This 1994 classic will set you back a pretty penny, but you can't put a price on nostalgia

Square Enix has released yet another Final Fantasy title into the Play Store for Android users to enjoy. For $15.99 you can now play through the entire Final Fantasy VI title on your phone or tablet, complete and untouched from its original release nearly two decades ago on the SNES. Hours and hours of gameplay await you on this RPG, which looks to be compatible with just about every device under the sun.

We applaud Square Enix for putting up the Final Fantasy series for download with a high (but fair) price with no changes or in-app purchases mucking up the gameplay experience. Plenty have downloaded previous Final Fantasy versions on the Play Store, and we expect FFVI to draw just as much attention.


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Final Fantasy VI makes its way to the Play Store for $15.99


The game yes, the price no and besides a lot of ppl might pirate it anyway lol

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If you call up Nintedo and ask what they think about people playing older games through emulator, they don't even care, true story. Squeenix might say different with their rehashes and blaming their third party studios for low sales while pushing out mindless FF releases.

Pirating the app? It's not like you can just sideload it. It phones home to Square every time you run it, internet required, at least that's how the other games have been.

Agreed. I would love to buy this game, but at that price, it's not going to happen. Rockstar was able to get me to impulse buy San Andreas simply because of the extremely reasonable price.

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It's not about the price, it's about the DRM those assholes at Square Enix put on their games. Honestly I wouldn't download this garbage if it was 90% off purely out of principle.

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For one thing you can't play that game you just paid 16 fucking dollars if you're offline. Seriously square enix can get bent, I don't take that shit from EA and Ubisoft so there's no way Square gets a pass.

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Errr, I'm offline on my N7 and and playing FF VI as we speak. Granted I had to do the initial launch while online, but it works.

It also breaks the game for anyone using the xposed framework, which is not a small number. I bought FFIV at full price a couple months ago and had to get a refund because it wouldn't work. I would HAPPILY pay $15.99 for these games, but I can't because of the DRM. That completely defeats the purpose of DRM...

I will wait for the inevitable 33% off sale nonetheless; I got all the others FF to finish anyway.. Bought them all but only went through FF3 & FF4. (On Android, that is)

Looks like the price of nostalgia is $15.99

"Damn you, nostalgia!" - my wallet

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Waiting for FFVII... ?
I won't buy any SquareEnix games until they go on sale.
Or, until FFVII comes out on mobile.

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". . .you can't put a price on nostalgia"

SE did. Apparently it's $15.99. They can keep their nostalgia. VI wasn't even a great FF game. I'll keep my $15.99.

Calling someone retarded just because they don't like the same game as you do just show how intolerant you are. Not everyone like FF, deal with it.

I probably hundred of hours on FF games, but now I would not enjoy random encounter turn based rpg very much.

At the end of the day a $15 game that isn't restricted by in app purchases is worth every penny.

How many people here hate it when you get into a game only to realize that you don't get half the fun stuff with paying money. Heck you buy 2-3 buildings in the Simpson's untapped and you already hit 15.

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not bad but considering how bad they supported ChronoTrigger and how i couldnt play it on Galaxy tab 10.1 for a year and STILL cant play it on my Nexus 7(2013). it sucks how square charges so much money and dont like to support their games for the android market..

I bought the same game and it's the only thing I ever have regretted buying from the play store. These games paid for their own development LITERALLY DECADES AGO!

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I played and beat this game as Final Fantasy III on the Super Nintendo. It had some really good Mode 7 effects but I don't see the point to charging that much for it again. Good game but not worth it...

I had no problem paying 15 dollars a piece for FF3 and FF4, because they were the DS 3D remakes which look amazing, this is a snes port. Im not gonna pay 16 dollars for a game that hasn't been redone, especially when that's almost what the game cost new 20 years ago.

You seem to forget how much games really cost 20 years ago. Most SNES games debuted at $50-$60, but there where some, especially SE games, that were $70. Chrono Trigger debuted at $80.

This post should be at the top! Thanks so much. I was thinking of buying it when it went on sale but no more.

VI is the only one I've even considered purchasing. But if 7 is ever put out, I will buy that in a heartbeat.


This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

This is not the original SNES version. It's a port of the GBA remake from 2006.

Also, it sucks that it doesn't work with the ART runtime.

One of the best games of all time. Should be at the very least $10, but $15 ain't bad.

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"untouched from its original release" is incorrect. This is a port of the remake, so new graphics and art style. Also optimized for touchscreen.

Nothing in life is free and I'm more than willing to keep paying for the FF releases because it gives them an incentive to release the rest. Plus, as others have noted, $15 and no IAPs for a quality game is great. Nothing is worse than paying nothing to $5 for a game to either get bombarded by ads or be forced to spend lots of cash on IAPs to enjoy it.

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The other thing to keep in mind is that some games do not exactly lose their value over time. Now I'm not going to go into the illegal routes of playing games, but on the surface, some games from the SNES or even N64 era are pretty much bargain bin prices at the second-hand stores nowadays. But there are some games that have remarkably retained decent value. Don't believe me? Check out some of the Mega Man X games, or Legend of Zeldas, or Super Marios. To this day, you're paying a decent penny -- sometimes, as much or more than when it originally got released, depending on the seller -- to get those original games for the systems.

So, $15 for FFVI (FFIII as we knew it on SNES), with just a few updates based on a GBA release? Not as bad of a price as you may think it is. Especially when considering the points brought up by others that there are no IAPs required, or ad bombardments, and other experience-killers. I'm sure some people out there in this world probably have paid triple that alone for Candy Crush to advance in its stages, and even then, you're cut off once you run out of lives. The only thing cutting you off in any Square FF game is when your battery dies.

This is the worst version of the game by an insane margin.

It's fugly, it has a stupid translation ("espiers" instead of "espers", for example), it has restrictive DRM, it has awful touch controls...

Install an emulator and play the SNES version instead, it's wildly superior.