A few days ago we reported that Google is looking into optimizing Google Voice to run on the Motorola Xoom, and Honeycomb in particular, but that just wasn't good enough for Android Central forums member Elysian893. The fact that it wouldn't work was enough to get them thinking, and look for a way to fix the issue. With the use of their Droid and Titanium backup they installed Google Voice on the Droid, backed up the application and settings and then restored it on the Xoom.

Upon first launch it force closed, once permissions were granted for it to access the Google account, it launched perfectly. While you can't quite use the Xoom to make calls, you can still use it for SMS, or use it to call through another device. If you are interested in getting Google Voice running on your Xoom, be sure to check it out. Takes a couple steps, but it gets the job done. [Android Central Forums]


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Google Voice working on the Motorola Xoom [from the forums]


I posted this on xda, so far I think I'm the only one who has been able to get it to work. No one else has posted that it's working successfully and I'm at a loss as to why it would work ripping it from my Droid and putting it on my Xoom but not for anyone else. Can naturally post more proof that it's working for me, but if others can't get it working, what good is it? Bah.

Why not just go to

If you want notifications (or want to respond to a text) just set it up to email you and respond on your Xoom.

Until they make it so that you can make calls, the app is basically pointless.

One of the things you can do on GV is set Google Chat as one of your phones for inbound calls. That way you can just open a browser to gmail and use the Chat feature.

But that's why I posted the story above your post.

There are some indications that Google is getting ready to unleash SIP calling with Google Voice, probably initially aimed at the Tablet Market. SIP is built into Gingerbread, but I don't know of anyone who has it working yet.