Johnny Drama and the Nexus One

The season premier of Entourage showed us the lovable Ari Gold using a Nexus One. It turns out that he's not the only one of the group who has decided to use Google's (soon-to-be-retired) phone. Johnny Drama was spotted using the device in the third episode this past weekend.

The screenshot above is from the episode and a Nexus One can clearly be seen. It's exciting to see high-end Android devices making their way onto TV shows and movies. I'm sure its only a matter of time before we see Droid Xs and Evos on the silver screen.

Keep your eye out for more Androids on TV and if you see one, let us know! (Thanks, GonzoGuy24!)

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Flip says:

Let's get some evos the in entourage

Maybe he'll get a droid x when he lands a new job

pmdied says:

His best role was in Platoon.

evomyhero says:

Droid X is way too ugly to be featured on the big screen or on HBO. Not enough make-up artists or lipstick to make that pig look desireable. Sex sells.

Stang68 says:

Joking, right? The Droid X is a beautiful, manly, solidly made device. Can't say the same for the Evo or Incredible. Lol

angermeans says:

"beautiful" and "manly" I don't know bout that.

agreed, maybe the x will have a cameo as a door stop with that big lump where the camera is it would work perfect

hotkoko says:

if u noticed in this past episode Ari gold is seen with two blackberrys in his hands. looks like he dropped android


thats what i like to hear

pmdied says:

I remember seeing Ari with at Treo a while back.

pmdied says:

I remember seeing Ari with at Treo a while back.

pmdied says:

While I love Android, having Johnny Drama use placement advertisement for N1 is like having Peewee Herman sell movie tickets.

2WheelCowboy says:

Lol, All will soon be replaced by the iPhone.

jcrus says:

That's what you call bad editing...the trackball doesn't pulse when in a call. Not on stock ROMs anyhow.

BobbyPhoenix says:

"Google's (soon-to-be-retired) phone." HTC will continue to manufacture the Nexus One until 12/31/2010 (or longer depending on demand). I guess that is soon, but you make it sound like it's retiring this week.

gonzoguy24 says:

Glad to see you found a screenshot Phil! Drama USED to sport an Iphone...glad to see he has moved onto to something much better :)

EDIT: Too bad this wasn't a contest :)

maxpower1 says:

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probbiethe1 says:

I dont know if this one has been mentioned before but i believe i saw the droid in a pepsi max commercial last night