Just a few days after we introduced more complicated methods to install Honeycomb to the Nook Color's internal memory, the latest version of deeper-blue's Android 3.0 port is now available to be flashed as a zip file in ClockworkMod Recovery.

The zip, pieced together by samuelhalff, looks pretty solid so far (based on users' comments).  You can check out our complete how-to for either method of installing internally, in addition to our SD card install guide.  [xda-developers]


Reader comments

Flashable zip of Honeycomb on the Nook Color available now


Yep I already flashed it and I'm putting all my apps back in as we speak. Still a little glitch here and there but for the most part a good candidate for a daily driver.

I've only tried the first version of HC running off the memory card. While the potential is clearly there, it was clearly not ready for primetime. Does this version make some significant improvements in that regard? I'm willing to put up with a few minor niggles, but the first version had more than a few of those...

the os is working fine. I can't get many games to install and some apps that do install FC when opened so it has it's issues.

V-day cannot come soon enough (the nook is what I am getting from my wife)! Just ordered my 8GB class 6 micro SD card off Newegg. Can't wait!

Does the NC have bluetooth? And if so... would I be able to use data from my phone via bluetooth on the NC? If so... I would want it mounted on my car and use it to control my audio. NC with BT?

That's a deal breaker for me... or soon to be a deal maker! Devs... you guys have been amazing... I'm sure you can get the BT to work... when you do... my love for thee will increase tremendously

I think it's rather funny that for me at least (and I think many other Android fans) the Nook Color has now become the yard stick against which present and future tablets will be measured.

When a new tablet is announced I will ask - "Ok, so how much more that and NC will it cost and how much more will it be able to do? Is that worth it to me?"

Tried it on mine, wiped system, data, and then boot. CWM froze up on me and it turned off. Now I can't boot it back up. I tried the boot from SD card CWM but it didn't work. When I have a chance later ill try again and take another stab at it. To be fair though, it technically wasn't the HC zip that screwed everything up.

I installed v04 last night and it's pretty stable, few glitches here and there, but still more stable than my ipad 4.3b3. I was a mac lover, but this cheap and well designed gadget is making me fall in love with android.

I have a stock NC and I want to get HC on it, where do I start? Do I have to root it first? And if so, how is that accomplished? I am not very knowledgable about this type of thing but I am tired of waiting for B&N to do nothing.

I rooted my NC last night and, other than the hours it took me to root the SD card, it has been working great. There are a few bugs....at least on mine:

1) The shop tab to connect to B&N does not load.
2) On the settings tab, the social tab under the App Settings will not load.
3) The standard web browser will not load. I was able to load Opera from the Android market and it works fine. Firefox and Skyfire are also available.

And tonight, I lost my WiFi....it will not connect to any available networks yet my laptop is working just fine. Anybody have some ideas on how to fix this??

It still does everything that I purchased it to do so I am not complaining at all (except for the WiFi) and can't wait for either a v05 or B&N to get their butts in gear.

Installed Honeycomb - works great... except for Marketplace. I can access and search Marketplace, but when I tap to buy/install, I shortly get a fail message. I tried clearing the cache - no joy.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it working?

Thanks - great work on this!

I'm having the same problem. It says your your app will be downloaded, then I get a load was unsuccessful. Can anyone help us out with this? Awesome interface though!!

Just installed Honeycomb v4 to my internal memory using CWR with OC. Very fast. The only problems this build has is:
I can't get youtube to work at all, some apps work.
Some don't or crash like Facebook widgets and Twitter.
Flash is not available for download in the market.
WiFi cuts out every now and then.

Other then that I am enjoying the build. Can't wait for the full version to come out.

Anyone having the same problems?

I have installed honeycomb to a SDcard on my nook color and now I am having a problem with my computer (running windows7) finding the drives. I can see that my pc IS connected to the nook but I just can't see the drives, therefor I can't install the app store or anything else for that matter. Please Help. Thanks

I too rooted with honeycomb and am having the same issues as above: Market won't let me download and I lost my wifi. I had both for a short time (I could download and use about 7 apps) and then everything stopped, then after a night of sleep/no nook, my wifi returned and I could download two more aps, before it stopped again. I'm trying to recreate what happened, but so far no luck.

I had the same issues and my son installed an older version of Market and it fixed that problem. Still has others though. The bad news is I don't know what version he installed. I'm kinda lame on this but if Market is the same as the Application Google Services Framework it is version 2.2.1. I can not get the Kindle App to install and work. Any ideas anyone?