Get the Gear Fit from Amazon for just $99 right now

Amazon is currently offering the Samsung Gear Fit for just $99. That's a 50% discount from the strap-style wearable's normal price of $199.

The Gear Fit has a 1.8-inch curved Super AMOLED display, Bluetooth LE connectivity, a heart rate monitor, and is dust and water resistant. It packs a 210 mAh battery, which is supposed to last three to four days per charge with typical usage, or five days with low usage. In addition to tracking your steps, the Gear Fit can also show you your phone's notifications.

Will you be picking up a Gear Fit at this price? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Amazon

Thanks to dpham00 in the forums for the tip!


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Get the Gear Fit from Amazon for just $99 right now


Well Amazon does only list compatibility with Samsung devices. Perhaps your wit needs some work as well.

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This is not the android wear, only compatible with Samsung devices. I really want one but I also have no real use for one. So the want does not outweigh the need for this. Sadly I'll pass.

I feel really bad for all the people that bought Samsung watches that aren't using Android Wear.

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Smarten up? Why buy a $700 piece of plastic that is going to lag? Seems pointless. S Lag ftw?

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Sad when a device with an 800 series processors with 2 GB ram still lags, especially with the dam home button slowing everything down. I'll never use another Samsung device again, unless a GPE device finally comes to Verizon. Can't wait for the Moto X +1

If you disable s voice the home button does not lag. It only lags since it takes a double press to get to s voice troll. My S5 works fine.

Forgot I could do this. Just switched it off on my S4 Mini.

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I own several Samsung devices, but I'd never buy a device that only works with Samsung's stuff. Just like it doesn't make sense to buy movies/music from HTC or Samsung apps, etc. You can only use on said brands. The smart thing to do is buy things made for Google so it works across all.

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My mom is currently looking for a fitness tracker. Alas, she has an HTC One M7.

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The Fit works for notifications with some non-Samsung devices including the HTC One M7 and M8 if you sideload the Samsung Fit manager app. I have one working with my M8. There's a thread on XDA that details it.

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It would have been a decent price a month ago but the future is with Android Wear. And I don't know if I will own a Samsung device after this year. Google could release a Nexus phone that I won't be able to resist. At least with Android wear I know it will work with any new device I buy.


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Does this device work on non Samsung phones? If it does then I can see it selling well. If it doesn't.......well it obviously won't. Not just because not everyone has a Samsung device but also because most don't want to have a paper weight if/when they choose a different phone later.
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one thing for sure this watch commands a lot of attention in the gym or when you're out at night from curious people hehe

Why would I spend money on it when I would have to use a work around to have it work with my nexus 5. Just spend 100 more bucks and get the Gear Live or wait and spend more on the Moto 360...

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I picked it up at Best Buy for the same price yesterday. Great deal! They will price match if it's gone back up for some reason. I'm so excited to give it to my fiance!

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You'd regret that. I have a several Samsungs. Why buy a device that only works on one brand?

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If you currently have a (compatible) Samsung smartphone, you could use the Gear Fit. But what if you later switch to a non-Samsung phone? The Gear Fit would then be useless or at least a lot less useful anyways.

Got one. Thanks for the tip! All the other smartwatches out there are too big for my taste or call way too much attention to themselves. Fitness trackers are more accepted, and this should work nicely.

Cubfan thats why i chose it over both gears it just looks stylish. the problem is the band color only black is available and cant find other colors to buy

wonder why they would slash 50% though right there in their site it says #1 best-seller for smartwatches and accessories (still sore over paying more than 200 USD for mine lol)

Because Google Wear makes it obsolete. The Fit is proprietary, works only with Samsung phones, and will likely see no enhancements.

This is so tempting. Currently own the Note 3, but am planning on switching to the G3. Decisions. Decisions.

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Bought mine. Thanks for the "notification", haha.
I actually believe the android wear line will be better, and the Moto 360 looks great. Still, I wanna start with a small device, and the Gear Fit is the "small" I was looking for.
Here in Brazil the price is the equivalent of U$400. Luckly, a friend is traveling in the US now.

in the philippines its hella expensive too much more expensive than here (Middle East), so that's a good price to have it

be careful not to lose the charging adapter as its small and i think i might have lost mine (hopefully im wrong).

I would have probably bought but Samsung I don't own your crappy touchwiz phone.

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Best Buy has the same $99 deal. My wife bought one yesterday. The screen had a defect. One corner had a decent size chunk that did not work. She returned it and decided she would wait to see what android wear watches were coming out in the near future.

You knew these were going to go on sale pretty quickly. No one wanted these since Fitbit is already an established brand.

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But compared to WHAT? It is pretty easy to be #1 in an almost non-market. That is all about to change. Within just one month, there will probably be more Wear devices sold than the YEARS of everything else combined. That is why the Fit is obsolete and that is why they are clearancing them out.

Now if you know the limitations and don't care, then go for it!

Mine works very well. Glad I got it.No Android Wear or even Tizen right now though. Battery is good. About 2 days. Current watch face is one of my photos.

Oh, silly Samsung. I would buy this RIGHT NOW if I had a Samsung phone. But I don't, and it's not cross compatible. Like I thought... the Moto 360 will be my 1st wearable.

I am from india, on india's site its showing the same price, no discount..
What to do, i want to buy it

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For $100? Yeah I'm down. I understand that the last update from about a month ago really made the pedometer more accurate. They should have started with this price point at launch...

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IMO, this looks way better than all the other Smartwatches, including the Moto 360. Had an Amazon $50 credit, which made it $50. I'll get on Android Wear when Gen 2 hits next year.

I own the Samsung Fit Gear and it works great! I always am concerned when people comment without owning the actual device. It works as advertised and I get lots of comments that it looks so cool. When I control my playlist and start playing songs from 3 rooms away people are amazed. It's a fun watch and a fully functional exercise tracking device. I have the Galaxy S4 Active smart phone and the watch syncs perfectly and it gets wet all the time when I am racing with our dragon boat team on the Charles River in Boston. So far it works like a charm. Enjoy!