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We got the rumour earlier in the week about Google's next plans in the home entertainment space. But a posting on the official Google TV Facebook page has promised "big announcements" coming for the platform on Monday. 

At this point there really is nothing at all to go on, but one thing seems sure: Google is definitely keeping up their end in continuing to push the platform forwards. Interesting is that whatever's coming tomorrow was teased on Facebook and not on the Google TV Google+ Page. Google's not prone to annoucing something before it's announced, so let's all try to manage expectations here a little bit. Perhaps we'll see some sort of new Google TV hardware -- maybe even that rumored next-generation LG set? --  or maybe just a new service. Stay, erm, tuned. 

Google TV on Facebook; via The Verge


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Google teases 'big announcements' for Google TV coming Monday


I really really really hope they come out and say that they are taking over logitech unlocking the revue and ice cream sandwich well be released... But I'm only dreaming lol

They bought Sage last year...I would guess (or hope) that they used the tech that they bought and not just let it die. SageTV was/is a great media center app.