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Google has been making a lot of changes as of late and while we knew an update to Google Reader for Android was coming we didn't know when, exactly. The update has now landed though and with it also came an update to Google Docs.

For the most part -- Google Reader doesn't appear to of have changed all that much. Nothing like it's online counterpart that has seen some radical changes over the past few days love it or hate it. In this release you'll find left/right navigation and just visual changes for Ice Cream Sandwich and now rather then Google Buzz you have Google+ sharing options.

Google Docs however, has quite a few changes. You do get the visual changes that put it more inline with the look of Ice Cream Sandwich but you also get more optimizations for Honeycomb tablets, improved video playback as well as portrait and landscape modes. Information about your documents is now more easily found and sharing options have auto complete added as well. Both updates are available in the Android Market right now.


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Google Reader and Docs updated with ICS makeover


Speaking of apps that Google needs to make for iOS... I'd kill for an iPad version of Google Docs.

I believe you misread what was said here. This is the update which looks like ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), not iOS.

Perfect timing. I'm receiving my first Android tomorrow and i'm addicted to Reader, so this is wonderful news :)

First they screw up the online Reader and now they screw up the Android one. The buttons to navigate were SOOOOO much more efficient. Swiping is just "pretty crap for videos" and is a waste of my time and energy when I have to do it hundreds of times a day.

Google is doing a lot of work to drive me away from them. Sadly, it's working :(

I hate books, that's why I bought a tablet for my school work. Intuitive just means easy to figure out. I've already figured out how buttons work, and they require less work than swiping.

I agree. swiping from article to article is much more fluent for me and feels so much more natural than tapping over and over. I can blast through my feeds now. Google needs to update the gmail app with the same swiping feature.

I'm having problem with the swype too =\
When I try scrolling down, I miss-swype too frequently.. after the mistake I always have to set the article to UNREAD (cuz I usually read only shorter articles on phone).

Why is no one covering the fact that Google is making good on a promise to separate out things from Android itself so that they can be updated without the OS. We're seeing _some_ feature enhancements and the visual realignment of ICS without even getting ICS. Sure we don't have the OS level features but it may ease some of the OS version envy. I wonder how far into the OS they could take this to give us an updated experience without having to rely on the carriers to update.

Oddly enough I couldnt find it in the market yesterday, neither on my phone or on my laptop through the web

Has Google Docs been updated to be anything more than a container for the mobile site yet? Until that happens it's useless no matter how pretty it looks.

I see almost no UI changes after the update. And I can still share the posts as usual, so I don't know why the Market reviews are complaining that the share button was removed.

There is no longer the "share" button that shares to people that were following you. (also removed from google reader)

I'm missing something, "now rather then Google Buzz you have Google+ sharing options."

Where is the google+ sharing option? anything besides the normal "share to..."?