Galaxy Note 2

AT&T has confirmed to Engadget that starting tomorrow, Galaxy Note 2 users on its network will be receiving an update that will bring full multi-window functionality to their devices. AT&T is the last of the big carriers in the U.S. to roll out an update with the feature to Note 2 devices, something that many specifically want the device for. The multi-window feature, if you're not familiar, lets users run two apps side-by-side which can definitely offer increased productivity options if you're trying to get a lot done. With the extra screen real estate of the Note 2, it's something that can actually work for some people.

Luckily for us, AT&T is skipping the hassle of using Kies for the update (unlike the latest for the Galaxy S3) and letting this one go out OTA (Over The Air,) just like it should. We're not sure exactly when the update will begin rolling, but you can bet the folks here in our forums will know as soon as it does.

Source: Engadget; More: AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Forums


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Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T receiving multi-window update tomorrow


Hooray!!!!! This was the reason I waited to root, unlike my other devices that were rooted and flashed shortly after.

Did the same last night. Went into Date & Time, unchecked "Use network date and time" and put the date for a day ahead. Only problem is there's an update on the system but the 10 times I tried it won't download.

Also when you set your date ahead, then go back, the update then says you can't update for even longer. IE when I set it to 12/29 then went back to today's date it said I had to wait 48 hours. Don't know how this is going to affect me if they OTA push it but use this method at your own risk. It's not even worth it because it won't update right now anyway (at least for me)

Alguien me ayude please. Siempre me dice k tengo k esperar 24 horas. Adelanto la fecha y como quiera me hace lo mismo. Alguien digame como hacerlo. Lo uso con orange en RD. Nose si eso tenga k ver en algo