From there just pick the days of the week and times you want it to turn on and turn off.

What you can do with Quiet Mode

Now we know how to turn it on and off, here's a quick run through of the user configurable options in quiet mode.

  • Sound profile - You get the choice of either silent or vibrate only modes when quiet mode is enabled.
  • Set time - As discussed above, used to schedule when you'd like quiet mode to automatically turn on and off every day.
  • Block notification LED - The LED on the G3 isn't the brightest thing in the world, but if you'd rather it stopped blinking then check this box.
  • Block alarms - Generally if you don't want to be disturbed by an alarm you'd turn the alarm off. Enabling this makes sure in those times you forget. The screen won't turn on and no sounds will be made but this only applies if you're using the stock, LG alarm clock app.
  • Block incoming calls - If you're not wanting your phone to disturb you, there's a good chance that extends to receiving calls, too. The G3 will block incoming calls with a separate option to allow repeated calls – two calls within three minutes from the same number – to get through so you'll still be contactable in those situations it's really, truly necessary. You can also choose to allow calls from pre-selected numbers to still get through, and to send a message to callers when quiet mode is enabled.

That's all there is to it. If you don't like switching your phone off at night, or in meetings, or any number of other situations, quiet mode will cover the bases for you.

For more, see our LG G3 help page, and swing by our G3 forums!


Reader comments

How to use quiet mode on the LG G3


If it is anything like the quiet mode on the LG G2 after the Kit Kat update, it will only work sporadically. Some days it will turn on, some days it won't.

Just one of the many things to be buggy on the LG G2 since the Kit Kat update.

(and yes, this happens even after a factory reset, on both my phone and my wife's)

I was going to comment on this as well if it wasn't already perfectly stated by yourself. But, since the update hasn't come, I've switched to Cyanogen, and their built in quiet mode works just fine, plus I get to get rid of all the crap AT&T puts on my phone.

It was fine on the G2 before the kitkat update, but the KK update messed it up. Any chance the G2 receives another update? At least to patch some of the bugs they created with the KK update?

I need some help with this quiet mode. I set it up and choose which numbers i want them to bypass this and ring, however its still not ringing, i get the notification window that i am recieving a call, but it doesn't ring... Anyhelp !! i have LG G3 BTW.

I just got this phone after switching from an iPhone. I heavily relied on this feature before because I work midnights and sleep during the day but I like to be reachable by the kids school, etc without having to leave my phone on. Have you found a solution yet?

The only solution is to use an app instead of the G3's broken feature. There are quite a few in the play store.

You have to go into your sound profile and choose priority only, and leave the sound on... Once you do that a star will appear on your info bar at top of phone...

It works, but also gives you annoying notifications telling you it will be turned on every day if you have a schedule set.

Unfortunately, quite mode on the G3 is seriously badly designed. There are check boxes to let you turn off the LED, block notifications, and block phone calls. But if you don't block phone calls, the G3 still won't notify you, with either vibration or ring, that you're getting a call. Even if you specifically white list certain numbers you want to allow, the phone still won't vibrate or ring when you get calls from those numbers. Very useless.