Stop and think for a minute. We've seen seven Android phones announced for U.S. carriers in a little more than two weeks. That's just insane. The Droid X. The four phones of the Galaxy S line (hell, toss in two more if you want to count U.S. Cellular and Cellular South). The Motorola Charm. The Samsung Intercept. It's been quite the week, and that's just the hardware side.

So let's end the week right. Bar's open, and so are the comments.


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Friday free-for-all: Comment at will!


My thoughts: HTC needs to fix the 30fps cap, and release Froyo to the Evo like it's their job. That is all.

Otherwise, couldn't be happier with the way android devices are heading. Glad I made the switch.

I'm pretty sure there's apps that do that in the marketplace, and they've been there since at least yesterday, :P.

haha ok juss ssaying haha im alwasy last in life give me a break haha does anyone els with A moto droid having probles with "not being heard" over a voice call i have a feeling the mic suxkS?

common guys really? why do you feel the need to say "first" WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANDROID! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHAT SO EVER! stop being retarded it's straight up stupid and makes you look like a clown.

If i were u guys i wouldnt be ready to throw out money to these new phones. i would wait till around X-Mas or january or February to get a new phone.... Im pretty sure motorola would be rolling out the 2Ghz phone

Tempted to get the X, curious about the Fascinate. I think that Verizon is holding back a release date until after July 15th. More Droid phones = job security for Android Central, that's a good thing. Oh, not first! Damn.....

I want to hear more about the fascinate moto has turned me off of the x by encrypting the bootloader. And if that continues will never buy another motor device. Even if it could print money. Vzw do us right and give me the choice to remove Bing

Anyone with Sprint heard rumors of an Epic 4G release date?

I know CDMA phones are usually behind their GSM counterparts by a few weeks or months, but I want to know whether I should bug Sprint retentions for an Evo now, or wait to see if the Epic has decent battery life.

I was talking to my sprint guy the other day & he was telling me that the Epic was going to come out by the end of July. "Definitely before August" -is what he says. So I'm crossing my fingers & my toes for this one. Ha!

My annual upgrade is up on my embarrassingly incapable BB tour in a week or so.
I'm dying to get a new Android phone, but the X lacks the front cam, and the EVO has a slug-like processor(wish I'd never watched that benchmarking video).

Do I wait for Xmas for the 2ghz android...or just suck it up now and go EVO?


I'd go for the Epic 4G, unless you are adamant about a 4.3 in screen. Not only does it have the ffc and 4g of the evo, but a gorgeous screen that uses less battery and a procesor rivaling that of the Droid X.

The processor is nearly the same as the Evo and the Droid X. It is the GPU that is faster, and that really only matters in complex games.

I'm ready for Sprint to make the Epic 4G release date known... I wanted the Evo but the battery life blows. And a physical keyboard and super AMOLED screen is calling me!

Tell 'em to check what's running and sucking it up. A friend did that on his Evo and discovered the Amazon MP3 app was a pig. Delete.

I LOVE this line from that article:

T-Mobile "only" had a profit of $306 million in 2009.


Well with ONLY 306 Million to the good, don't expect them to start any NEW major tower or network expansions in the coming years.

That is a tiny amount of money for a company that size, and does not leave a lot of excess revenue for new projects. (Presumably existing projects are funded out of revenue before they calculate their profit, but 306M doesn't leave much room for new projects).

I (like so many others) am anxiously awaiting the release of the Samsung Epic. I tried an iPhone 4 for a day before returning it due to signal issues. Now I'm just biding time with my 3Gs until the Epic comes out.

Buy the phone that jumps out at you. I bought the EVO, and haven't regretted it yet. Even with a slower processor, its been able to take everything that I've thrown at it. Geat phone, and so far very solid.

Slower processor?? Than what? No phone currently has a faster processor. Perhaps you are thinking of the GPU.

Love my EVO. By the time I need a new phone we'll have dual core phones.

To me the BIG loser is Microsoft. Everyone is comparing iPhone to Android, nobody compares to WinMo. The Kin was a complete flop before it was released. Windows Phone 7 will come and be forgotten in all of the Android news.

I suspect a resurgence of Web Os from HP will be more interesting than whatever MS has in store.

By this time next year Android will have closed the market gasp with Apple.

Not one of these has the combination of what I want. Pretty happy with my Nexus One until someone comes out with the combo of features. HTC EVO and Samsung Galaxy are coming close...
I would like:
* 4" or 4.3" screen with Super AMOLED so I can see better in sunlight;
* Hummingbird processor (like the new Samsung Galaxy phones);
* LED flash (retarded Samsung left this off half their Galaxy phones!);
* 16GB internal memory (like the Samsung Captivate & Vibrant) this is a huge amount of internal memory but hey I'll take it! And I'll then add a 32GB Micro SD card!
* Front facing VGA camera (facing competition from Apple, it is retarded to leave this off any new high-end phone);
and of course I don't want to lose the rest of what I already have:
* dual (voice canceling) mic setup;
* tethering;
* voice input on all text fields (Question for you all: is this exclusive to Froyo or to Nexus One?); and
* removable battery.
Optimally, Google would come out with a Nexus Two with these features so that I can continue to get the quick updates.

Why would you even bother with a 32GB card? They are expensive and slow. Stick with a 16GB Class 6 or so.

Bought the Moto Droid back in November and couldn't be happy. Had the chance to change to a free iphone 4 with the company, but wouldn't want to switch. My only problem now? I want every new Android device coming out.

I have to say, very impressed with Moto's comeback. Quality products, just like they used to be!

Seems that the mobile phone market is a constant game of leapfrog. One company gets on top, basks in their superiority...then basks for a little too long, at which point they're leapfrogged by someone else who sits on top. Repeat as necessary. Motorola was king of the heap for a while, got sloppy, and watched the young punks slide right by 'em. Then they woke up.

Just get the phone that appeals to you. So many people jump on the band wagon when a new phone comes out and probably won't even use all the features or capabilities of the device. Don't get me wrong being on the bleeding edge is fun at times but as with any electronic device, as soon as its on the market someone is developing something to surpass it. Just enjoy your android phones and stop the android hate because of different providers. Spend your time doing something more constructive like taking apple down lol. Everyone have a good weekend, I know I will no steel toes or uniforms.

I saw the [mostly Apply fanboy] reviews ragging on the EVO's "poor" battery life. I've also seen a couple reviews that show the EVO to have great battery life. I also have a close friend who has had an EVO for 2 weeks now. His battery life sucked at first, too, when he left everything on all the time (like 4G and a bunch of auto-updating widgets)! Now, though, since he has fine tuned the phone and swapped out for an after-market 1750 MAh battery (you can buy them thru the store on this site), he has excellent battery life.

It is funny/ironic the Apple fanboys saying *anything* about battery life because:
- The screen is the biggest eater of battery life and that tiny 3.5" LCD on the iPhone 4 consumes as much or more power then the AMOLED and Super AMOLED of many Android phones;
- Android phones have a removeable battery! Because of this, battery life really shouldn't be that huge a concern for you! For both Androids I've owned (G1 and Nexus One) I purchased after-market batteries that are higher capacity so (rarely) when I find myself in a situation where I drain my battery, I can swap it out in less than 30 seconds.
- These phones all have super fast processors and do a lot! Any of these phones using 4G, glowing bright enough to be seen in sunlight, and teleporting us to other worlds- I mean surfing the web, is going to eat up batteries! They are all using the same lithium ion technology and relatively same battery capacities so the main thing that is going to make one phone more noticeably efficient is to run less features less of the time and/or under-clock the CPU as Apple has done. But hey if your phone is less snappy then it spends more time with the screen lit so that under-clocking they did may not be as smart as some people think!

Even though I long for better battery life in a phone (as we probably always will) mine lasts a full day 99% of the time with a tiny battery. My MacBook only lasts 1-2 hours with a battery that takes up 40% of a full size computer. I shouldn't complain about a phone much.

I think the droid x is by far the most compelling out of this group. HOWEVER, I would definitly wait 4 months till black friday to get one of the phones that will make all these look old. 4g, front facing camera, 2ghz proc, froyo 2.2 mabye even 3.0 - None of these phones will even compete when they come out on verizon.

Hope the Sims 3 Collector's Edition coming preloaded on the T-Mobile Samsung Captivate makes it to the Market for everyone get. Maybe EA is finally taking Android seriously.

Hell with the Droid x, Verizon is so desperate right now, they need the incredible to Try and compare with evo, then Droid x, and next it Droid 2. Hahaha and then they want the iPhone, yes they want it and everyone knows it. They can't have a phone to compete so they make rips off's and look alike's just to try and get people over to the Verizon network. Hahaha evo all the way.

did you think before writing this. sprint is much more "desperate" than verizon is. every carrier would want an iphone, why would they, it would be stupid not to want to add a few million customers. on top of that verizons android lineup is much more robust than sprints. come on bro, think before posting you make yourself look bad

Good Job Android! love to see the freedom OS how is expanded around the world..and for the fanboy Sprintevo4g dont get me wrong but VZW is the most solid network in US, believed me they dont f need get people, people need vzw. and if you really want speed performance and style try Incredible you wont f believe it.

Before you get on your high horse and call someone a "fanboy" maybe you should take a minute to look at the layout of this thread. I didn't post the message about Verizon, that was deaofly. I could care less about what other carriers are doing. I like Sprint and if I didn't I'd switch. I have no desire to carrier-bash or phone-bash. To each his own.

Free for all?...I want a rooted Evo or X on AT&T with Froyo...sorry, my lil $.02 vent session.

The problem lies with the fake ass Verizon fanboys, Im always reading them saying Verizon this and Droid x 1 2 that. Get the fuck out my face with that Shit and trying to defend your network. Verizon has dropped 3 same exact phones with in a 6 month Spain from the Droid inc to.the upcoming Droid 2. It's always how Verizon phones are going to beat the Evo 4g but its Sprint that has the upper hand on everything.

I've been traveling the last two weeks and what android needs badly is offline nav map cacheing. I tried some of the apps in the market that have map cache but none of them had any decent maps for the area I'm in. I lost reception a lot since I've been on a lot of country roads. I had to end up renting a gps from the car rental company, which is a total rip. If Google is serious about nav based on maps on android they need to really consider this feature.

Have you tried google maps nav? Like at all? It cache's the route for you. I'm on sprint and can't talk and use data on the same time, but I've setup the nav and then talked on the phone while the GPS read out directions perfectly to me.

Also the evo has been capped due to HTC and They ALREADY SAID THEY DID IT, not Sprint. Everything of anything from Verizon and atnt has to do with Sprints HTC evo. Front facing camera for Vid chat, 8mp 720p back cam recorder. Everything that's HTC evo 4 g with its speed and features make every phone maker wanna try and copy of and try to.say they did it 1st. HTC needs to get there Shit together so they can really show how great the Evo is and every other carrier says they are better. I'm not saying Verizon is an ok service, but if there network drops there calls and its there end of service with over priced plans then somethings wrong.

ahhhh i dont know what to do rite now iphone 4 or wait for a true successor to the motorola droid with an improved physical keyboard, front facing camera, hdmi, 2ghz processor, improved battery life

How about neither, you wouldn't be able to use the iPhone4 for phone calls anyway. They should have just called it what it has been for the last 3 years, ipod touch with ATT data.

Ok everyone friday is over, it was fun to talk bs with everyone to get them all fired But I have a question for all Android users. Has anyone been able to download the flash 10.1 beta from the Android market??? I got a email from a HTC rep who said to try out the beta from the market, but I can't find it and had to email her back.

You need a Nexus 1 running Froyo (or other high end device running Froyo in a ROM with a supported processor).

I love my EVO, but I think I'm gonna have to ditch it for the EPIC 4G when it comes out. The Super AMOLED, Hummingbird processor, and the full QWERTY sliding keyboard (w/ 5 rows of spaced out keys) is just too hard to resist! I'm just hoping the TouchWiz UI isn't all that bad.

right now I have a motorola cliq, but its just not cutting it anymore. My Cliq runs slow; stupid 1.5...Motorola seems to be dragging their feet when it comes to updating the OS on it. That being said, its time to move on. I'm thinking Samsung Vibrant...but I also like the Motorola Motoroi (whenever it may come out). It has the motoblur UI I've come to know and love.