Fotolia, a stock merchant for photos covering a wide variety of categories, has just launched an official app for Android. The service enables those who require images to purchase one and have the rights to use said image elsewhere, providing a monetary contribution to the original submitter. Having the Fotolia Android app installed allows smartphone owners to upload and sell photos they capture while on the move.

The best part about this new app, which joins its counterpart already available for iOS, is that there's no requirement to have photo editing skills or special uploading software installed. Simply select images you wish to throw up to the Fotolia cloud and you're done. It really is that simple and it helps that the service is pretty snappy when it comes to indexing uploaded images and making them available for other users of the service.

According to the Fotolia website, there are nearly 30 million photos available online for purchase. Adding your own photos on the service may just bag you some extra cash on the side, all whilst displaying your work for others to see.

Via: TechCrunch

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Morq says:

Quite interesting, thanks for the tip!
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Doesn't let me create an account from inside the app. Don't know what's the problem. Nexus 4 @ PA 4.4 Final + ART

Same here M8
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It looks like the payouts start at about 20% ? This doesn't look like such a good deal. The recently launched market on EyeEm (in cooperation with Getty) pays 50%.

Trust me. 20% is a lot better than many other sites.


leif1981 says:

But why should someone pick the 20% if others pay 50%? We should support the ones who pay more and not the ones who pay less so we hopefully get some day close to the 70% we see in other areas.

mwara244 says:

A lot of times you get meager pocket change for your pictures, some people I know got .25 for a picture.

But at least there are sites that'll give you money. FaceBook claims intellectual property over everyone's photos they post and they sell them without giving any users a cut of the money without informing them. FaceBook claims IP over every pic, vid, or thought you post on their site.

Mac58 says:

its not better than the 50% listed from the site he listed. so....yea....

darigaaz12 says:

I will never work with Getty again, shady shady.....

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sentinelred says:

There's also Foap. I don't know the payout percentage though.

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Mo ZedEl says:

They rejected most of my photos cos they had slight editing. Stupid.

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BoB16731 says:

How's it stupid if they want unedited photos

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So don't edit the photos you wanna submit. How hard is that?

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Mo ZedEl says:

The photos weren't heavily edited. Literally a bit of change in contrast and maybe an increase in saturation.

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I didn't edit my photos at all and they rejected ALL of them. They claimed some of mine lacked originality, which is bogus considering these were excellent shots. They are full of... Yeah. Not giving them my business.

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patstar5 says:

They should bring this to windows phone. Nokia lumia 1020

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ScottColbert says:

I'm sure all 3 WP users can't wait.

rovex says:

They are picky bunch aren't they!? I have tried them before and submitted a number pictures, all rejected because they were 'edited' (they were actually just fixed and balanced). OK so ill upload the unedited versions. All rejected for 'quality'.

Went to another merchant and uploaded the same pictures and made money off a few of them , one was used for a reasonably large international ad.

Which another apps ??

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Yeah they are, screw 'em!

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Mo ZedEl says:

Which merchant did you go to?

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danyal997 says:

I don't know about this but which phone is that

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Trollcachu says:

It looks like a Moto E if im not wrong?

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Danny X-Ray says:

This app has a sub-microscopic 50+ downloads, with an average review rating of 3.6 ... yet it warrants an article and recommendation here?

X-9 = 2B^3

jtcromer says:

I had thought the same thing.

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Karrott9 says:

It's a brand new app that was just released and is a very popular app on iOS.

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HeroicLove says:

I'm going to start posting pics and getting cash, I'll let you all know what the results are.

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pre1561 says:

Lots of bad reviews about this app.

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Flap has big companies setting challenges etc for big rewards? They do $5 £3 per photo and it can be edited!

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