Ferrari Moto G

The Ferrari brand isn't exactly synonymous with affordable, mainstream products like the Moto G, Motorola's low-cost smartphone for the masses. But that's not stopping the smartphone maker and the luxury sports car manufacturer teaming up to make the Moto G Ferrari Edition a reality.

Announced for Mexico alongside the Moto E and Moto G 4G, the Moto G Ferrari Edition comes with Ferrari branding and a kevlar back panel, and will set you back the local equivalent of $387 when it becomes available in June. Besides branding and logos, you'll get a standard Moto G with 16GB of storage.

Oddly enough, the Moto G Ferrari Edition isn't the first partnership between the two companies. Those with long memories may remember the hideous-looking and under-specced Motorola i867 Ferrari, launched in Brazil in 2012 running Android 2.1.

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Ferrari Edition Moto G headed to Mexico


I thought it would be red. Let me know when there is a McLaren one, but it'll probably be as overpriced as all their F1 merchandises.
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Might as well just buy a Moto X. Or put a Ferrari sticker on a Moto G and find a Kevlar back plate.

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Wait. I want that. I want carbon fiber backplate. Gimme

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With a name like that you'd think that the storage would also get upgraded. Too bad it's only the 16GB edition. At least the 4G version will be available.

Ferrari really will put its name on anything. Shame.

The Moto G is more like a Ford Mondeo tbh - decent and well priced, but not elite.

Well, the solely purpose of the Ferrari brands (motors and fashion) is to fund the Ferrari F1 Team and the fashion line was close or even surpasd the motors brand last year, so it is an extremly good business. I really dont like to see Ferrari on everything, I used to like the Ferrari motors A LOT but the fashion line took it away.

Let me explain lol Ferrari is also a type of clothes line, and we'll that's the trend right now in Mexico , or even in the states in the US with heavy Latin populations, for my nephews bday I took em to buy shoes he maid me by him 300$ Ferrari red pumas which are the same as any other pumad except they are red and have a horse lol but he had to have em. Yes I am Mexican, so belive me any one in Mexico that will have the extra cash will go for the Ferrari branded moto g instead of the regular one. And no no all of Mexico is dirt poor guys lol. Richest man in the world is from Mexico haha

Thanks for explaining that one. Motorola already said the moto g is doing amazing in Brazil and mexico. If it's mite about branding then maybe people who have extra money there will spring for this one. Look at beats. I thought it defeats the purpose of low cost though.

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