Nexus One update

There have been rumors of an update to the early Froyo build (aka FRF50) that we've been running on our Nexus Ones, and now the download location has leaked out. You can get it straight from Google here (mirrors here in case it gets pulled), but note that you must be running the FRF 50 build, and you must also have the stock Nexus One ROM installed. From there, download the update, rename it to and slap it on the SD card. Boot into recovery, and away you go.

Early comments at XDA Developers (along with the small size of the file) indicate that these are likely bugfixes for the original build, and so we continue wait for a full update to be pushed out. Give it a shot, and let us know what you see. [XDA Developers]

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p08757 says:

Thus is a good sign. Go froyo!

DroidRyan says:

Just downloaded. Don't see any significant changes.

image2nv says:

Nevermind got it.

image2nv says:

Can someone post better instructions please. Not everyone does this for a living.

Thanks in advance.

DrewCSchultz says:

Agreed, I had some trouble when the first build dropped.

Phil, this is not a developer forum, we've not all done this before. At least post some links.

icebike says:

Then maybe you should just hold off for a day of 5?

p4trickh#IM says:

Well this is a developer update/release and not really intended for the general public so maybe if the instructions aren't that clear it would be better if you waited for a public release? After all we're talking about using an unstable/beta software on your phone, you could end up stuck on the side of the road and unable to make a call...

bofslime says:

If you're already running FRF50 you should be familiar with this process. If you aren't running FRF50, you need to install that first.


image2nv says:

Thanks for posting the directions and helping out vs giving me a lecture. Much appreciated. Got it done, thanks.

ok can someone ask google or tmobile when the nexus is coming to their stores? i honestly would like to try it before i buy it

junglejunkie says:

Just buy it you won't regret it, and if you do you can return it...By FAR the best phone I've ever owned.

N1 Tmo

needsmoar says:

congrats N1 AT&T users!

image2nv says:

Thanks for the instructions.

fort says:

Just did it. 1, Down Load to PC 2,Change name to (Note if does not work after you finish all the steps change the name to update with out the .zip) 3, transfer the file to your memory stick 4,turn your phone of 5, hold down track ball and press and old down power button 6, using the volume to move up and down and power to select bootloader 7 recovery 8 hold down power and press the volume up 8, apply sdcard: ( 9 remember is the .zip does not work remove the .zip and leave the name update.

image2nv says:

Thanks for the instructions.

namyawon says:

When I perform step 7 (Recovery), the phone does not reboot to the screen with the exclamation point inside the triangle (so I can't hold down power and press volume up). Instead, it reboots right into the Android system recovery. If I select "Flash zip from sdcard" and select "", I get the following:

Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening update package...
Verifying update package...
E:No signature (172 files)
E:Verification failed

Installation aborted.

I've tried redownloading the file and get the same thing. Is anyone else getting this?

Andromedo says:

I updated mine, no problem.

I did have to uninstall and re-install (re-register) the Swype Beta.

I'll let you guys know of anything else I come across.

Simer03 says:

same here

Engelwood says:

I had the same issue and just fixed it. Here is what I did:

Deleted the shortcut on the home screen

Went to the market, browsed to the downloads section, found google voice and pressed the open button.

Google voice opened and I tested by sending and receiving texts with a friend.

Exited out of the market, opened the full list of apps, and created a new shortcut on the home screen.

Seems to be working fine now.

barretme says:

Google Voice doesn't work. After the update, there was a generic icon because Voice couldn't be found. I went to the Market to redownload, but it says it's still installed on my phone. Also, it won't let me uninstall it to reinstall. The Market thinks it is on my phone and will open it from it's page on the market fine. However, when I look within Manage Apps to try and uninstall, it's nowhere to be found.

Please help.

Simer03 says:

mine is booting up, i will check this situation!

Simer03 says:

Google Voice is working just fine for suggestion is re-install the first build of froyo and then do this one again

Lealand T says:

Yes my Google voice is working fine also. No noticeable changes so i must be a bug fix but i had no bugs with the first one

Simer03 says:

I have noticed an incredibly decrease in battery phone is charging while i was using it and the battery percentage was going down....usually while im using my phone and it's plugged into the charger it doesnt lose battery....anyone else noticing a giant battery life decrease???

Andromedo says:

Strange. I'm not seeing anything like that, and the Battery Use page under Settings -> About Phone shows just what I would expect.

I have noticed that my touchscreen does seem to be more responsive swiping through the home screens and on the news widget.

daveloft says:

I'm sick of waiting for Froyo and I'm sick of seeing updates for the older version of the Nexus One.

The first update is just for people running ERE27, it doesn't work on my Nexus One running EPE54B.

Then another update comes out and its for people who updated their ERE27 to FRF50.

When will we get an update that non rooted users running EPE54B can use? Google announced Froyo a month ago whats taking so long?

spielnicht says:

Can't wait.

daveloft says:

Google announced this a month ago and said it was coming soon, not quite as it turns out. It's not the US version leaking out, it's the T-Mobile version. I have the AT&T version on Bell. I've waited a month I will just wait longer. I just have a feeling when the OTA update finally does come from Google it will just be for T-mobile and I will have to wait yet again.

bofslime says:

You're upset because UK versions are not being leaked? These versions are internal Google employee test builds, thus why the US builds are being posted to Google servers so they can push the updates to employee phones, it just so happens the links get out. None of this is official anything so you can just chillax, or ‘fastboot oem unlock‘ and flash whatever you want.

Wifiguy says:

I'm coming from the Apple world and bought a Nexus ONe. Need alot of help. First question, does your phone have to be rooted to get this or any other Froyo update?

Second, when I plug my Nexus one to my windows xp computer it doesn't recognize it, is there drivers that I must install prior to plugging up the N1?

Third is there a good Youtube channel to subscribe to that shows you how to do all this stuff step for step? Thanks.

daveloft says:

When you plug it into the computer pull down the top bar to the bottom and click mount drive. It will make your sd card available to Windows you can copy and paste whatever files you want to it from file explorer. When your done, unmount it.

I dont know any good youtube channel but give PocketNow a try, its not Android specific, but they do lots of videos on all mobile phone related stuff.

Lord Dextro says:

Absolon3 did a video like this.

ARob7125 says:

Just installed, Car Dock still decreasing audio playback volume about 25% when playing thru headphone jack. Also had to re-install swype and google voice. Not seeing any good changes yet.

ARob7125 says:

Battery life is just down right awful so far!!!

icebike says:

Define awful.

If you get 19 hours out of this phone (without heavy task killing) you are doing just fine.

pillows90 says:

hmm my official twitter app seems to be acting up since i updated, cant see my timeline or access settings. Any advice?

Skrattande says:

Update done seems fine, not noticed any difference actually anywhere.

stalker says:

Browser speed increased.

shhon75 says:

Downloaded it about 45min ago and it’s working perfect for me. i haven’t notice any problems yet.

magliotti says:

I did notice faster battery drain. Before this update, I would approximately have 45% of my battery left by the time I got home from work. Now after this update, I only have 24% by the time I get home from work. Works nicely but I haven't noticed any improvements.

Does the N1 have ways of avoiding bricking the phone? I'm still mulling over getting one, figured they'd be talking a Nexus 2 by now. I like T-mobile, but was waiting to see phone life before jumping.

Does the N1 have ways of avoiding bricking the phone? I'm still mulling over getting one, figured they'd be talking a Nexus 2 by now. I like T-mobile, but was waiting to see phone life before jumping.