ASprint Samsung Galaxy Tab

Having only recently picked up an original Samsung Galaxy Tab for myself, I can relate to the many users out there that have one and are not currently running Gingerbread on it. Fortunately I was able load Gingerbread on mine after having rooted it but for some -- that's not really an option. Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab owners though will soon be feeling the love, according to the info above a Gingerbread update is ready to to roll out on July 5 and will bring along Bluetooth HID for the ride.

In other news, the Samsung Transform has an update coming as well that will correct errors users were seeing when updating their PRL. That update is set for the same timeframe.

Source: Engadget


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Gingerbread update for the Sprint Galaxy Tab coming July 5


I agree, it took so long to get froyo for both the transform and epic and now they update the transform before the epic? that hurts, but not as much as it would if the transform update was gingerbread and not just the bug fix

How does that make sense? You provide the update for the Transform before you provide it for the Epic?????? TheTab, I understand, but the Transform??????

settle down, take a breath, count to three..... all better? ok now read the words in the pic carefully it says bug fixes for the transform. it just happens to be published with the GB notice for the Tab. okay all better? now go sit in the corner for a timeout

I am so excited about this news!

I had just written a piece to be posted on my company bulletin board in hopes to sell my G-Tab. Now I am not as motivated to do so (although when the Tab 8.9 with 3g/4g comes out I will snatch up one of those for sure).

Sprint has really made some good moves here in 2011, and I for one am so happy to see them update the G-Tab to Gingerbread.

My next hope is that Netflix will get there act together and add the G-Tab to its list of compatible devices.

This is ridiculous. Sprint please get your heads out of your rear end and please update the Epic 4G with gingerbread.

I love how people whine and complain about Sprint updating devices. Has nothing to do with Sprint. Go bug the phone manufacturers.