Flud for Android

If there's ever an app I'm always willing to try out, it's a new newsreader. And today we bring you Flud News (or FLUD News) for Android. It's a graphically intensive newsreader, with story thumbnails getting prominent play. Flud comes preloaded with a few feeds -- there's The Flud, which features stories aggregated from various sources as voted on by Flud's users, plus a few other design and tech-related sites. Or, you can include your Twitter timeline, add your own feeds, or connect to Google Reader and pick and choose from feeds you already follow.

Graphically, Flud is beautiful. The ability to easily bookmark and share stories makes it that much better. Other features include:

  • Search for sites, blogs or other RSS feeds
  • Customized categories and sortable feeds
  • Sync with Google Reader
  • Option for web view
  • Full-screen mode
  • Tweet and retweet from your social stream
  • Share to Twitter, Facebook, Email
  • Bookmarks
  • Offline reading mode

This is one you definitely need to check out, especially seeing as how it's free. And check it out we have. Hit the break for our quick video hands-on and download links.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Reader comments

Flud news reader now available for Android; we go hands-on!


I don't see how this is better than Taptu/Pulse. You have to physically scroll through each source. I like being able to see all the feeds from the same screen like in Taptu/Pulse. PASS!

I have supported pulse news reader from day one on my Evo 4g since June 2010 and that tradition has gladly continued on my industry leading EVO 3D so I love pulse. I will give this one a shot to starting now there is always room for more. You could never have enough news our choices for news I am rocking over 90 applications on my Evo 3d and 23 of them are games the rest are apps ie.. Netflix, crackel, twit.tv, mediafly, MLB.COM, androidcentral, stitcher, and so many various applications I am rocking real strong on this dualcore monster with over 680mb of space left. My split is 39applications on the phone storage and 51applications on my 32gig sdcard. Honestly what a device. Flud here I come...

I use gReader Free. I don't think the interface with Flud would let me read articles fast enough. Too much eye candy for quick reading. GReader allows me to read through my feeds quickly on the go, which is the whole point of News Reader apps IMO.


Nothing here I can't get easier and faster with tools I already have installed, including Google Reader in any web browser, TweetCaster, and Facebook.

I was first a Fan of BuzzBox, and still am. (I have it on a couple devices yet) I also got to be friends with the Dev. But then Google pulled it, and no reason given? This happened just as Pulse was about to hit the Market. Has anyone ever heard any reason given? BuzzBox was truly perfect, but now, Pulse is my #1 (on new devices) I will give this a try though Phil. (going to the Podcast Special now)

It would be nice to see FlipBoard (an iOS application) on Android. That really changed the way I was using the iPad for news and would do the same on Android.

I've tried a bunch of News Readers and very few of them do what I want and need. I think anybody that uses RSS to follow blogs and not just occasionally see headlines absolutely MUST use Google Reader (or some other equally powerful and robust cloud-synced service), so what they read, favorite, and follow is always available. Apps like Pulse, Taptu, and (I'm assuming from the description) Flud, soundly fail on google reader support because they A) limit how many feeds you can subscribe to/sync B) don't sync more than a very limited number of articles for each feed, and C) just don't "sync" very well.

The apps I've tried that I think are the most powerful and best are NewsRob, gReader, Google Reader, and now JustReader.

I gave up on NewsRob because, though very powerful, it uses strange tricks in the name of "efficiency" that introduce a strange lag and kinda break things whenever you subscribe to, unsubscribe from, or move/rename a feed.

gReader is great but it had lots of graphical oddities that annoyed me. (I don't know why so many apps have trouble resizing pictures when you rotate your phone)

Google Reader is obviously the best integrated of any of them, but its offline syncing is confusing at best and it seems to endlessly grow it's internal memory space on my phone the more I use it. I keep it around for things like changing folders and subscribing because it's the best at that.

JustReader, a relative newcomer, has a few bugs but it's getting better all the time. What it does that I like, is sync for offline well, and an absolutely fantastic interface for navigating. (Check out the demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zv7LZYEsMY )

I know this is an absurdly long comment but I'm hoping to get some discussion going on what the best reader is or could be. Graphics are nice and definitely important, but only when they enhance usability and come on top of a seriously impressive feature list.