Checking in's never been easier now that Foursquare's gotten itself a bit of an update. In addition to a redesign, it's got:

  • New redesign for titlebars and tabs, check in button added to titlebar.
  • Explore redesigned with specials and more.
  • Added support for managing Facebook and Twitter sharing from Settings page.
  • Venue photos gallery redesign.
  • Share photo with venue when checking in.
  • Added option to save photos to SD card from Settings page.
  • Viewing items in notification tray clears push notifications in notification manager.

Update now in the Android Market, or hit the download links after the break.

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Oryan says:

Hey all, just as a caution thing, I know you are all intelligent enough to realize this, but use wisdom when using an app like this. Letting everyone know you are out of town can be like standing on the rooftops and shouting "Hi, rob my house!". So be wise with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks because sometimes you don't know who is following you. Cool. Glad to see the update, the check in button will be nice.

vandam500 says:

Know exactly what you mean. Sadly this happened to a buddy of mine. He left on vacation with his family (announced via Facebook) and the day after they left their house was robbed. Robbers stole nearly all the electronics (game consoles, laptops, tvs, etc). Social networking is indeed nice but yeah, we have to be very careful when using it.

devgrp says:

For someone to see your checkins, they have to be your friend or know where you live. I dont use twitter and and everyone on my FB and FSQ friend list I know. Only my closest friends know where I live.

bbalak says:

I stopped checking in with any social app long ago. The only thing FourSquare is good for is free Chips and Salsa at Chilis.

Mike_is_Mike says:

It's nice getting these update notices.....but it would also be nice if there was a quick note saying what this software is and does.

I had never heard of Foursquare, didn't know what it was and wasted 60 seconds of my valuable time checking it out. Only to find out it's something I have no interest in. :-[

ScottColbert says:

That's why you read app descriptions.

p1eric says:

These guys usually do a great job of linking to a previous post (if there is one) so that you can read up on the subject. Maybe there is not one in this case or maybe they forgot. Either way, 60 seconds of "wasted" time doesn't seem that bad.

TacomaJustin says:

I know what you mean. I just wasted 10 seconds reading your comment.