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We're less than two weeks away from heading off to Barcelona, Spain for Mobile World Congress, and we're starting to see more reports of what LG might have to unveil at the show. Last week we saw leaked images suggesting the Optimus G Pro might make its way to the U+ carrier in LG's native Korea with a tweaked spec sheet, and now fresh leaks suggest the device could be headed to all major Korean operators.

Today's reports come from Japanese outlet Blog of Mobile, which claims the G Pro is bound for SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ with model numbers LG-F240S, LG-F240K and LG-F240L. It's not too surprising to see a big LG device like this destined for more than one Korean carrier, but the existence of multiple versions will fuel hope that this 5.5-incher could get a broader international release.

At the other end of the hardware spectrum, LG's L-style series looks set to get a hardware refresh, as earlier leaks have indicated. First up, the unannounced Optimus L3 II has made an early appearance in a T-Mobile Hungary promotional PDF, along with a list of (very) entry-level specs. It seems LG isn't aiming far beyond the original L3, as specs seem to include a faster 1GHz CPU and upgraded 5MP camera, but the same QVGA (240x320) screen resolution.

Meanwhile, specifications reported on Korean blog Naver suggest that the Optimus L5 II and L7 II will offer modest spec boosts over the year-old originals. The L7 II is said to sport a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8225 CPU with Adreno 203 graphics, 768MB of RAM and a WVGA display. Meanwhile the L5 II apparently keeps things simple with a single-core MediaTek MT6575 CPU, PowerVR SGX531 graphics and a 4-inch WVGA screen. OS-wise, both L5 II and L7 II are said to run Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

As we've already seen from previous leaks, it's likely that at least the L7 will be available in dual-SIM flavor. Given the L5 II and L3 II's budget leanings, we wouldn't be surprised to see dual-SIM versions of them, too.

Last week LG announced that it'll be showing off its new smartphones at MWC on Feb. 25, and we'll be live in Barcelona on the day to find out whether all these various leaks pan out as expected.

Source: Blog of Mobile via UnwiredViewNaver (1, 2), T-Mobile Hungary via GSMArena


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Fresh LG leaks fuel reports of Korean Optimus G Pro; new L-style phones spotted


I understand that LG would still want to make low-end phones as a sort of "stepping stone" for new smartphone users, but a 3.2 inch screen? Really? At least it isn't as bad as the 2.6-inch Galaxy Y.

To answer that "Really?"
Some women with small pockets still want small phone options. I am actually excited to see what the L3 II will turn out to be. I have a Nexus 7 for the screen read estate fun. I wish more companies would still make screens at 3.2 inches with semi decent specs.

At this point if LG wants to make itself stand appart from the rest they should really make an L-shaped phone... 'Cause otherwise I can't seem why I'd be interested in even seeing the specs on their phones. Too bad, they were off to a good start with the Optimus line, don't know when that trend died off on them. Oh, right... Samsung came along :)

a few thing to say just because i live in Korea,
the three Korea carriers that you said is 'all' the carriers in Korea(and they have great leverage over the oem's, so it isn't really new to see 3 different devices that are the same thing coming with different model numbers here),
and the 'Naver' you quoted as a 'blog' is a portal site, and has more share then google in searching the web in Korea. but, that doesn't mean that the information can be trusted coming from it.
Loving the articles, but just a few things that i noticed.

LG Optimus G Pro can surely compete those with other smartphones today.I love the sleek design and it actually looks so much better in real than in photos.When my cousin bought this from, the unit arrived early so I was really happy that I could easily decide if I also want this for myself.And boy was I convinced that very moment I roadtest it.Now I'm just waiting for mine to arrive. :)