Dropbox and the LG G3

Get your stuff from Dropbox onto your LG G3 with ease

If you use Dropbox as one of your main sources of storage for music and photos then you'll be pleased to know that you can access it pretty easily in some of the stock apps on the LG G3. The stock Gallery and Music applications can hook into your Dropbox account and pull in your content with a few easy steps.

Sadly, anyone using the AT&T specific variant of the G3 doesn't seem to be able to do this. Sorry, folks.

Setting up

Dropbox and the LG G3

The first thing you need to do is set up Dropbox access on the phone. To do this you'll want to head into Settings > Cloud and then hit the "Add account" button at the bottom of the display. On the next screen you'll see a selection of different cloud services, including Dropbox.

Tap on the Dropbox option and then you'll be prompted to enter your credentials. Once you're all logged in Dropbox will now show up as an active cloud account when you're in Settings > Cloud. Tapping on it will open up a basic settings menu where you're able to select the content you want to access as well as your used/available account storage space. If for any reason you wish to remove your account, hit the menu button in the top right hand corner and select "Remove account."

Below the account information you'll see checkboxes to access content for "Gallery" and "Music." Make sure you've checked the relevant boxes then you're set.

Accessing your content

Dropbox and the LG G3

Photos and audio files you've got stored in your Dropbox account will now be available to you within the stock Gallery and Music applications on the phone. To get at it all you need to do is slide out the menu from the left of the display and look for the Dropbox option towards the bottom of the list.

Tapping that will show you what you want to see or hear and from there you'll be able to interact with those files just as you would if they were stored on the device. You'll be accessing them from the cloud, though, so it's important to bear that in mind if you're away from WiFi or have a limited data plan.

That's all there is to it. If you don't want to see your Dropbox content anymore simply uncheck the boxes in Settings > Cloud and it'll all disappear.

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Reader comments

How to hook Dropbox into the LG G3 music and gallery apps


Seriously?? Why would they do that?
The above are all present on my T-Mobile variant.

Posted via Android Central App

Terrible that is something I miss from the Note 3 as well.

Oh well the phone is still pretty great

Posted via Android Central App

Try Notification Toggle. I removed the brightness slider from the Note2 and used the valuable space for Notification Toggle to which I also add Google Gesture Search. Invaluable for quickly calling someone. I have direct dials and a favorites contacts widget, but I find Gesture Search to be the fastest way to call someone. Not sure why they haven't already made this part of Android. It's written by a Googler.

Liking the G3 so far. Screen is kinda dim tho especially with auto brightness. White looks kinda gray. Might have to swap for another one.

Posted via Android Central App

Not sure on the G3 but I had a similar situation with my G2. I turned off auto brightness and when indoors manually set it to between 48 and 57% depending on light level. That works much better on my G2. Outside if I can't see the screen well, I bump it up to around 76% or so then back down again when back inside. In general I find auto brightness on the G2 sets the screen too dim for my use. YMMV
From the DeathStar using my rooted LG G2

An American review for this phone would be nice, on an American carrier. You know, so we know how it works (or does not) as each build is tuned differently in the RF performance as well as software.

It is bs, I have to root my phone to get oem stock features! How crazy is that? On the G2 Sprint disabled swiping on the stock keyboard (along with other features.) I wonder if they left the stock keyboard alone on the G3.

Posted via Android Central App

The Verizon G3 doesn't have the cloud option either in settings. Just tried and it is not there. There is a cloud option in the gallery setting but it routes to the Verizon Cloud. And if you disable Verizon Cloud the cloud option in settings goes away.

I did the same thing on my Sprint LG G3 with the Box app since I had an account leftover from my LG Optimus G. It worked exactly as described in the article. There were also options for Dropbox and LG Cloud.