According to the Wall Street Journal's "people familiar with the matter", Google has developed touchscreen Chromebooks and has plans to sell them later this year. They say it's unclear just who is building them and exactly when they will go on sale. So far we've seen vendors like Samsung, Acer, and most recently HP, offer Chrome OS based laptops with various types if hardware inside. Google currently sells Acer and Samsung models directly through Google Play.

Developers have been seeing touch-friendly changes to the Chrome OS code for about a year now, so we knew this would happen sooner or later. Should this rumor turn out to be true, it shows that Google is happy competing against themselves by offering two touch-based operating systems to consumers. If priced appropriately, sleek touchscreen Chrome OS devices will certainly appeal to many, and drive people to use more Google services. Chrome devices may or may not be the next big thing, but we're interested in seeing what Google has to offer. 

Source: WSJ


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Google working on touchscreen Chromebooks to be released this year, says WSJ


There's been a lot of other evidence backing up this claim, but remember, this is the same news agency that brought you the "five Nexus phones" rumor.

This rumor came after the Nexus 7 and Q launch if I can remember correctly. So only 3. And the orb is cheating lol

Edit: never mind it was in May.

Haha I will admit, adding the orb to the list does seem to be a bit of a stretch. However, it is indeed a Nexus device. So, that makes five. Five Nexus phones would have been a bit extreme, if you ask me.

Yeah, I don't think the orb charger really counts. I think two possibilities are more likely:
1) There were originally 5 Nexus devices, but one was later cut.
2) The Nexus 7 3G/HSPA+ was considered a separate device. It does have a different codename, after all (grouper = WiFi only, tilapia = WiFi + 3G/HSPA+).

At any rate, we still got several Nexus devices from Asus, Google, LG, and Samsung.

they said nexus devices. so those multiple nexus was infact right. many people interpreted the statement wrong.

Don't really see the point to a touchscreen Chromebook. Chromebooks are for people that only require a web browser and a physical keyboard, like myself. I love my Samsung Chromebook but if you must improve on it then give the keyboard a backlit option and make the SD card slot a spring-loaded locking type so the card does not protrude from the chassis.

The Acer Chromebook (which I have) has the SD card slot that you mention, but both Chromebooks could stand to use a back-lit keyboard. I can see a touchscreen Chromebook appealing to some people. If anything, Google is trying to position the Chromebook as a competitor to Windows 8; so a touchscreen option is necessary to appeal to the ultrabook crowd.

If you had a chrome OS tablet with your desktop browser and then access to all the android apps there would be no competition.

I agree, I think Google sees a hole that W8 made and they should jump in with a fully functional OS that can run things like CAD, Photoshop, and whatever else people need/want to get work done. They have time before MS fixes this mess and they should just focus on the consumer market like Apple and leave the enterprise to MS. The businesses that want to leave MS will come to them. Sit back and watch the dominoes fall

What I would really like to see is Google take Android to the desktop. I want a real desktop OS, and not something cloud based.

This is awesome, hopefully this means they are a planning on making android apps usable on chromebooks. Would make them much less worthless without an internet connection.