HTC Mini+

A miniature companion for your smartphone, and a new security keyring

HTC is continuing to roll out accessories for its flagship “One” series, and today we’ve had the chance to go hands-on with two quirky new additions to the HTC accessory family — the HTC Mini+ and HTC Fetch.

First up, the Mini+ is the successor to last year’s HTC Mini, which shipped alongside the original Butterfly handset in China. As we’ve said before, this is effectively a phone for your phone. It pairs to your full-sized HTC handset over NFC and Bluetooth, allowing you to control your phone remotely as long as the Bluetooth connection is active.

HTC Mini+.

The Mini+ lets you make or receive calls, view text messages, remotely take pictures using your main phone’s camera, or control your TV using the Sense TV app and an inbuilt IR blaster. The latter works even if your main phone is one without IR, such as the One Mini. Other goodies include the ability to control Microsoft PowerPoint presentations using a companion app, and a laser pointer built into the top of the device.

The chassis is extremely thin, light and compact, with a metallic front and a glossy-feeling back. Much of the front face is taken up with the keypad and other buttons, and up top you’ve got a 1.5-inch 4-grey OLED display. Using it is enough to make you nostalgic for the for the days of featurephones, but it isn’t a standalone device, and you’ll need an HTC smartphone to make full use the Mini+.

HTC Mini+.

By the same token it’s not meant to consign your smartphone to a pocket-ridden life — instead it’s designed to allow certain tasks to be performed quickly and easily without unlocking your larger handset. So it’s safe to say we’re probably looking at a niche product here. HTC says to expect 9 hours of talk time or 95 hours on standby, thanks to the built-in 320mAh battery.

HTC Fetch.

HTC’s second new accessory is an unassuming little plastic keyring dubbed the HTC Fetch. Like the Mini+, it pairs with HTC smartphones, but the main focus here is security. The Fetch has a single button which activates the phone’s ringtone when you press it, and works within Bluetooth range (around 15 meters). The alarm can also be set to sound automatically when the phone moves out of range of the Fetch, and for added security the last location where the two devices were paired is stored — useful if you’re particularly forgetful, we guess.

HTC says the the Fetch’s battery will last for up to six months of use, after which a new one can be swapped in.

Both the HTC Mini+ and Fetch are due to appear in the UK during Q4.


Reader comments

Hands-on with the HTC Mini+ and HTC Fetch


Love the idea of the Mini+ as a modern replacement for having multiple handsets around the house linked to a traditional land line. In fact, does it come with a rotary dial option ;)

Posted via Android Central App

With remote access and control over the LAN and Internet, I think HTC is creating a stone age accessory....

Wait for it... wait for it...

Here comes the HTC employees and shareholders attacking my comment.... :)

I'm going to borrow your comment to ask if there is any bluetooth accessory out there that would do this for Android phones other than HTC? It doesn't have to look as good. Just have the same answer and place calls function.

Posted via Android Central App

Also by it only being able to be used with HTC phones they are really closing themselves off from the market. With a billion android devices out there how could you not allow pairing with all android devices especially since no other company , that I know of, has one of these in the market and HTC really needs some big hits to become solvent again.
No one is going to buy an HTC device to just use this thing, should of allowed it to pair with an app for every android device, could of been a big hit, especially with seniors and people who keep their phone on the charger while at home. I might of gotten one or two of these if priced right for under $100 and could pair to any phone

Wow. I guess were the only ones that like the fetch idea. I clip my keys to my belt loop by way of a carbiner (is that what you call it? Is that how its spelled?) Anywho....... I can't count the times I've been at friends or family and have had to charge my phone. I've left it there several times. This would also be great for when your kids or little cousins want to play with your phone. Ill know if they run off with my device and can chase the little buggers down!

Posted via Android Central App

Since my One is my only phone I will definitely take a look at the mini+ (if the price is reasonable) for use around the house.

Why would you want a second phone for around the house? U don't want to use your hHTC one around the house?

The fetch would be way better if it worked both ways... I misplace my keys far more often than I misplace my phone.

I think it would (kinda). I thought they said you could set it to automatically sound the ringer of your phone when it goes out of range. So if you walked away from your keys and your phone went off, you would at least know you are within (approximately) a 15 meter radius of your keys. At that point it would just be a question of which way to walk lol

lol more like losing them around the house, buried under stuff or lost in a corner. if the fetch had an alarm on itself it would be perfect, I'd buy

I really don't see the point of the Mini+. For a company with HTC's problems, seems like they're looking under the wrong rocks.

One big thing I can see, you leave the One in the charger, and use the mini+ as the phone when at home/office whereever it's docked, essentially extending the battery life off-charger. Kind of interesting, that.

Working from home as I do, I think it would be fairly useful in that sort of situation.

I think the Fetch is far more of an item that's useful for more people, though.


Samsung is not the only manufacturer to if they could only learn how to sell :-)

The Htc fetch key ring is great - many times I have had to call my cell to see where I put it while roaming around the house. This is better. Another poster's suggestion for a two-way fetch is great as well since the keys do find a way to hide way too often.

The HTC + seems like a good idea, park the phone on the charger, pick up the + from the end table. Or park the One on the charger and pick up the one for the conference room. . . but it will get less use than the fetch.

Prices would be good to know.

Thanks for this info!

I like both items, and for the right price, would likely buy them.

Posted via Android Central App

This mini BT phone makes more sense when paired with phablets than "regular-sized" phones. In fact, it'd be awesome if a future Galaxy Note's SPen also functioned as bluetooth headset.

Finnish Benefon did the same thing in the 80s (analog times) when the phone was mounted in the car you could take a smaller handset with you which was tethered to the car mounted one

The Audiovox LBT505 separation alarm (and it's sibling products) do the same thing as the HTC Fetch, minus making the phone ring.

I'm using the LBT505 as a trusted BT device with my Droid Maxx.

The Fetch's six month battery sounds awesome, though.

If the fetch worked with non-HTC phones, it would make a nice "trusted bluetooth" device for the Moto X/Droids unlock when near a trusted device feature.

Actually, Motorola had the same thing as mini+, plus it could be used as a mouse when the phone is connected to a TV via HDMI.