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In the latest chapter in the Apple v. Samsung saga, Apple's attempts to push through their case through in The Netherlands has failed, for now. The claims here are a little broader than those submitted in Germany, going beyond just the design of the Tab and into the software it runs. 

The courts in The Hague have politely informed Apple that no decision will be reached on the case until Sept. 15. This is after Samsung's Aug. 25 appeal the original injunction granted in Germany. 

The Dutch case has potentially more serious consequences for Samsung should the courts rule in Apples favour. Florian Mueller of the FOSS Patent's blog, speculates that Rotterdam in The Netherlands could be key to Samsung's European import logistics. 

Sources: T3, FOSS Patents


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Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn't banned from The Netherlands, for now


I think Apple is referring to the skin Samsung puts on top of Android. I believe Apple's main complaint with the Samsung software is with the app dock at the bottom.

The real reason is that people are more willing to buy a $500 Samsung galaxy tab than an ipad for $839, and apple knows it. So they're stifling the competition by using bulls••t(the image was purportedly photoshopped, was it not?).