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It's the day before a pretty significant product announcement (we'll be there!), so we're bound to see more leaks today, like this one suggesting that the Galaxy S 3 (or is it Galaxy S III) will be offered in more than one color at launch.  ​GSMarena​ got a hold of an inventory screen shot from Carphone Warehouse suggesting that Samsung will launch the "Next Galaxy" in blue and white.  As we've seen with the Galaxy Note, though, Samsung's idea of blue is more of a black with a blue tint in the right light.  If this is true it'll be nice to have more than one color option at launch, as opposed to having to wait a little longer for the mythical white version that gets everyone all excited.

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glazedfaith says:

Wasn't the natural assumption based on the "Next Galaxy" invite color scheme? Is anybody surprised by this?

lightyear420 says:

^ this ;)

Jayshmay says:

That certainly looks pretty definitive.

tommydaniel says:

I thought this was already confirmed a long time ago..?

DSK123 says:

This was kind of suggested by the blue and white blobs in the original announcement for tomorrow's event. Some diversity would be nice.

To me, the only question is if/when the GS3 will be available on AT&T.

The answer to your question is exactly .7 seconds before I hand my money to the ATT store clerk.

DSK123 says:

Since AT&T still does not have the GNEX (though can get as unlocked version), I am a little worried they won't get the SG3 for months (if ever).

Geikamir says:

Now everyone will be excited for when black eventually comes around. Its mainly because most people don't actually care about color, but merely prestige.

b0btech says:

Either way its coming!!!

EeZeEpEe says:

I would love a change from the usual black but don't want white. Blue is good for me.

Rohmish says:

The blue is the black, the Ace Plus, Ace 2 and some other new devices say blue color instead of black, but are really black. Don't Know why?
EDIT: before anyone asks, My ref is the new Galaxy Ace Plus which i bought today.

Nit3m4re says:

None of those phones were marketed in teasers as having this new shine of blue on them though IIRC. I might be wrong and they are in fact going to use these blacks with a slightly blue tint, but why go to the trouble of showing off a completely metallic looking blue if its not used at all?

moises1204 says:

Here is my money, i like a white one please.

icu says:

Well it won't be "just another black slab" it'll be a blue slab!

Don't they know they're supposed to hold off on selling the white version for 4-6 months to rekindle demand to those who get excited by white phones?

Foooooote says:

Would love a white one at launch! Hopefully Sprint will be getting it first like they did with the SG2.

MrLadoodle says:

Sprint got it like 6 months after it was released worldwide on every other network outside the US.

Wicell says:

First meaning [the] first [US Carrier].

GalaxyNole says:

I don't care if it's pink I'm gettin one

jnemesh says:

That would be the T-Mobile variant!