Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO Special Edition

A wise old editor once said "Google IO isn't just about the swag." And it's not just about the swag. But it's sometime about the swag. And right now it's about the swag.

Everybody at Google IO (including use lowly press members) got themselves a Google IO special-edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 today. We've used the thing a good half-dozen times now, and it's getting better every time we pick it up.

Light, sleek and fast, if you gave us just three words. And with the addition of the special Android imagery, this one's pretty sweet.

Enough talking. Pics after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special editionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special editionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special editionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special editionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special editionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google IO special edition

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onixblack says:

I really want an Android Tablet round up. Xoom vs Transformer vs Galaxy Tab 10.1. I really want a tablet to replace my laptop when I'm going on random trips and don't want to carry something heavy, but I want a good review that I know that Android Central can deliver. I'm leaning toward the Transformer but I can't find a place where I can get a real hands on. Please Android Central work your magic!!!

jbona3 says:

I'm with you on wanting a tablet to replace my laptop, even for when I'm home and don't feel like toting it from room to room. But, given how quickly technology progresses and Tegra 3 Quad Core tabs are likely later this year, I'm inclined to wait for the quad core - plus at that point, these options will be much more affordable.

In my opinion, if I were to purchase a Tegra 2 tablet now I would feel as though I'm getting something on the decline of it's technological life-cycle, rather than on it's ascent.

ChaosZero112 says:

Your logic is flawed. No technology is ever on an ascent. Wait for your quad core, a hexcore will be available a few months later. If you wait for the six core, the eight core will be out a few months later.

You will always be purchasing technology on the "decline of it's technological life-cycle".

It's best to grab a product and be happy that you have it andnot worry about "the next thing".

Dark_Blu says:

I rarely have the latest product and even if I did, it would be superseded by something faster, better, and cheaper the following year. I get the technology that let's me do what I need to now. Future proofing can only go so far and these days, it doesn't go far. I'm not interested in replacing my technology every 12 months because manufacturers or vendors want to get richer.

I think the OP's logic is sound. I understand the argument: "There will always be a better phone/tablet coming out tomorrow so you might as well get this now." I get that. But please consider this: There are sweet spots. There are times when a device comes out that was so well thought-out and so far ahead of the curve, that you can bet that it will last longer than the other currently available devices and even other devices coming out a bit later. Also, Honeycomb is relatively new (like version 1.0 of Google's tablet OS - yes I know that isn't the real version number) and if it is given 6 months to mature, and bonus quad core... that might just be a sweet spot time to buy a tablet.

icebike says:

Wait for your quad core, a hexcore will be available a few months later. If you wait for the six core, the eight core will be out a few months later.

Nevertheless, there occurs OFTEN those periods in time where buying something is just plain silly, because everyone can see the imminent arrival of the next step in technology.

While what is currently available TODAY may in fact serve your needs, quite often simply waiting for what is just around the corner makes more sense, especially when there is no major rush to get something, or you know you will only be able to afford ONE unit, and you want to make sure it serves your needs for a long time.

There was very little point in buying a single core tablet the month before the dual core units arrived. Especially since their arrival was imminent, and well known, unless you could make the claim that you just had to have a tablet immediately, and couldn't wait.

A wise person always buys with an eye toward longevity of satisfaction: How SOON will my purchase be so hopelessly obsolete that I will be tempted to buy a new one? If I wait one month will that period of product satisfaction last a year instead of two months?

So the logic is not flawed. That type of decision is made every single day by millions of shoppers buying millions of products. Its rather arrogant to assert they are all wrong.

kagenish says:

a match up between the three would be awesome i do hope they do it.

bbarend says:

At first glance this one seems to be the most polished of all the Android tablets. I hope it performs as well as it looks.

HedonismBot says:

At second glance, I realize that us lowly consumers will have to deal with TouchWiz.

xyzlene says:

the retail version will have a touchwiz tweaked u.i. Sammy screwed up again!

go on ebay, they are selling this one for about 1,200.00

Phil, the next time I see you you're getting slapped. (Or I'll probably just forget)

cjp85 says:

Does this not prove that Samsung wants to be THE 31 manufacture of Android devices? Not to mention with the Samsung Galaxy S II phones coming out soon.

quiverskeep says:

Phil, many of us are dying to hear about the screen. Vibrant? Sharp? Hope it's better than the Xoom.

belogical says:

I second that! Main thing that pushed me away from the xoom. The screen was brutal.

I know, I just sold my Xoom as well. I LOVED that thing, the build and speakers were fantastic, but that damn screen always let me down when I turned it on. Whoever allowed that crap ass screen to be put in the Xoom should be fired. Ruined a perfectly awesome device.

I just hope this sammy 10.1 has some decent speakers to go with the nice screen.

batfastard says:

I also enjoyed my Xoom before I returned it. Before I did though, it was amazing to compare the Xoom and Transformer screens side by side. The Transformer obviously contained a superior screen (as everyone was well aware).

(pictures and a writeup:

If the Samsung has a screen anywhere close to (or better than) the Transformer's IPS screen, then it should be a fantastic device!

onixblack says:

Is it Captivating and Vibrate or will it Fascinate me with it's Epic Screen. lol

dan4patriots says:

it is vibrant dee dee dee

eyesparky says:

Quality swag ;)

cowboys2000 says:

So, when is the Giveaway? :)

jdm4u says:


rustypixel says:

Can we PLEASE get some details about the screen? Please??

belogical says:

I second that! (again)

quiverskeep says:

I umm third it! Yeah!

ButcherChop says:

Beautiful...... hands.

onixblack says:

I wonder how long the Galaxy Tab will take to get 3.1. This will be a test to Samsung to see how much they care.

kagenish says:

yeah thats true......

kagenish says:

give us more info and a video

rustypixel says:

I'll third belogical's second!

john_v says:

So Phil when are you giving yours I mean Jerry's away in a contest?

rizzay1 says:

Video please I wanna see this tab in action!

silvra7 says:

I don't see a micro SD slot? What kind of cables came with it since there is no HDMI port?

513 says:

What is the processor in this tablet ?

No mention of Tegra 2 on the box.
Or is it the same as Galaxy S 2 but at 1Ghz instead if 1.2Ghz ?

I believe it is Tegra 2, because on another video (Engadget's I think) it showed that it had tegrazone installed.

mpressive#AC says:

What chipset is in it Phil?

onixblack says:

Power button looks big which is awesome

iihyunwooii says:


I want this tablet.

RC46 says:

No Micro SD, no USB Port? Really limits expansion and connectivity

eyesparky says:

More than likely USB will be handled via the proprietary port and a cable. Pretty sure I saw a slot for micro sd on the pictures from one of the first hands on knocking around on one of the sites. They did say when they announced it that it would have micro sd (unlike the 10.1V version they first announced).

Edit: Actually, looking at pictures here and other sites, it does seem to be lacking the door covered micro sd slot that was there in earlier builds. Shame if this is the case.

cowboys2000 says:

Maybe I missed it, does it charge via the USb Port? that is my pet peave about the Xoom tablet.

eyesparky says:

USB would not provide enough juice to charge a tablet in reasonable time, that is why they are all using other methods.

Dark_Blu says:

Nice. Full review please?

jcarlos907 says:

There is a video on youtube already,Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 unboxed.

jcarlos907 says:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Sporting a 1 GHz dual-core processor, 10.1-inch display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, 2-megapixel front-facing shooter, 32 GB of internal storage, and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb),

I just want a clear statement about Touchwiz - It doesn't seem to be on this SE 10.1 tab, but I've heard that it won't come with it, but will later be an update, and that you'll be able to deactivate it, if you choose. Unfortunately, I've never seen any of this sourced. I love that Samsung will give me the choice, but if I can't deactivate touchwiz, I'm not wild about putting down $500, then being forced to change the UI later.

thetanger says:

There's already a buttload of these devices on eBay for auction-fetching over a grand a piece.

DaEXfactoR says:

I must say I've been using the original Galaxy Tab 7" since December, and besides not having Honeycomb, I really love it. I knew this would only be testing the water for me, as I knew I would eventually look for something with a bigger screen. The 7" size is convenient, but it leaves a little to be desired. After using the original, I think I will stay with Sammy, and these new slim joints look great.

showson1 says:

So is it 3.0 or 3.1?

I know the released specs say that it will be released with 3.0, but just checkin'. :)

rustypixel says:

Just saw the hands-on from Droid-Life and there's no SD? What a bummer...

VJICE says:

I've got the frist Tab and what i learned is that when u by something like computers, tab,ipad ect. it's always something better just around the corner. with me having a desk top, laptop, and a netbook i found out the tab could never replace any of these because it runs andriod os and a lot of programs don't recognize this as a operation system. For sufing the web listen to music watching youtube it's great very portable. The plus side was i only paid $149.99 for my Tab which was in my budget becuse i think these Tabs can be a bit over priced.

hanano17 says:

Cool, now when are you giving it away to one of us?

nbkyp6x says:

Has a charger plug like an ipod, flat molex.

mavricxx says:

No usb host, no hdmi, no expandable memory- NO THANKS!

jsmuli2 says:

Tegra2 is not slated to run netflix app, thanks.

mrinternet says:

Thought someone would have picked up that there are at least 6 different Galaxy 10.1 tablets out now across the globe Check back there in 2 days I will do a 10.1V vs the 10.1G (google).