Samsung Verizon slider

We're getting a few more details in on the Verizon Samsung slider we brought you new pictures of yesterday. Good news and bad news, depending on which way you were hoping: This feller -- it's indeed the SCH-i405 -- has a single-core processor running at 1GHz. Not exactly anything to sniff at, but neither is it the dual-core monster found in the Galaxy S II. RAM's at 512MB, with 300MB or so available for running apps.

Other specs of note: The display is 480x800, so none of that newfangled qHD goodness. And it looks like Samsung's crammed an 1800mAh battery into this thing. Other specs we already knew: Android 2.3.4, and that five-row sliding keyboard, and a 4G LTE radio.

So, it's a mid-level slider, which certainly has its own merits. Anybody have a hankering?


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A few more details on Verizon's Samsung SCH-i405 slider


I was thinking of going back to Sprint for the Epic, since I really miss the physical keyboard on my Charge and miss my Epic. If VZW is getting this, I may have to stay put, sell my Charge and upgrade to this. The keyboard and larger battery capacity seem worth it.

Still disappointed it isn't dual-core, QHD screen, etc. I wish Verizon would get the HTC Doubleshot, it is just about my perfect phone, but stuck on T-Mobile with their capped data? I want to enjoy it with my grandfathered unlimited data! : (

I hope we can get some high-end sliders, I don't only want the dual-core monsters to be slates. Why do sliders have to be the red-headed stepchild? : (

It sounds like Verizon is rehashing phones from Sprint. The Thunderbolt was an LTE Evo (and actually missing HDMI out from that!) and this is an LTE Epic.

Sprint has unlimited data. Just go to Sprint when the Epic2 comes out. Seems like that will solve all your problems.

Is that personal experience or just what you heard? My personal experience with Sprint (after coming from T-Mobile) has been excellent. In places where my coverage has dropped, I was able to roam on verizon's network without issue...

And that's not saying much. Im getting service in my apartment and at work now that I switched to Verizon (in a big city, Ft Lauderdale and Miami). Both places had no Sprint coverage, only 1 had a solution (Airave in my apartment).

Personal experience and what my friends and family have told me. I fly all over the place with my friend that has Sprint, and he never has service. You get what you pay for

I wouldn't mind the lack of a QHD resolution as long as it's a super Amoled screen but the small amount of Ram and compatibly slow processor are quite disappointing.

LTE takes up too much battery to be able to manage a quality screen, dual core processor and give its customer the satisfaction of having battery power left until bed time. Look at the Thunderbolt for example. Horrible battery life.

Okay, Thanks Phil. It looks like the Bionic will stay at the top of my list for the time being then. Was hoping for some beefier internals, but they seem to be "middle roading" this one.

Verizon's M.O.: Take Sprint phone, put LTE radio in it, release it almost a year after Sprint's version, and expect people to buy it. First the TBolt, now the Epic. Kudos, Verizon. You tricked me once with the Thunderbolt, but I'm not falling for it again.

But then again, it could be a great alternative to the charge and thunderbolt for people who want a keyboard. If priced lower than those two, it would be a great seller.

Ahhhh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BIg Red syked y'all out again! Fooled ya. So, basically, this is an Epic 4G for Verizon that runs Gingerbread, and has a bigger battery. What is up with the nation's biggest carrier getting phones thats almost a year old on other networks? The iPhone 4, The Evo (Thunderbolt), and now, The Epic.

Sorry folks, no GS2 dual core love today! Keep it moving, there is nothing to see here!.

I love how people are complaining about last years specs considering you have last years specs in your pocket right now. Not every phone that is gonna come out is gonna have dual core and not every phone is going to be the next great thing.

But to all the sprint fanboys verizon is just taking phones they had. People will always complain about everything lol. Maybe this was aimed at a lower price point for lte to lure more customers in. Not everyone wants the same 4.3 inch screen and to a lot of people processor doesnt matter(look at all the people with blackberry's they arent with those because of its blazing speeds)

Your right, and I'm sure if a manufacturer made a dual core, lte device Verizon would love to have it. And not everyone wants to pay the new superphone price for a two year contract.

Tell you something, I'm on Sprint I went to get the EVO 3D and with sprints buy back I was going to get $150 for my original EVO, my son took the EVO and asked me to get the buyback on his epic instead, IMO my boys too the epic might have a better screen than the EVO, but the EVO is a much better more stable and less problematic. So again IMO don't too excited Verizon people.

This is how you keep Android phones cheap. Take another carrier's last year design, update the Os, and add a 4G radio for your network.

Keep the phone cheap so they can kill you with 4G LTE rates...

something not mentioned here- if this device really is verizons sgs2 device, then what does that mean for that silicon case that was supposedly the case for the vzw, sprint, and att sgs2?

makes me hopeful a t-mobile sgs2 version is on the way as i have seen zero signs one is upcoming.

I'm hoping the battery from this phone fits the Epic4g. Probably a slim chance but an extra 300mah would be nice.

Sigh. And here I was hoping that someone was finally making a phone that fit my desires (LTE, good specs, physical keyboard). But no, it has worse specs than my freaking Droid 2 Global. Ugh.

Unless its processor is somehow magically better despite being 200MHz slower clockspeed, then no, it has identical or lower specs in each category. (512 RAM in both, 1.2GHz proc in the D2G, same screen res, etc.)

Its not always about the clock speed. A hummingbird at 1ghz should be as fast as a omap at 1.2 ghz. Thats if the phone is not running samsung's rfs file system. If its running ext 4 or pure google code like the nexus S does ( or rooted running a voodoo rom ), then it would be just as fast if not faster than the droid 2 global.

Its not always about the clock speed. A hummingbird at 1ghz should be as fast as a omap at 1.2 ghz. Thats if the phone is not running samsung's rfs file system. If its running ext 4 or pure google code like the nexus S does ( or rooted running a voodoo rom ), then it would be just as fast if not faster than the droid 2 global.

Oh Verizon. Always releasing the weakest phones with the worst specs of all 4 big carriers. Even AT&T has you beat these days. Sad. Verizon probably has a deal with Apple not to release anything that completely owns the iphone right away hence no dual core yet and no Tegra 2 even on the roadmap which is the only processor with which you can get games better looking than iphone games thanks to nvidia. Gameloft's games are nice, but they all look better, run better, and come out sooner on the iphone. It's things like this that make me thankful I'm on T-Mobile and get the best access to the best Android devices before anyone else on other carriers. I think Jerry would agree. T-Mobile may not have the best data network nationwide but believe it or not they have the fastest data out here of the big 4. I'd have to drive at least 30 miles to catch 4G from any of the other 3 carriers.

And why would anyone buy a 3G device in this day and age? ESPECIALLY when they're in an active LTE market?

Whoops forgot about the 2 phones that just came out and are so good they haven't received any marketing yet. It's July. I've had dual core Tegra 2 for about 3 months now. My point stands. Also, all Motorola. They haven't made anything that's gotten me excited compared to HTC and Samsung who we all know make the best Android devices today. Even LG is doing exceptionally well for being new to the Android game. The day Verizon releases a phone from any manufacturer other than Motorola with specs that aren't last years cheaper hardware is the day I switch to Verizon.

Do you read this site? there are 2 dual core devices on verizon including one with tegra. And yes while I agree with you for me being on tmobile, the only 4 on tmo with dual core is the sensation and I haven't even picked that guy up yet. Its between that phone off contract, or a honeycomb tablet. I can't decide. I know either way I go ill be happy with the device. I guess I would use my phone more often.

I love how it's a mid level phone now. And a year ago when I got the Epic it was the best phone you could get. What difference a year makes, lol.

My fiance would probably love this. I could probably tell her all the specs and all she would care about is the physical keyboard, the small form factor and 4G. I'll be happy so long as it has gingerbread, and good functionality. It sucks not seeing more iPhone busting phones, but Verizon doesn't need tons of those.

a lot of comments are missing a disappointing trend of Verizon. Most of their flag ship and main stream high end hardware is either a rehashed version of some other carriers, or has potential but for whatever reason has one or two poor specs that limits what could otherwise be a great device.

The Thunderbolt is basically a rehashed Evo 4G with LTE +/- poor battery life and frequent restarts. The D3 would have been nice if they had more ram or 4G. The DX2 was not much of a change from the original.

Where is Verizon's CURRENT version of the Evo 3D, HTC Sensation, or Motorola Atrix? My guess is that we'll see them soon...starting in 2012. Yes the Droid 3 and DX2 are dual core, but so are multiple devices from Sprint and T-Mobile, plus they at least give you the option of the Nexus devices for Android purists.

It's great they are offering last years high end as this years mid range device. They can offer proven hardware and debugged software at a reasonable price. But why does verizon always announce under spec'd and dated hardware and pretend like they are the latest and greatest devices?

droid bionic? And all the phones 4g especially that verizon released none were real flagship phones and they didnt place them like that. They just wanted to get some devices out there for those who couldnt wait for other 4g devices later on.

Ahh the Droid Bionic. Another perfect example of a Verizon failure. Supposed to launch in Spring 2011 like the other phones with equal specs that did launch on the other carriers. The other carriers are prepping their next big wave of phone releases while we STILL haven't seen Verizon's version hit the market yet. Big Red is slacking big time. All of the other carriers have flagship 4G phones with the newest hardware. Where are Verizon's? That's the bottom line.

Thank you Nirvana for clearly seeing Verizon's underwhelming Android presence. If they would step their game up and invest more in current high end hardware they'd have a lot more customers. That is irrefutable.

Because they. Don't already have the most customers. Who cares how good the phones are if you dont have coverage you cant use it. Then again most would never admit that about their carrier. If it was aboit phone selection over coverage tmo wouldnt be the smallest.

Samsung is becoming like HTC in the WinMo days, just re-using the same hardware for everyphone and packaging it into a different case.

I have no problem with any of the carriers releasing an update for the last gen phones as mid-level devices. My wife is looking to get a smartphone on VZW, but wants a slider. She (and I) are not big fans of paying the premium for the Droid's to be stuck with a 3g radio given she'd be locked into the phone for 2 years. This thing comes in at the $100 or less price point (like the Fascinate currently is) and it's perfect.

I'd agree with your comment completely, except for one big problem: mid-range specs aside, the fact that this thing has an LTE radio, I'd bet we see it selling for $249-$299 like every other LTE handset. Though the "last year's" specs should dictate a ~$100-$150 handset, I'd be surprised if we don't see it sold for a lot more.

If it does come in at the cheaper price-point, you can count me in. But I can't see spending $200+ on last year's hardware.

Switched to Verizon at the suggestion of a friend's wife (a Verizon store manager) before the unlimited data petered out. I only did it because Sprint has no plans to roll out 4G in my town even though it's the second largest city in the state and they have 4G coverage in a bunch of podunk hick towns and not here. Before that I was Sprint going back 11 years.

So Verizon is giving us 4G late this summer, and I got the unlimited data, but I bought a used original Droid used on Ebay to tide me over. The stupid iPhone has really pronged over the decent phones on Verizon, and from the looks of it I'll be off contract on this used Droid for a long, long time...

Oh, and the first thing I did was flash Cyanogenmod 7 on my used Droid. Now I'm hooked on this mod thing and there's no way I'd get the Bionic with it's locked bootloader -- so I'm double screwed.

Not that the original Droid is a bad phone, it's lightyears ahead of the Blackberry 7330 I had on Sprint... but even overclocked it's a little underwhelming and showing it's age.

I'm still liking this. Last years dated specs & all for you spec fiends. I would have really liked Galaxy S 2 lvl hardware w/ a slider but alas not to be... Yet. But make no mistake, Galaxy S hardware a yr old is still damn fine hardware. Verizons 4G network backing it up make it a solid package. Priced right this is going to sell. Possibly to me! I don't need a mega world altering dual core spaceship in my pocket to be content.

"I don't need a mega world altering dual core spaceship in my pocket to be content." - good one. still rocking my rooted droid x waiting on the bionic... but the verizon "rehashing" as i've seen it put on here has me annoyed, and understanding that does make you want to ask them 'why?'