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The new ultra-affordable Moto E hasn't been with us for long but this bank holiday weekend Brits can already get a great deal on one. Supermarket chain, Tesco, is offering a £10 discount on all purchases over £75 at its Tesco Direct shopping service until May 27, which drops the price of the Moto E to just £69. That's £20 below the recommended list price.

With the Moto E, Motorola is hoping to kill off the flip phone. Sure, it's low on hardware specs, that goes with the price, but Motorola has already proved that budget Android smartphones no longer have to mean a sub-par experience. And £69 is a ridiculously cheap price to get one at already.

If you're interested, hit the source link below below and grab one while it's hot!

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Source: Tesco Direct via CoolSmartphone


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Grab a Moto E from Tesco for just £69 until May 27


That's a ridiculous price. It would be rude not to buy one.

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It should be noted that this offer is for a Moto E locked to the Tesco Network. If you want one that's not its £79.

Fire sale! Moto must be desperate! Dumping inventory! MOAR Lenovo!

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Not quite tdizzel read again
As stated in the OP "Tesco, is offering a £10 discount on all purchases over £75 at its Tesco Direct shopping service until May 27"

This is £10 discount on everything they sell, Pots, Pans, or any other item from their Tesco Direct store, Richard has just pointed out you can get the Moto E at a super low price using this offer, nothing to do with Moto

(shaking head)

I don't understand why you can't simply pay a few bucks more the Moto G instead with a little better specs.

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It's more than a few bucks more. The cheapest I've seen the Moto G is around the £100 mark (PAYG network locked). This is £30 cheaper. And this has a micro SD slot, which you only get on the LTE version of the Moto G which not only will cost even more, it also isn't yet available in the UK.

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Wow that is a stupid cheap price! It comes out to $95. If they brought that to the US for that price I'd buy one just for the hell of it. (and I have an M7 that I wouldn't even begin to consider getting rid of)

UK pricings are always more expensive, somehow. Like if a phone costs $699 in the US it costs £699 in the UK. So the price could be even cheaper.