Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro

OK, everybody. Here it is. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro, the tiniest darn Android phone you've ever seen, let alone one with a horizontal keyboard. For being as small as it is, the keyboard was surprising usable. More so than the Motorola Droid's (though that's certainly not saying much), but not nearly as good as the HTC Touch Pro 2. It is what it is.

Check out our hands-on video after the break, and stay tuned for more from Mobile World Congress.


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Hands-on with the Xperia X10 mini pro


Odds on how long, if ever, it will take Sony to update this UI to Android 2.1? I bet that if/when they finally do we'll be on Android 3.0+ or even 4.0... No thanks.

WOW...this woman knows nothing about the phone. Its like she almost doesn't want to us to buy it! I bet she was Hot and read a manual, she probably uses a flip phone or something


and how slowly does she type?..

anyway phone looks interesting.. but who knows when its coming to the "GLOBAL MARKET" so w/e!

Great form factor on these phones and if SE drops the price well below that of the X10,then we might have a winner! The youth/budget segment is full of crappy ugly phones,so SE could possibly find a market for these phones.[good luck trying to float SE]