Someone manning the @googlenexus Twitter account was helping a user with an issue, and sent out a picture of the phone dialer app. Apparently, they're not using the same version of Android that the rest of us little people are using, and the new color theme has caused quite the uproar.

If you didn't think a new version of Android — one with new icons and colors — was in the works, you haven't been paying attention.

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Google Tweets blue-themed Android dialer app, Internet goes wild


Someone at tech support sitting with a "confidential" OS edition on the phone they're using for end user support? I smell a fish called "Hey everybody! It's almost time for I/O 2014 now"... :)

Eh, Google's pretty well-known for extensive dogfooding. I wouldn't be at all surprised if even their social media grunts are testing minor upgrades before the rest of us see them.

It's Google. Nothing they do is accidental. They are an advertising firm, first and foremost, people...leaks get people talking, and people talking (word of mouth) is the best advertising known to man. Plus, leaks are free!! It's a win-win. It's not like we don't know 4.4.3 and at least some minor design changes are coming, so it's a pretty safe bet to leak something like this. It just solidifies what we already know.

Power Toggles (by Painless Apps) has the current date as an option for the notification bar, if that's how you want toggles accessed.

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That is a Google Calendar reminder notification. I get that about 20 times a day using the Google Calendar App. It is not persistent. The icon shows up when a meeting is about to start and basically tells me to bring down the pull-down menu and see what it is. As soon as I dismiss the reminder, the reminder notification goes away.

Translucent status and menu bars would be even better...

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I'm guilty. Hahahaha. I asked if their refrigerator was running. They didn't seem amused.

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I really don't like this. I really prefer dark grays or blacks. The "carbon" theme looks the absolute best to me.

You may be able to pick system-wide themes in the settings, including color palette. That would be a boon, right?

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That's what she said.

Apparently it's not garish enough for NoNexus. He thinks Touchwiz is good.

Who said that? Someone's mom and sister was fine with it. Both times

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Exactly. Naming yourself after your hatred of a device is trolling without even having to post. He's a big joke.

Looks just like the current dialer but with a blue title bar and blue backdrop for a photo-less contact... Hardly earth shattering, specially considering the current dialer already has blue highlights elsewhere.

Restaurant in CA, according to comments below. Might boost business...although I wonder how many prank calls they got!!

Plus, that's the telephone number of one of the best restaurants in California ;)

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Internet goes wild? lol. Oh nexus users. You make me laugh. Updated my M7 to sense 6 and it does this. Cool to have different theme colors but nothing wild about it.