Gary Oldman has been featured in another HTC One (M8) advertisement with the power of suggestion. Luckily, you'll not be startled watching the clip to then pick up the Android smartphone for yourself without knowing (though that's what HTC wants to happen, of course). In this latest production, we see Oldman not talk about the product and simply urge viewers to "ask the internet". A smart move, really.

The adverts have been a rather big hit with majority of viewers liking the new approach by HTC, aiming to put across the M8 as a premium device. Reviews across the board (including our own) have been fairly positive, making the One (M8) essentially sell itself when consumers read through feedback and general opinion.

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Gary Oldman returns in new HTC One (M8) ad with suggestive powers


Another horrible ad from HTC. Their marketing team just doesn't get it. I may not like Samsung especially much, but their ads are so much better. Seriously HTC, show off your phones features, and how they can apply to peoples everyday life. Not some old guy sitting there saying blah blah blah, or ask the internet about the phone.

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Some of us are "in the know" and don't rely on advertising to make solid, informed decisions on a fantastic phone. I bet if Star Magazine featured Miley Cyrus rocking an M8, you'd spend the night outside your local carrier blasting Wrecking Ball while extolling the virtues of the phone to any and all hapless passersby... Now, shut up and color....

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These ads are not aimed at us, the tech geeks who frequent these sites. The ad should be targeting everyone but us, because we already have gone and looked it up. Mom & pop have no incentive to look it up. The ad shows no features whatsoever.

It is a weak effort.

Thing is, the majority of consumers *do* rely on marketing to make a decision about their purchases.

Let's say I am just the average Joe Smith. Now, I have kids, a wife, and love to take pictures of my family at the beach, and I go jogging every morning before work. I currently own an iPhone, on AnyCarrierUSA, and I have a available phone upgrade. I see the Samsung ad while watching TV one day, and see about how the camera is super fast, how it has fitness tracking, water resistance, and a big screen for watching HD movies. I also see several scenarios which catch my eye, about how these features can be put to use in everyday life. Now, I see the HTC ad up next. All I see is a dark building with a old man rambling on about asking the internet, or the 'blah blah blah'. There is no mention of the near instant camera shutter speed, or premium construction, or its fluid and beautiful UI. I miss out on that, and the device has no appeal to me, and I now go out to buy an S5.

Of course the above scenario is a figment of imagination; however, I believe it accurately represents the average consumer. They don't spend time digging through pages of articles or forums about how the M8 is better in some ways than the S5. What they are shown in advertising is what they see.

Oh, and name calling usually doesn't help anyone look any smarter than they were before.....

Got Nexus?

And what qualifies you to judge whether htc's marketing strategy is working or not?

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How is that market share working out? That is a pretty good indicator of whether marketing is working or not.

Well, according to you it's a shitty phone compared to your mighty Samsung so why would marketing be blamed? Oh yeah, you are a anti-HTC troll so you feel it's your job to spin everything negative.


It is a great phone with a crappy camera (not thrilled with the scratch and dent metal body, but I could live with it) that takes away from everything else. HTC for the last few years have been making great phones but end up missing one key ingredient to put them over the top.

I had a Rezound and Thunderbolt. Both great phones, for their time.

I have no ill will towards any company, I want HTC to thrive. Only through competition will we get any new innovations, from anyone.

If you do not like facing reality, don't read my posts. Simple


Don't care about market share as long as I can purchase an HTC One.

Same goes for Moto, LG, and hopefully Sony in the US.

While I agree with you in essence, without market share there can be no profit. Without profit there may not be an HTC One (m10).

Lg, Sony and Motorola have other products to fall back on and keep them afloat. HTC does not have that luxury

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HTC last ad Literally says Not to Research their phone online from sites like this.

Who doesn't research something that cost a lot and you'll have to use daily for a couple years.

When I search the Internet for information about smartphones, sites like this come up prominently in the results.

Perhaps that's not a bad idea.

the ad is condescending, offensive, and insulting.

if Chou had any shame he would've resigned long ago.

Just a rehash of the original crappy ad. Why bother? I mean the phone sells itself! Right? Right... Just ask the Internet. Go ahead, I'll wait. ................. ;)

I guess I'm the bullseye of their target demographic because I really liked the ad. Mainly because that's the way I felt when I bought my One M7. Did tons of internet research and got a phone that is not sold in my country without even laying a finger on it beforehand. The only reason that I'm not upgrading to the M8 is because the M7 still runs very smoothly. And the camera was a let down too...

Horrible marketing.. Htc your phones are fantastic show off the phone in your ads. I hate Samsung but every year I see a commercial for the next galaxy gets me hype and makes me want to pick one up. I buy one and I get disappointed every year. I look at your ads I don't see the hype. Now luckily for u I love your phones anyway so I always go with a htc phone but im not the only customer..

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Didn't HTC pay Robert Downey Jr an ungodly amount of money to be in some ads? I think I saw him maybe in 2? These guys are just off mark with their ad campaign in my opinion. The average consumer is not going to ask the Internet. They're going to walk in to a Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile store and by the Smartphone with the most hype. And we all know which one that is.

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He was paid for like $16 million for 3 ads. The first were done professionally, the third was done on a movie set in between shoots and thrown together like out of a High school A/V club

The HTC add sucks balls! Only tech sites and internet geeks like that trash. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don't. With terrible commercials like that, its no surprise why Samsung & Apple own 105% of the market share...

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And you're exactly the dumb-average Joe-hasn't got a clue what they're talking about-wants to be the same as their friends-demographic, HTC are not trying to get the attention of! In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi:
"These aren't the droids you're looking for, move along, move along... "(Jedi mind trick on the weak minded)

It is working so well then, not many are looking for their droids

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I thought the ad was quite nice. The only people I see here that are complaining are the people who enjoy the generic and boring ones that Samsung shows.

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These commercials are awesome and definitely bring attention, but it's not suitable for this industry even less for the underdog in it.
It's not the ad for a car insurance or flight tickets (all having exactly the same product) where you might just need your name to stand out , but for something that has to offer that little extra in already saturated market w many spoiled consumers demanding to have it better than the next guy or simply to justify their purchase or upgrade of whatever they had before.
iPhone doesn't need all that effort, because it's on the top, so they can comfortably say "best iPhone yet" and leave it there. Still, they didn't miss to point out what or "who" Siri is and it's capability. On the contrary they relentlessly bombarded us in prime time w introduction - John Malkovich and others talking to "her".

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HTC could learn a think or two from Samsung on how to make a compelling and informative ad.

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just wasting money, they can't afford.
Get a kid who is playing some popular music video or game in his room - annoyed parents ask him to turn it down - some time later one of the parents annoyed w another parenr for the same reason. Finally, days after car stereo breaks and they all fight over what is to be played.
Boomsound - gorgeous screen :)
Add these too
Super Fast camera, low light
Off screen shortcuts - gestures
Fastest phone - beats iPhone finally :)
Why is it so hard , HTC ?? Why ?
VZW Moto X

Aluminium phones are over rated, they scratch easily just put it in your pocket. And get it out you'll see scratches eventually in time, they dent once you drop it, I prefer soft Matt finish material like HTC evo 3d they dont scuff or scratch and no finger print issue

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