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The new Google Play Store has started rolling out to Android phones, tablets and Google TV's over the air, following Google's announcement earlier today. The Play Store (or Play Shop in the UK) replaces the Android Market, and unites all of Google's content delivery platforms under one single brand. Essentially, you can buy music, apps, books and movies just you've always been able to do, only now the naming scheme is a little more coherent. The icon may be different, but the app works just the same.

If you want to speed up the update process, the usual trick involving force-closing Market, clearing data, uninstalling updates and then loading up the app again seems to work.

The arrival of Google Play brings to a close the era of the Android Market, which launched way back in October 2008, shortly after the original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1. Back then, this is what it looked like. We've come a long way.

So farewell, Android Market. If you've already noticed the Play Store on your device, be sure to shout out in the comments. We've got pics of the new Play Store on Google TV after the break.

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Google Play Store now replacing Android Market over-the-air


Well I got it on my Thunderbolt(BAMF 1.11)

Can't say I like the new icon but oh well.....Play Store....not sure I'll ever get used to the name. I think I'll still call it the market.

The Store, the Market...that's what I'll say. I sure as hell will never say Play Store out loud. Can't believe someone at Google actually got paid to come up with the word Play to describe the Store, Music, etc. I mean, GEEZ

Indeed. Google Books is now Google Play Books. Someone's not watching the store in Mountain View.

I think the point here is to brand / call it as a single name.. Books, Movies, Apps, Music, etc.. Go and get it from Google Play.. So just drop the label of what it is.. 90% of people out there didn't even know Google had books, music, movies, etc avail/services..... So just like "iTUNES" its a one name to rule them all.. "Play" worked out pretty good for Sony of the years.. So "Google Play" I think is going to be OK..

Fine. I understand they need a unified brand, but what was wrong with Google Music, Google Market.???

Why did they have to call up Rene Richie to get the new name?

I agree completely. I hate this stupid name and icon. Adults do not relish the idea of getting their programs at a play store. How do they think the business world or programming world will look at this kiddy name?

What moron came up with this idea? Why in the world did it ever make it out of committee? Whose running this place anyway?

I declined this a handful of times and still haven't accepted it. I hope they do stats on that. Most people will try to decline it.

I start looking for a new market. Appbrain? Someone will step up and still offer security.

I honestly think Google can care less about the business enterprise market. It has done so much with out it. Plus "iTunes" says nothing about we cater to businesses, but some companies still adopt iPads and iPhones as enterprise standards. In the business world, it does not matter.

They wanted the store Anne probably the word app together but since apple owns those two words put together I Gauss this is what they came up with

Some of the app names are rather dumb but overall I like the idea of Google consolidating things under one banner. The new icon for the Play Store is pretty nice looking too. Overall, I dig it. Good one Google.

This is a marketing mistake. Play store sounds stupid and there was nothing wrong with the Android Market.

Because businesses looking at Android will now see the word "Play" and think it is all games and personal stuff and take the platform even less seriously.

I have no problem with Google wanted to consolidate the products under one name... but "Play" was a horrible choice.

Not really, people in charge of these business decisions are not that fickle nor stupid. Plus it has nothing to do with the Application store, and more to do with the OS and device.

So from a business standpoint they look at Android OS, Apple iOS, Windows OS, and Blackberry OS...not Googlee Play Store, Apple iTunes, Windows Marketplace, or Blackberry App World

Yeah... No.

The only people who're going to look at this and take it less seriously are sensationalist fanboys like yourself.

The name iTunes hasn't stopped.. or even caused enterprise to flinch, because they don't care what it's called, they care how it functions.

Who cares what the name is, unifying all Google services is what is needed to let the average person know about the Android "Ecosystem"... Bout time!

Well I just followed the instructions listed and now I can't even reload the Market... Any Ideas on how to fix this?????
I have the OG HTC EVO

Look under apps and look for GOOGLE PLAY app icon. Market icon is no longer working once you update. I wondered about this for a minute.

Just got the update. The Android Market icon is better than the Google Play icon. It's going to take awhile getting used to, but I still don't see the point of the change. It was fine the way it was.

IMO, this was to unify all their services. they are not just android, and i imagine that in the future there will be more than just android apps in play (chrome OS maybe or who knows what) its a way to unify so that they can branch out. ???

The app does not pop up in recent apps on my Asus TF101 and HTC Incredible. Does any one know why?!

anyone getting this on a rooted device? I did the force close, clear data and uninstall updates and reopened the market and no update.... >_<

I got it on my rooted Thunderbolt running BAMF 1.11. What ROM are you running? I have been on ROMs in the past that blocked market updates so that is always a possibility

I got this on my rooted Inc 2 running Virtuous Affinity 2.05. Same app, plus a few new things, and a romper room icon... I'm all for unifying services, but the name doesn't lend a perception of balance between work and recreation. I use my phone for both.

Play store to go along with our play that it Google? Horrible mistake on this nomenclature and you will see some backlash from this especially in the enterprise "Market" where people, before now, took these devices seriously. Who makes these silly ass marketing decisions at Google. I feel like a 10-year-old every time I access the "Play Store" now...Sheesh!

Geez everyone is claiming the "enterprise" market cares about what Google names its application store. That's really not the case. As someone in IT we actually can careless about the application store. Its all bout how much control we have over the OS.

The enterprise market is more focused on the device's OS Android, iOS, etc..not the name of the store Play, iTunes..or whatever your fancy.

You CAN care less? So basically you care quite a bit? Haha I think you must mean you COULDN'T care less. Wouldn't make much sense otherwise now would it? ;-)

great I ended up uninstalling market itself, please give better instructions next time. Can someone help me get my android market back?

F U! My Market is now uninstalled. Give better instructions!

Lucky a phone reboot fixes this!

stock Verizon GNex still running the old market, although music and movies were updated. weird, but at least I was able to get ShadowGun for .49 cents. woot!

Same here. I now have Google Play and Music. The name shouldn't matter as long as Google keeps providing us with good products, but I understand not everyone will be happy with change.

I was surprised to see this update just after I woke up. Ugh, I didn't get the news because of time zone differences.

If you uninstall "market", how are you then going to load "play" or whatever the app is called. Luckily I didn't even have the option to uninstall. Signed on to google play on the PC and search on "Market". It said "market" was incompatible with all of my devices, searched on "play" but didn't get any matches to the new market. Why didn't they just call it "Google Market", much better than "Google Play". That would work for phones, tablets, pc's and even Apple devices.

Someone has an app called market (by ipaulpro) that replaces playstore with the old name and icon!

I got the update today on my Moto Razr and now the little shortcut in the top right for the market doesn't work any more! Far out it was so handy, beats flicking through pages of apps lol. Now I have the Play Store on my homescreen...

No idea why they didn't choose the name 'Play Store' for the UK and went for 'Play Shop' instead. We'd be just as inclined to call it a store here. A shop would be more where you got your food (groceries) from. We use the word 'store'. Probably an American's decision no doubt, trying to be smart. I went to rename it on my home screen and change 'shop' to 'store', and then just thought f••• it - I'll just change it back to 'Market' instead haha.

Also before I read this I managed to uninstall it from my phone when it wouldn't run. Downloaded it again and it's now constantly force-closing. I've been charged three times for Where's My Water and I still haven't downloaded it. Good thing it's only 20p in the sale. Am gonna reboot like people have suggested and hope that solves it.

well trying to access the market on my logitech revue is now impossible, it goes to

Market for google tv requires an update. Updating...

well its been "updating" for 30 minutes now >_<

Mine is also stuck on "updating". Ryanfoley613 -- did you ever get it to complete its update?

They don't want consumers to assume that they need an Android device to access their content just because "Android" is in the name. Do I think they could have chosen a more suitable name? Sure. Do I see their reasoning? Of course. Will anyone stop using the service over it? Unlikely. ; )

Yes! That actually makes more sense. Google Market or Google Store make it sound more serious and it actually represents the content withing it. Google Play sounds immature and makes it sound like there are only games available.

Similar to the crazy idea when Google decided to name their OS' after desserts. LOL. It stands out, and I think that's a good marketing strategy. +1 for creativity

"Oh no, the app goes live tomorrow and we forgot to make a new icon!"

"Eh, I'll just scan in a pic of the box art for an early-90s drawing program."

I've been a graphic designer for 20 years and the combination of the name and the odd colors in the logo just don't make sense to me. It is very confused and looks more like something a game developer would create. Play station... Play store... Google play.

I want to like the idea but it really doesn't work.

Stupid name. They could have unified everything under the market just as easily. The logo looks like faded VHS cover with the colorscheme. And just a quick look at Google Play on the web gives you this gem:

PLAY THE HUNGER GAMES -- Read the book that started it all.

Yes, it's called READING, not PLAYING, when you absorb information in a book.

I hate the name Google Play. Sounds childish and limited to games. Also,that gold Google play music icon Sucks!!!!! Please Google keep everything sexy and sheek!!!

Anyone else notice that on the bionic the store button in the top right of the app window doesn't work anymore. time for another ota update. Might as well just give us ics while your at it. ;)

So the word "Android" has been removed from Google's content store... Has anyone actually stopped to think why this may be the case?

Removing the word "Android" from Google's content store would be a perfect move if Google plan to integrate this content store into non-Android devices in the future... Whilst it's only one example, the "Chomebooks" are one such possibility (something that isn't really logical if the content store is still referred to as the "Android" Market!).

I think part of the issue, here, was that you can buy books, movies and music and use them on a computer as well. Much of what is in Google's "market" now is not strictly for Android devices so I think they wanted a name that "un-linked" the market from the "Android" software.

Well that's exactly right!

Under the name "Android Market", Google was effectively restricting their content to Android devices exclusively... Under the "Google Play" name, they can now offer their content across multiple platforms, including non-Android devices.

Google Play can theoretically be utilized on Android-powered devices, Chromebooks, the "Chrome" browser and even as an entirely seperate service on a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac-powered computer (for example, if a user was trying to purchase music or rent a movie) without confusing customers (which would happen if Google used the "Android Market" name across the board) or using two or more different stores...

Yes I think we all understand Google's reasoning for dropping the Android name for a more unified approach. But that doesn't mean they had to drop the word 'market' as well. So instead of 'Google Play', 'Google Market' would have been much better. From reading this, I think the dislike of the word Play is pretty unanimous.

Ugh, I hate the new branding! Android Market sounded much more professional than Play Store. So I guess I'm "playing" with my devices now instead of communicating and getting things done.

I actually quite like the new logo, though I think the new name could've done with a little more work... In saying that, I don't think the name is as bad as many people make out, however.

New name, new icon. Everything else is the same sh**, if you can get over that then you shouldnt be using an android. It doesnt function better, it doesnt function worser. Shut up and move on with ur life

I think you meant to say "if you CAN'T get over that, then you shouldn't be using android." also, not sure what "move on with 'ur' life" is supposed to mean. When you're on a date with a chick and the waiter/waitress brings you your dates food instead of her, do you say "oh, that's not mine...that's ur's over there"


I sure hope this is not the reason my GNex will not turn on this morning. Off to VZW store this morning. Crossing fingers that only battery died.

My Inspire HD updated about 15 minutes ago.

I'm not sure I like the "Google" branding to be honest, when compared to the Android name. Oh well ... we'll all get used to it eventually.

This is a very bad, poorly thought-out idea. People actually do use their pocket computers (often with phones chips inside :) for more than just playing games or listening to music. Plus, Google did this with no advance notice to their users. I just went to find a particular app and was immediately confronted with the notice, "By accepting Google Play you agree to these new terms of service, including the YouTube Rental Agreement". Huh???

I don't want to ”play ” anything , I don't have any free time to spend on video games, and I certainly don't want to rent anything from YouTube!

What happened to the Market?? Who is the seriously incompetent fool at Google that approved this change? And then thought it was even better to spring this idiocy on us with no notice or consultation or provision to opt out?

Google is becoming the new computing Evil Empire. Too much success and perceived power and you totally lose touch with your users. Forcing people to accept what they don't want and don't need is the sign of a dictator! Whatever happened to the motto "Do no evil"??

I understand the open-source Linux is about ready for the ARM processors. Not a bloody minute too soon!

If you use GO Launcher EX (I'm sure other launchers let you do the same), you can rename an app on the home screen and change the icon as well. Make sure to download the ICS theme for all the icons including the market in multiple colours. So until you actually open the play store it'll look the same as it used to be on your home screen if that's what you want. Just a thought!

Runing InfectedROM Eternity on my rooted Evo 3D and I noticed the new market early this morning after getting a notification that there were app updates.

I'm kinda with everyone else that I'm not a fan of the name or the new logo. I understand about trying to unify the market names, but why'd they have to dispense with the old icon? I'm gonna miss Bugdroid. He's a very recognizable (and even kinda lovable) character. Hopefully they don't remove him from the Android branding altogether.