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Good news for many of our readers in the Middle East: Google has announced that its Voice Search service now recongnizes Hebrew and Arabic if you're in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, the UAE and Israel.  It'll understand Gulf, Levant and Egyptian dialects. And the more people use the service, the better it'll recognize voices in the future. (Google says it used 1 million "utterances" to train the system.)

If you're running a phone with Android 2.2 or above, you're good to go. Otherwise, you'll need to download the Voice Search app from the Market. We've got download links after the break.

Source: Google Mobile blog

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android010 says:


good news for lots of people

izzyncade says:

yep... now the "religion of peace" can use another method to spew its hatred of America ...

nuncle says:

Right... because when Google launched in English it provided a platform for Christians to continue their violence and hatred toward... let's see: Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, other Christians who have alternate interpretations of the same text, young boys, African Americans, homosexuals, Africans, Asians, Europeans... anyone else left?

Terrorists who use the framework of Islam as inspiration to commit acts of violence shouldn't paint Muslims any more than Muslims should feel the KKK or sodomizing priests represent Christianity.

spielnicht says:

Prejudicial, arrogant and misinformed, that's you slick. You're no different than the small percentage (but will publicized) of religious fanatics that feed on prejudice, arrogance, hatred and lack of knowledge.

theguyfromz says:

Izzy. Really this forum is not for spewing your hate. Take it somewhere else. That religion has been around much longer than America. Why is it only in the last generation that we are at odds with it's followers? Could it be our policies toward them? We want that oil under their feet and we have suppressed their freedoms by propping up their dictators. Food for thought when you fill up your gas guzzling SUV.

izzyncade says:

"Why is it only in the last generation that we are at odds with it's followers?"

Oh I don't know... maybe because they speared planes into buildings...

but point taken... well done

P.S. we get our oil from Venezuela...

theguyfromz says:

Last post on this Matter. Our history with them didn't start 10 yrs ago when the planes hit the buildings. A generation usually means 25 to 30 years. Go educate yourself on the history of that region. For example, in 1953 MI6 and CIA overthrew a democratically elected secular prime minister of Iran to install the Shah who ruled with an iron fist. That prime minister tried to nationalize the oil company at that time which later became known as BP. No wonder why they stormed our embassy in 1979. Lastly we don't get all our oil needs from Venezuela. If that is the case, we would be kissing Chavez on the tush everyday.

eahinrichsen says:

Guys, *please* work on your troll-spotting. If you don't feed them, they will starve and die.

izzyncade says:

I have lost family members and brothers because of Muslims, so call me a "troll" if you want, I don't care... I will not let their memory die because someone else wants to be a spineless weasel. I also know that the PC police will see this and I will be the "bad guy" but like I really care if I get in trouble from a website... bigger things out there to worry about