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What you see here folks is a Windows 7 desktop theme developed by Flickr user David Molina. Ice Cream Sandwich is pretty darn good looking, and David wanted to bring some of that to his desktop PC.

It's not the simplest implementation, and there's quite a few different components involved. The end result though is definitely worth it, and a surprisingly accurate representation of ICS on your PC. Full instructions can be found by hitting the source link below.

Source: Lifehacker  

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Mobius360 says:

Looks good

aNYthing24 says:

Haha pretty sweet.

evolution_jg says:

Why would anyone want to do this...

benthe1 says:

Why wouldn't they!?!? :o

icebike says:

Because functionality is vastly different when you don't have a touch screen perhaps?

Some of us have work to do on our desktops, and hobbling them with a theme meant for another platform is a huge hindrance. It might be fine if all you use windows for is web surfing and email and facebook. But if that's the case, why do you need windows at all?

The hell? Stop your bitching lol. Its OPTIONAL and no one cares about your unnecessary opinion.

I have a touch screen.

mike90319 says:

This is my desktop at the office, Fully functional for normal work activities.

Maxy_Bley says:

Dude that looks amazing. Can you tell me how you did that??? please!! :)

m1armor says:

^ bc it actually looks pretty awesome

n0obpr0 says:

windows vista? :)

Dripz167 says:

Rainmeter is too awesome.

Ryan Roland says:

wow that is really extensive to get everything installed and tweaked

JSKershaw says:

I'm going to give this a try when I get home tonight. I always enjoy trying out new things and ideas, and this looks pretty sweat. If I don't like it I can change it back.

RIMMAN says:

I tried it and got about 95% of it to work. Couldn't get the theme from Deviant to work at all. After all was set up I restarted and it was all gone. So I deleted everything and reverted back to what I originally had. /oh well

alcor34 says:

Nice. Took a while to get to AC but glad it did.

lightyear420 says:

very cool!!! extremely easy to set up, too :)

Droid_Evo_8 says:

How did you do that? I can't get might set up correctly. LOLz :(

Elimental says:

I stopped at
Thinking maybe I'll continue another day, maybe not.

G-Money713 says:

Where Did you get the extra Icons?

Kirbyn. says:

I've legitimately never not once been able get a Windows 7 theme to work, with all this theme stuff and file replacing you have to do. It all becomes convoluted somewhere and I just undo what I did before and remain with the basic Windows theme.

But I want this. Badly.

But none of the sites provided have a step-by-step instructions to getting it, so I'm sure I'd screw it up. Can anyone provide one? I know the people on this site are whip smart.

shaqfearsyao says:

Same here! I tried doing this but didn't get it working correctly. Instructions please!

ltacoleman says:

Wow! Pretty sweet looking! :D I love how minimalist it looks and organized.

paingiver says:


sorry for caps

G-Money713 says:

i got it all expect the taskbar and the clock. i wish i someone had some instructions how to set them up.

cowboydroid says:

Just get rid of Windows altogether. It's crappy. If you're not on a workstation at work, you don't need it, and it's a waste of money.

RIMMAN says:

What a great contribution to the conversation. Since some people are having a bit of a tough time executing this project, we might as well as just toss our OS (unless of course we are using a workstation. Then it's totally fine)and forget about trying to learn anything at all. I appreciate you gracing us with your wisdom. I hope I can use your logic with other aspects of my life.

On second thought, why don't you contribute something useful to those on this topic so they might in turn turn around and possibly help someone else.

svenEDGE says:

How the hell did he make that Minimal Bar skin look like that?

lightyear420 says:

guys,the themes are very easy to's a quick tut :)

download the themes...the link's on the right top corner of the page.

extract the themes folder to:

allow it to merge the theme folders

go to your desktop, right click, and select customize...scroll down to the themes, and there will be a whole new list to choose from ;)

for the desktop widgets, download rainmeter, install it, and install each add on listed in the link given in the OP.

open rainmeter and fan out the whole left to 'unload' each one that the button is clickable. The themes you just installed are in the "lexis" folder. select "load" for each one you want to use.

for the weather widget's location setting, go here:

G-Money713 says:

Do you have the set up for the clock? that is the one i really want. I still can't get the taskbar, but I can work around that.

lightyear420 says:

The taskbar comes with the windows themes. Did you set windows up to use custom themes?? Unless you did, the theme will never work...when you try to install a custom theme it will just change to the default win7 theme.

this guide is great if you need any help with that ;) You want to pay special attention to the universal theme patcher section at the top.

after it's set up, you can either double click a theme file to install it, or drop it in the theme directory to have it show up in your list of available themes.

bigcatman says:

This was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. I'm no noob when it comes to Windows, or OS tweaking. I tried for about 2 hours to get things to work, the hardest part being Rainmeter and the idiotic "commands" in the .ini files. Seriously, this is not worth the time and effort without a guide. Especially since the themes makes your font ridiculously small and it's an absolute bear to change it.