Droid DNA.

And, finally, Verizon's gotten some top-shelf HTC hardware in 2012. And what a device it's gotten in the Droid DNA

I spent some quality time with the DNA early this morning, and again at Verizon's launch event, and there's no denying that HTC's Android phones are starting to follow in the footsteps of its Windows Phones, in terms of design. The DNA is large, with that gorgeous 5-inch display. But it doesn't feel overly huge. A little bigger than the HTC One X, but thinner. Slimmer, especially as the edges taper off 4 mm at their thinnest. So think One X, but more svelte. 

The mix of polycarbonate (with its soft-touch coating) and aluminum edging is to die for. It's got just enough grip, but it doesn't look as industrial as other phones in Verizon's Droid line. Do note, however, that the red grilles on either side of the DNA are for design purposes only. The speaker is on the back of the phone.

And that screen. Oh, that screen. Have you ever seen so many pixels?

Check out our hands-on report and video after the break.

Gorgeous? Beautiful? Freakin' high resolution? How many ways can we say "Wow, that's a lot of pixels!" Because, wow. That's a lot of pixels. The full resolution is 1920x1080, for 440 pixels per inch. And I dare you to find a single one of those pixels. Will you notice a difference over 720p? Perhaps. My tired eyes tend to blur a bit. But there's no denying that the Super LCD3 display, like its previous iteration, makes images appear to float above the glass. Words almost don't do it justice. 

The back of the phone is a piece of work in its own right. Like the HTC 8X on Windows Phone, it's moved the 2020 mAh battery between the display and the PCB, meaning a slimmer overall profile. That gives it a nice slope toward the edges, but it's not as steep as on the 8X. The camera housing is nearly flush. You can only barely tell it's not flush, and the red ring accent certainly helps it stand out.

Up top you've got the SIM card tray and 3.5mm headphone jack. Volume rocker is on the right-hand side.

The DNA's running Android 4.1.1 out of the box -- it'll get updated to Android 4.2 at some point, but remember that Google hasn't even released that code yet. Sense 4+ is excellent as ever, and it flies on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2GB of RAM. Storage is what it is -- 16GB internal, with about 11GB usable out of the box. That's what Verizon wanted, and that's what you'll get.

The only really suspect design we can find on this phone at first blush is in the decision to put a door over the microUSB port at the bottom. The rest of the design is top-shelf, but this one choice seems more like well whisky.

Boil it down to a single sentence, and we're pretty confident in saying, even after just a few minutes, that the Droid DNA is a worthy addition to Verizon's flagship line.


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Hands-on with the Verizon Droid DNA by HTC


5 inch 1080p screen to watch Snowboarding vids and season 3 of Walking Dead in full HD on my flight to Japan!
Wait 11gb and internal battery. I still wanna take some pics and vids while I'm there. Never mind.

easy solution, and i don't know why more places don't mention it. just get a portable battery charger, plug it into the wall or computer to charge, then charge your phone via the micro usb. bam! enjoying some sweet vids.

"Storage is what it is -- 16GB internal, with about 11GB usable out of the box. That's what Verizon wanted, and that's what you'll get."

That's a killer, what if a user needs more space? This is a no buy from me, coming from someone who enjoys to carry movies, music videos, and there music collection along side with wallpapers/pictures.

That is 1 sexy looking beast! But alas, 16GB of storage with no SD card slot. #FAIL I have 3 games on my 32GB LTE Galaxy Nexus that take up over 2GB each, I have 3BG of music, I'd be SOL with this phone.

Why does everyone have such an issue with storage? They obviously want to push you to cloud storage and streaming your media. I have never even approached using all my internal storage, let alone the SD Card. Be a gamer on a tablet. This is a phone.

You are right, they want us to use cloud storage, but with data plan prices who can afford to stream their audio and who wants to delete and seek out a WiFi connection to d/l new games etc.

For a high end Android device with no microSD slot you should be getting 32GB minimum. Of course they claim it costs more which is a crock.

Yes, you are right they are pushing you to stream more... because they want more money. the option of a SD card although not a killer for me can be for others who do not want to stream from the net and eat all the data up. Thos data charges are getting pricy

You obviously never leave home. I am a house painter and rarely have 3g, 4g or WiFi available through most of the day. I like to have music and games on board(my preference). Now I will have to get a note 2 or wait for next year's beasts.

Yep, this is a killer for me too. I have to have the option for more storage, even if I have to pay more for it, I have to have 32gb minimum and would prefer 64gb.

I have a 64gb sd card in my rezound and it's just over half full most of the time. I use it to keep movies for the kids and music to stream when we're out traveling. Maybe they need to realize that people would like to use their phones for more then just a smartphone. If I'm backbacking down the Pacific Crest trail, it's kinda hard to utilize the cloud and pandora, I'd like to have my music library and some movies ready to go. It's really simple, at least give me the option to order more storage.

I've been watching the leaks on this phone for a while and have really been looking forward to it's release, until now that is. Without more on board storage or an sd slot, you won't get me off of my Rezound, it's still a badass phone, even after more than 1.5 years of service.

+100 on the Rezound

Not to mention being able to swap batteries. Extra likely to want when using it on the PCT.

As far as I can tell, the Rezound does not have as much processing power or as high rez a screen, but overall is still a more capable phone. I don't think there's a phone made that can actually do MORE than the Rezound.

Simultaneous voice and data on 4G AND when on 3G.


Works with 64gig microSD (I love having 80gig on tap).

Swappable battery (though I RARELY run out of battery since the ICS Global ROM came out)

The only thing I think newer phones have on it is NFC (as far as actual functionality goes).

I think the Samsung Galaxy s2 Skyrocket is a better choice for people not on verizon. The skyrocket 1ups the rezound in almost everything

Are you serious right now? LOL, I'm not sure, cause the gs2 does not have a single spec above the rezound, shoot, the rezound has almost double the screen resolution. I'd take an original Evo 4g over the gs2 any and every day.

I'm sold. This this is a beaut and a beast. For me this phone has no drawbacks. Hell I could get away with 8 gigs of storage. We will see how the battery holds up.

That battery will be your "drawback" that you don't see . . with that screen and quad-core proc you'll be lucky to get 5+ hours . . unless of course that doesn't bother you.

Do you have proof for this statement? Have you used the phone? Specs don't matter, real world results matter. This thing has all new tech that haven't been used in combination, so assumptions are useless.

Before the Droid DNA moniker was given, this phone was tested as the Thunderbolt 2. That is all you need to know about this phone.

From BGR: "Representatives on site, however, spoke of 10 or more hours of battery life with moderate usage." lololol. Just having ditched my Thunderbolt for a Razr Maxx HD, there's no way I'm touching this phone.

I'm getting 13 hours on my Optimus G which has the same processors. I cant imagine this screen will eat up too much more of the battery.

Nice try my friend trying to convince people won't work. Space and storage is King and if you have owned android devices over the years then you have content you need to keep. This device won't allow you to do that regardless of the cloud. But think of this about the Galaxy Note 2. 16gb or 32gb internal, 64gb sdxc class 10 card, 50 gb of Dropbox internal on device. Plus loads of top industry software and features. Which one do you think is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET.

The s3 is the highest selling on the market, so popular vote would go with that one. I have owned android devices for a long time, I have no need to carry 32 gigs worth of shit around with me. More power to you if you feel the need to.

I don't understand how the s3 proves your point. It comes in 16 and 32gb varieties, and offers a microsd slot and a removable battery.

Yeah, hostile much? I'm on my 5th-ish Android device, and while I like the flexibility of having external storage, Google is moving away from it for security and efficiency reasons, and I've been using less and less over time. I have twice as much storage available on my Bionic as on my OG Droid, and I'm using maybe 2/3 of what I did then. Am I typical? I don't care; I have what I need. I like the GSIII but I'm not obsessed with the BEST IN THE MARKET OMG!!!! The GSIV will be out in a few months anyway, nothing stays the best forever.

"Google is moving away from it for security and efficiency reasons"

No, they're moving away from it to force users to put more stuff in their Cloud, so they can data mine it and make more money off selling the mined data to advertisers.

And, of course, they are encouraged in this by the wireless carriers who are getting rid of Unlimited Data plans and are looking forward to charging you to stream the music you already own from Google's Cloud, instead of having you store it on your phone and listen to it for free.

1. Enlighten us all in which way(s) he was "trying to convince people" of anything. He didn't mention anything about anyone else. If you even read it, he basically stated that it sounds like *his* perfect phone. Let me reiterate, HIS perfect phone. How does that sound like he's trying to "convince people"? Idiot.
2. You continually brag about T-Mobile's "HSPA PLUS 42 MPS" network and how "bitch slapping" it is. If you really have such a great network and unlimited data as you've claimed, why do you need such massive amounts of storage on a *phone*? Surely you can stream everything to your heart's content without a hitch, no?
3. "50 gb of Dropbox internal on device" Everything about that statement is just wrong. So terribly wrong.
4. "Plus loads of top industry software and features." Most of which can be had through 3rd party apps, if the user even want them. What a joke.

50GB of Dropbox storage on device? The Galaxy SIII, the best selling smartphone, comes in 16GB and 32GB variants. Subtract the 50GB of storage taken up by Dropbox, and you're left with negative 34 or negative 18 gigabytes of space. Good luck putting anything on that, including the OS. But wait! There's an SD card slot. But… no software to recognize the SD card because there isn't enough space. Oh well.

I'm hoping you are right, no hurry to leave my Gnex yet. RAZR Maxx HD is on list, this would of been if the rumored 2500 battery would of been on it along with 32GB. I would of maybe been ok with 16GB and a little more battery juice. I'm sure with the nice hardware it should last a day but HTC phones haven't been known for that recently. DNA+ would be sweet!

Battery is what I am worried about.. HTC phones are not as efficient as others and no removable battery worries me. Other than that it looks like a solid phone. Was going to get the Note 2, but may have to check this one out as well when it drops.

HTC did a fantastic job with the power management. I have had a Droid DNA, since, Friday, and, I can make it easily through a day with normal usage. In 90 minutes of light usage, the battery only dropped 3%. Under heavy usage(streaming google music, youtube), 14% in 40 minutes, so, you can kill the battery, if desired.(these are only estimates, as I did not record the actual start and stop times).

Another thing, that should be pointed out, is under heavy usage. The battery temp only got to about 33 C. While idling the battery temps are barely above the ambient temperature. I never saw anything below 20 C. on my Rezound.

That's helpful to know, but with the limited storage and push to use the cloud, that degree of battery drain while streaming music will make this phone a definite no-go for a lot of people. I don't stream music often on my phone and I only really listen to a third of what I own with any regularity, so it's not such a big deal to me.

Sexy, sexy phone. I haven't been impressed with an HTC phone since the OG Evo. I'm locked in to Sprint right now, but may give this a shot sometime in the future. Besides, I hate Sense so I have to wait for it to be rooted and ROM'd anyways.

Hey Phil, can you guys take some side-by-side pics in comparison to the One X so we can better judge the size of this beast?

How can 2020mAh be enough for 5" 1080p? And you can't swap the battery out either. I don't think this device will be usable much.

Keyword is "think." In my opinion, for battery tech to get better, smaller-sized batteries have to become more efficient. Cramming a huge battery into every phone is only a quick fix. But, I'm sure the display and processor aren't battery hogs like in the past.

Having had the HTC Thunderbolt, I highly doubt that is the case. This is why HTC is falling behind. The Droid RAZR Maxx HD uses a 3300mAh. If you're going to go with embedded battery, it should be much bigger.

My Galaxy Nexus has an 2300mAh extended battery that doesn't even require changing the battery cover.

Touche my friend, touche. I suppose HTC could have upped the ante on the battery game. Maybe they couldn't fit a bigger battery in it? Do you have the VZW Nexus? I wonder if the same battery is made for the GSM version. Definitely something I want to invest in.


This is my next. It was either this or the Nexus 4. And though I love fast updates, I love LTE almost as much. Concessions had to be made... and I'm fine with this device.

Why the hell did they use such a small battery? This has to have horrible battery life, no? I want to have this phone so damn bad but that battery is so small? How is that thing gonna power a freakn 1080p display all day AND power an LTE chip? I don't see that thing holding a charge for more than like 8 hours with minimal use. I hope I'm wrong though.

And you know this.... how? You've never held, let alone even seen, this phone. As usual, all your "knowledge" is nothing more than conjecture and wishful thinking.

You will be surprised, I think with minimal usage, you could make 2-3 days. The DNA is way more efficient, than, you would think possible. My DNA has been idling for the last 90 minutes, and, the battery has only dropped 3%.

Based off of your previous times and usage, the current estimations of idle times is about 48-50hrs and heavy usage of 4h30m which is not good. On a 2nd note, I would love to see some pics of your DNA in hand!

Yeah but what happens when you start using it? I'm definitely a power user. I chew up 20–40GB per month in data.

What are you doing to pull down that much?! I hit 6-7 on a heavy month and I stream constantly. Do you have no home Internet?

I do but my wireless only has one access point that isnt strong enough for me to grab. I stream music and video all the time.

who cares about idling time? its the screen that's going to be the massive suck. and based on your other post, 14% in 40 minutes of intense usage would be <5hrs. This is a great looking phone with an incredible screen, but I'd be afraid to use it b/c I'll be worrying about battery life the whole time.

These were my guessimates, I think with more rigorous testing, I think peoples concerns would be addressed. When I computed out the numbers, I agree, it didn't seem that impressive, but, in comparison to my rezound, it probably would have dropped 30-40%

As for idle time, it is important, as, most folks are not intensively using their phones 100% of the time.

Can you hit the app drawer button one more time, or scroll to the left any more? The person who shot this video should be shot himself. Seriously, take some lessons. Impressed with the phone, not with the video shot during amateur hour.

With only 16GB, I'll stick with my Razr Maxx. Was also hoping for a better camera like the J Butterfly.

Can't speak for everyone, but every time I see a Sense phone I get underwhelmed. How matter how good the specs are, I know it's gonna get dragged down by all the heavy handed framework changes.

Have you checked out Sense on Jelly Bean? Not saying it's improved, since I have no experience with it, but with Google limiting framework changes and adding Project Butter, maybe Sense is better now? I've read that TouchWiz has been much improved.

I wouldn't mind getting this phone. But IMHO, it might be best to wait for a real after a week of use review. Get some idea of how the battery life is. And it might help in deciding if it's worth giving up the grandfathered unlimited data for this phone.

I can see it now. CES.."Droid DNA +". Bigger battery, more internal storage, etc. I hope i'm wrong but if that does happen, early adopters are gonna be PISSED. I want to get this, but that battery/internal storage spooks me. Bellken, let us know how the battery does under heavy usage/streaming/4g etc. Want to get an idea how long a 2020 mAh battery lasts. Thanks.

Does it have a notification LED? The no removable storage/battery may push me to the note 2, but I'll wait for reviews to give the battery a work out before i decide. I'm in no hurry. I've got an original EVO 4G now with only 1 gig of internal storage and a 8 gig micro sd so storage may not bother me too much.

So, Verizon is the one made the internal storage to 16g with only 11g usable? I guess Verizon may have a special deal with Motorola, I guess they just want to protect Motorola at all cost!

How do you, at the end of 2012, release a phone with a 5 inch screen with a smaller battery than any comparable Android phone on the market? Preposterous. All the specs in the world are great, but if your battery is dead or if you limit the specs so you can eeke out battery it's not worth it.

Ask anyone with a Thunderbolt (like me). I'd run away from this phone. If you're ont he fence now, just think about the battery life after a year of charges. Scary. Never again, HTC. 2500 mah minimum.

Or, a user with a Rezound, but, luckily for me, I got a pre-release Droid DNA. Otherwise, I would feel the same as you.

The battery life on the Droid DNA is bizarrely better than the rezound (with the std battery). I am able to go over a day without charging the DNA.

I think you should wait for the reviews before passing judgement.

Not even going to touch it. Sticking with my $199 (Amazon price match) droid razr maxx with 32gb onboard storage, sd card slot, minimal skin, and mammoth battery.

talk all you want, at the end of the day its still 2020mah battery. Other companies are able to fit much larger batteries in their phones without much difference in size. If they are so damn dead set on being able to claim how thin it is that they are going to cut battery life then they are making a horrible choice. They have been doing dumb things like this for awhile now, and customers are showing them by taking their money other places. If they don't start to change this shit its going to be really bad for them.

The iPhone 5 only has a 1440 mAh battery and my Optimus G has 2100 mAh battery, I get a solid 13 hours of use and I have LTE on, live wallpaper and widgets out the ass. You people complaining about battery size are on older phones with inefficient processors.

If the screen is so good why aren't there pics of how good it is? I mean really, a phrase like "words almost don't do it justice" in the review, and then no macro shots of the screen? wtf?

As a GNexus user, my biggest gripe is its too big to use one-handed comfortably. The last thing I would want is an even bigger and clumsier phones - and definitely NOT on Verizon.

Yeah battery and SD card etc. etc. ... it's just getting boring now to bitch about such things, but I'm going cold turkey as it's obvious they are not making decisions to benefit us their "customers", but rather the carriers who are their real customers after all. (of course this argument goes out the window with Google's Nexi ...)

I don't know if macro shots were really possible or I'd assume they are coming and this was put up in haste. It just makes me laugh to watch the standard flicking back and forth between home screens and the app drawer screens. I know it's hard to know what to do to "demonstrate" the phone, but could we see a photo on the screen? A video? Some text/web page? Instead it's "flick, flick, flick App Drawer flick, flick Home Screen flick, flick) :)

* that being said I would gladly take this number home and learn to adapt by constantly managing my media files on a daily basis and getting an external jumper pack battery or something. Perhaps a DNA+ (MAXX) is in the works for an extra $100?

I think they did get battery life figured out, which is why they were able to go with a smaller battery.

So the ONEX is a spectacle in battery life and nobody complains about it? Back to reality, has left some reviews saying that the nexus4 no big deal in battery life, imagine this DNA with the same processor and 1080p screen with a battery of 2050? Write, will last less than Onex. Well it is great to save battery if asleep, but if you use the battery goes fast.

Anything that has Sense on it is garbage. It could have dual 8-core CPU's with 8GB of RAM and UHDTV screen on it and I wouldn't buy it with Sense on it. What a POS software Sense is.

The optumus g on att is using the S4 quad pro with a smaller lower Rez screen and a 2100 mah battery and reviews have not been stellar in terms of battery life. Here is a bigger higher rez screen with resource hog sense and I can't imagine battery will be anything to brag about. And I won't even talk about the storage which is a deal breaker for me.

HTC is great on paper but thier phones are soft which is why their business is in the toilet. Looks like that trend will continue.

Do we know if this will have an LED notification light? Does HTC usually always put one on their devices?

I would never sign a two year contract for these specs. The only thing special about this phone is the screen, and even that will be less of a differentiator in a year's time. Which is about when you'll be getting 4 hours tops out of your sealed battery.

HTC released the one x with 16gb of memory. It bombed. Now they come back with 32gb. Google released the nexus 7 with 8 and 16. Now they are offering 32. Why can't they just start out doing the right thing. Agreed with the poster before. DNA + will be out in 5 months with a 2500 mah battery and 32 GB of storage.

This is to fool the suckers who buy first, like me. The HTC disappoint me too much in this generation, Onex bought the eye closed and that was my mistake. I sold it and now I went to Note2. The HTC lost respect for their consumers. Sensation after sensation xe, Onex Onex + then, in a few days will release the DNA gets silly +

Easier to see, larger on screen keys, better for gaming/media. All are reasons to go for a larger phone. Also, not everyone has or wants a tablet, or would carry their tablet around all day like they do a phone.

This phone sounded cool until I saw 11 gigs of usable storage and a 2020mah battery are pure fail to me when is HTC going to learn that people want a phone that last longer than 5 hours with regular use

Most phones are 4" and lower and will continue to be. The higher-resolution larger screen phones are the flagships, and will always get more press.

SOOO disappointed!! I really wanted this phone....

I could ALMOST convince myself that the battery is good enough, but 11 gigs AND no SD?????? WOW! Not a fan at all of Samsung's radios...any One X owners out there? Should I consider the one x+???

$199 on contract AND quoting "It's easier to charge this smartphone without wires (charging pad sold separately)" - Translated - Remember to add $50 per charging pad for home office and (car)... Does it charge Micro USB? Does a charging pad work in the car on 12V?

Something has to power the beast.

Hopefully HTC releases this in Canada with a larger batter and a SD slot. I would be OK without the expandable storage but battery life has to make it through the day on moderate use for me. The phone is beautiful and I think the size would be perfect.

I was so looking forward to this phone. Very disappointed in not having a sd card slot. Was a deal breaker. Maybe in the next four months they will do a refresh ala Motorola razors.

Well Verizon customers you finally got your HTC One device! Are you pleased!!

Sincerely, a jealous One X owner. :P

In all seriousness, this is a spec lovers dream. i may just see if i can get an unlocked J Butterfly...


HTC J Butterfly coming to AU, a CDMA carrier. Allowing phones to be unlocked was just a suggestion from the Japanese government, not enforced, and besides the LTE would be useless outside Japan, and I'm not even sure CDMA carriers like the idea of allowing foreign phones on their networks. Not to mention all the custom software on the phone which is geared to AU.. It'd be a nightmare IMO.

Sorry to be a buzzkill...

Opinion: HTC is one of the best if not the best Hardware producer of smartphones in the world

Opinion: HTC is beautiful with the best widgets in the business

Fact: Sense use to have lag with inferior hardware, lower ram, and constant resources being summoned to run the UI or Skin however you prefer to label it. With dual core Snapdragon S4's and quadcore S4 pros beside a Gig or 2 Gigs of ram that is no longer the case.

Opinion: Best Skin aesthetically speaking and most helpful with tight integration throughout the UI

Opinion: Giving consumers the best screens in the business

FACT: HTC is getting their asses handed to them by Samsung

FACT: HTC is losing market share with sharply decreasing profits on a quarterly basis for the past year and a half with no signs of applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding anytime soon

FACT: HTC doesn't get it! They bring out a nice refresh of the ONE X in the ONE X+. Then in less than a month they bring out another flagship phone that has amazing specs, build quality, etc............. EXCEPT the freaking phone ships with 16 GB of storage and no SD CARD! PAY ATTENTION HTC----NEWS FLASH-----Are you taking note of the storage options that SAMSUNG gives its consumers not to mention bigger battery capacities. HELLO HTC, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

IT"S as if HTC builds 21st century products for a DIGITAL aged world only to give you a little ole barn to store everything in. 11 Gigabytes of usable storage for the consumer is utterly ridiculous. THE NEXUS 4 made by LG is just as guilty. The idea of cloud storage being utilized to make up for this deficiency has so many holes in it I don't know where to begin.

WIth 8,12, and 13 megapixel cameras that take pics with varying file sizes that are no longer measured in kilobytes but in megabytes, 1080p videos, Apps from the Play store that can't keep pace with AMERICA's waistlines, and music files in 320 kbps downloaded to your phone with kick ass apps like MOG (bought by HTC mind you not) you find yourself running out of space in no time.

Every other form factor in the digital world is increasing storage space not diminishing it. You don't go backwards when the world is moving forward unless you are looking to get left behind, and from where I'm sitting, that seems to be precisely what HTC is doing. THE REAL QUESTION HERE IS................WHY?

I have a sneaky suspicion that the BULLSHIT carriers are the main culprits to this perplexing madness. Hear me out on this one before you think I am just a rambling conspiracist. The powers that be are seducing consumers and luring them to a euphoric land called the CLOUD at an alarming rate. They come bearing gifts too, 5, 25, and even 50 gigabytes of free storage. But if all your treasured belongings are stored in this mythical arena, you need some form of bandwidth to pull it down to your device of choice. If using a smartphone albeit on a wifi connection this place called the CLOUD works pretty well. But strip yourself of that caveat and use your phones mobile connection to complete the same deed and you find yourself chewing through data packets like cannibals in the CONGO. Enhance this activity with mobile's form of nitrous oxide called LTE and you find yourself
reaching the outer limits of your DATA PLAN well before your monthly allotment is up. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT I BELIEVE THE CARRIERS WANT!!

When you reach this tipping point you either find yourself getting throttled, paying more money out of pocket for the overages, readjusting your data plan to accomodate the increases in your data usage at crazy ass prices, or settle for a carrier that claims to give you unlimited data on their 3G and 4G network only to find out that real world use in a majority of their coverage maps gets you 3G on rare occasions and Edge speeds more often than not.

Let's make no bones about this, the carriers have been handing out edicts to the OEM's like a dictator in most third world countries. You either sign up, shut up, or see yourself to the door unless your name happens to be APPLE or SAMSUNG. Isn't it kind of odd that all the other OEM's are doing away with the micro sd while SAMSUNG who is the dominating force in mobile handset sales is keeping it plus shipping most handsets with 16 and 32 GB's of onboard storage to compliment the sd card. Apple takes another route but ultimately gives the consumer the same choice via 16, 32, or 64 GB devices with incremental price increases as the storage capacity makes it way up another rung on the ladder.

If thousands of people on various blog sites are all complaining about the same thing, I find it kind of hard to believe that HTC isn't listening, isn't aware of this, doesn't desperately feel the need to rectify this, but ultimately finds its hands tied behind iits kick ass hardware by a bunch of greedy, arrogant, aristocrats better known as the AMERICAN CARRIERS.

HTC you are at a crossroads right now.

CONTINUE TO MAKE INCREDIBLE DEVICES but severely hinder them by leaving out the most desirable features that the end user is requesting and carry on with quarterly losses that have your own Government worried so much that they are infusing bail out cash to help stem your tide OR:

MAKE THE PHONE THAT EVERYONE WANTS AND KNOWS YOU ARE COMPLETELY CAPABLE OF BUILDING and make zero exceptions, hand that beast over to the carriers unadulterated and let the chips fall where they fall. Oh and one more thing, spend some serious cash on a NEW MARKETING TEAM! EVERYBODY IN THE U.S. KNOWS WHO THE HELL SAMSUNG IS, BUT VERY FEW KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND THAT IS THE SAD SAD TRUTH!!!

I am so pulling for you! PLEASE make this HAPPEN!!!


Thank you for your 2 cents and I can't agree with you more. I'm hoping HTC can just sit down with all the carriers and show them a device they will die for and set it straight saying you better let us do what we want this phone or fuck you.

So this is where that copied and pasted comment came from on Engadget, the formatting makes a lot more sense here.

5 inch 1080p screen to watch Snowboarding vids and season 3 of Walking Dead in full HD on my flight to Japan!
Wait 11gb and internal battery. I still wanna take some pics and vids while im there. Nevermind.

I was really excited about this phone. I was starting to think that there was finally something worth replacing my T-Bolt with...and then I saw the memory. 16GB only? I don't think I could do it unless I dumped all my music off my card. I'm at the limit now with my 32 GB card and I would love the possibility of 64. I record a lot of video with my phone and this just won't cut it. :(

I did it, I just sold my Onex and bought a note 2. I was very disappointed with Onex. Low battery, MicroSD card in and TEGRA3 suffers to run games that are not made for it. Example? Most Wanted and the new Gameloft games.

Card slot No
Internal 16 GB (11 GB user available) storage
BATTERY Standard battery, Li-Ion 2020mAh (1080p will consume the battery quickly.) ahhhhh no... im out! HTC with all due respect, I have always been loyal user for 3 years despite finishing my Onex to sell because I was disappointed with the same (low battery, waited more than tegra 3 and no MicroSD slot), but how you make me a cell phone first line with only 11 gigabytes of memory with no expansion possibilities? you're pushing it to even go bankrupt.

I just want to chime in since everybody is freaking out about storage space and battery here. HTC sent me the DROID DNA last week to test before launch, and I've had a great experience with it.

Sure, the battery is only 2020 mAh, but the new S-LCD3 screen is far more power efficient than the previous S-LCD2. My battery experience thus far will put this phone a little bit below my Samsung Galaxy S3, but considerably higher than my HTC Rezound (particularly after the ICS OTA).

In terms of storage, well some might be turned away by the 16GB storage limit, and there's nothing that can be done about that, but I will say that for many users needs this is totally sufficient. I had my Rezound for 10 months, during which time I got married, went on a honeymoon, and went on two out of state weddings, all while using my Rezound as my only camera/camcorder. In that time I only ended up using 14GB of storage for all my pictures, videos and my mp3s and apps.

So at the end of the day, really, many users like myself can simply unload their pictures/videos onto their computers every few months and be totally fine with this amount of space. And honestly, it's totally worth it to me.

I've owned the Rezound and the Galaxy S3, and I've played with my mother-in-law's Galaxy Note 2, and I've got to say this is far nicer than all of them. The DROID DNA still feels like a phone, not a "phablet" (I hate that word). It somehow manages to remain almost the same size in my hand as the S3, while the Note 2 feels like something I might consider carrying a man-purse around for.

Anyhow, I've posted some thoughts on the device over at XDA if anybody is curious to read more: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1989698

Well said Trooper. I will reinforce the statement on the battery. It is very capable for the above average user. I was showing it off all day yesterday and I went just over 14 hours before hitting the red zone. This one is very power efficient.

As for the expandable memory I was a little disappointed to see no sd slot but with all the cloud storage out there and obviously backing up to a computer(that's what you do with a regular camera right?) the storage is workable. Don't get me wrong, 32 internal would have been much better and I wouldn't be surprised to see the DROID DNA mutate into that or even a 64GB version before not too long. That is really its only downfall.

In all this device is spectacular!

well since it only has 11 gigs user accessible I guess your wedding pictures need to be deleted. Sorry. and the Cloud, oh yes the cloud, how does that work in a bad reception area again? Oh it doesn't, ya that's right.

How about other apps? I have single apps that are 2.25 gigs. How many of those apps can I have on my phone, lets see 4. Yes your new DNA can hold 4 apps. But wait, if you want to take pictures or videos you have to delete those four apps. SO your new DNA can hold one app and still be usefull as a camera, but wait, what about other files like work files or music. No sorry.

But wait such a good screen is meant to watch media on, Sorry no room for media unless you delete that last app. SO no apps and you can watch a movie, no movie or music and you can use an app.

They must have spent years working on this usage model to come out with such a great customer friendly product.

Oh Im sorry I meant they must not even know what a usage model is, because they obviously aren't using one.

I don't understand how your experience with the battery alleviates any concerns. It's a 2020 mah battery. The GS3 has a 2100 mah battery. You say that the battery life is worse than the GS3, which makes complete sense considering the sizes. There's no magical battery benefit in how the DNA is made. The battery is insufficient in November 2012.

I think it'll probably sell well. Enough to pull HTC out of the depths? Meh...I doubt it...but you never know. I'm interested in at least putting my hands on it and waiting for a proper review. If the battery holds up as long as bellken and TrooperThorn say it does...it's most certainly a giant upgrade from my Nexus. I don't carry around boatloads of music or movies on my phone, so the storage really isn't a huge issue for me personally. Even with my pics and the 80+ apps I have, I'm really only using 7GB of space on the phone, 4 of which is just the software...some of which would likely be freed up by getting rid of a few apps that I don't really use very often. We'll see...I'll definitely take a look at it!

Will it support simultaneous voice and data while on LTE? I know most VZ android phones do, but its a must have for me...

Ahhh, Another day and another chance to marvel at how a company like HTC can think that using the dead business model of letting the carriers cripple your phones, will enable them to compete against the two companies making actual money selling smartphones. The two companies that have identified and started using the new mobile business model of building what the customer wants then dictating to the carrier that its more important to have a good "usage model" for your customers.

I am of course talking about only having 11 gigs of user accessible memory. As an example of the stupidity of this decision, one of my favorite games the new "Batman game" is 2.25 gigs in size and I have a bunch of other games about the same size. So your new device will hold 4 games and nothing else, no pictures, no videos, no music, no files, no family photos. You cant video your family without deleting apps. But hey VZW said that what they wanted. Well it looks like VZW want HTC out of business and they are going to get what they want.

ITs like a race, and Samsung and Apple have found the new tech of internal combustion engines, and HTC is still using ponies to run its race. Well, just like the people who used to make horse buggies went out of business, I guess HTC is on the same path. The good news is that the companies who are using the new model of mobile business will need lots of help in the future, so maybe some of the idiots at HTC can get a job, well maybe not as they are so stupid they would be a detriment to the other companies. Oh well, the soup lines need people also.

For the HTC diehards, looks to be like a good buy. If you aren't brand specific, there are options, and plenty of them that run along side this device. Long gone are the days of "being on top" at release...

Wait the HTC One X+ has a 2100mah battery, so why does this phone only have a 2020? Especially with the extra physical hardware size you think they could fit in a bigger battery like Samsung did with the Note 2.
That is just stupid and makes no sense.
HTC fails.

Plus its so obvious Verizon limited the storage to throttle your ass with data rates.

Hey guys is there any talk of sprint getting a version of the HTC DNA? That would be amazing thinking about getting the Note 2 but I know I'm gonna miss sense so this phone would be excellent!