Nexus One google phone holiday game

Who's ready for more Google phone news? Apparently the Big G has gotten into the holiday spirit with a Nexus One (that's the supposed code name, btw), with an online game that only shows up at if your browser identifies itself as the one of the Nexus One. As you know, Google employees were given the phone to dogfood as internal testing.

Of course, browser IDs -- or User Agents, as they're known in the biz -- are easy to spoof. And so, you get what we see above. A little memory game. How quaint.

See you in a few hours with more Nexus One news, no doubt.

[via Nexus One Blog]


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Google has in-house holiday game for Nexus One


Can wait for for it to see how great the game will be, i also found something iteresting over here as well

How did you guys spoof the browser ID? Looking in the default browser on my Droid, and Dolphin, I can't see any controls to access it.


The QR code on the back of the Nexus Ones links to this site...
That confirms that these new phones the employees were getting were essentially their holiday bonuses.
I wouldn't mind getting a brand new, unreleased phone for my bonus. Why can't I work at Google?